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Mega Man Legends

never drew these guys before. Fun!
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Would always play this one. When homework was finished when. I came home from elementary school. Back in the day on PC and it used. To be so tough too for me 
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my favorite roll
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Well, we're getting Archie X, so why not Archie Legends?
Well, I don't think they should make a comic based on every Mega Man series right away.
I'm sure they'll use Legends somewhere- I'm sure Ian knows that the fans are feeling very Legends-starved.  I would love to see Xander's reaction to a future where humans as he knows them have ceased to exist.
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Capcom really needs to pull it together.
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* DROOLS thinking about you drawing this for the next Archie series.*

amazing work man!
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Hows your commission build up/business workload?
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packed and stacked. closed till further notice.
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Cuuuute!! I love it! Great job!
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This would make for an awesome adaption... right?
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I love your take on these guys. :) (And in the rare event that Capcom approves an Archie-Legends comic, I hope you're on the art team)
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thanks, so do i.
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Great job ryan...
I am getting suspicious though, with a lot of the archie artists drawing the Mega Man Legends characters lately. Is a new spinoff comic already in the works?
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i think we're all just inspiring each other.
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It's very nice to see Roll's Legends 3 outfit. Very nice indeed.
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Booth look great! Excellent job.
There's a reference to Legends 2 in Project X Zone when you first see Tron Bonne. That is, if you have a Nintendo 3DS. By the way, you might find a walkthrough of Legends 2 on Youtube.
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I'd rather play Legends 2 myself. and project X Zone looks like a lot of fun.
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Man, a Mega Man Legends comic would be so epic.
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