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Roll Halloween Costume, Data

It was october 22nd, Roll has 9 days to decide what to be for Halloween. What about Data?

Throw up your ideas for Roll's halloween costume. Maybe it'll show up one of these days leading up to halloween!
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i love how roll can rock both boys and girls costumes

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Had my interest until i realised she was quoting First Contact. Now i have cancer Kermit Thee Frong Hyere 
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Way cool mashup!
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Awesome!!! I love Data!
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NextGen was awesome, and this is awesome too, and I really like this new medium your doing the pics in 
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thanks. I miss doing things on paper so this was fun!
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I have to agree- Data is my favorite character from ST:TNG. Though I imagine Roll would be someone more emotive. 
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Hmm... why not stick her in a HEV-Suit and call her 'Gordon Freeman'?  Or maybe take it a step further and go full on Master Chief.

Lovin' this series, by the way!  Wonder what Mega Man is thinking of all this.
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Well Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite ST and Data is one of my favorite characters on that show. So I'm quite in love with this already. I'll throw an idea out there and see if it sticks! Charlie from Rhythm Thief!->……
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