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Mega Man issue 55 ROCKMAN variant cover

By RyanJampole
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Wow! This is really amazing! I love this lots! :D

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Rockman 30th Anniversary!
Rockman Forever...
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Rockman Forever...
How is MegaMan even playing while his hand is like that?
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Rock 'n Roll. B-) (Cool) 
PJToon75's avatar
Megaman rocks! 🤖😉🖒
SuperMarioMaster170's avatar
Awesome,Rock on Mega Man!
IlikecakeDealwithit's avatar
this is so perfect >˛< everything is so cool! lol doctor wiley and light in the back :giggle:
AzureRat's avatar
Looks like the doctors don't know how to get along.
pinkzapp's avatar
U be surprised??
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Dr. Wily and Light fighting in the background on who's gonna play the electric piano XD So adorable. This is epic, btw! :'D
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Pick man's weapon
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His buster CAN change back into a hand you know :P
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Good job! I like this variant for the comic #55. I really like the details of the variant.
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Awesome!!!! I love it ^~^
ZebraCakesArt's avatar
Amazing job. The little details just really bring it together. The sort of slight grainy, wearing effect kinda makes it feel a bit nostalgic too.

Which actually makes me kinda sad looking at it. The feeling of good times that have gone and passed and ya sorta gotta move on now that they aren't coming back. I always really digged your art because of that, because in a not-so-small way, the franchise stays alive in it's many incarnations through yours and others'(Special shout out to ultimatemaverickx) work.
RyanJampole's avatar
thanks! thats very sweet of you to say. But no matter where the franchise goes, I'll still be around to draw Mega Man. :)
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Must have been bittersweet to work on this piece. BUt it loos like you really poured yourself into it. to make it fun
RyanJampole's avatar
Thanks, it was def bittersweet.
kenshinmeowth's avatar
Really love how lively and fun and cheerful this is! I love the cute quality you put into you Mega Man art- you really understand and want the best for Mega Man. That's so cool :'-) Thanks for working so hard!
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