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Worrysome little flash I made

This was actually part of a movie we were making at school. I had teamed up with to make a seven-minute short film on the topic of "sneeze". The story was about a man who had a sneeze fetish...he would get aroused whenever someone sneezed. Much of the story was about how he was trying to overcome this fetish.

This little animation was thrown into the movie at a point where the character drifted off into a fantasy stupour, imagining himself to be surrounded by all sorts of allergants and a cute little girl with hayfever...

Then the truth snaps him back to reality like an angry woman! And the road stretch ooon and oon like an angry wo...sorry, I've been watching Billy and Mandy again.

Anyway, this was a quick nasty job that I finished within a week or so. If this doesn't disturb you, then nothing will, because even I feel like my teeth are going to fall out whenver I watch it...

Anyway, the character is Brian, played by

do not distribute or steal. Thanks.
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I'm not a freak since I have a sneeze fetish!!
Fucking meanie!
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you're the freak, freak.
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wait, how do i watch it o.o
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Replace those two scenes with the second as my anticipation and the first as my actual life as a sneeze fetishist and it's the most accurate thing ever.
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I-failed sums up this ENTIRE flash
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T_T... gee, thanks for the confidence
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Ok there's nothing wrong with a sneezing fetish.
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lol at Brian face when he's excited. :D XD
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That little girl is so cute Evil and Non-evil she looks like me LOL XD
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What did I just watch?
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it's all fun and games until the ending message ???? like thank you that ought to make some people insecure
the fetish doesn't bring harm to anyone 98% of the time so I wouldn't think it's "freaky"
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I have a sneeze fetish, and I love this^^
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Just because I'm a weird sneeze fetish person doesn't mean im a freak. :( This is VERY offensive!
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O_O <----- was my exact face while watching this XD its so disturbing and amazing
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Gasp! This is distubing.
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were you HIGH when you made this XD
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Hey...Sneeze fetish is real thing bro...people got that yea know. No more freaky than anything else.

Nevertheless...the way you depicted it was pretty disurbing to funny the way he looked when the Flower Sneezed on him. LOL...anyway, the way you did it was very distrubing in a ...this is one of the terror happy dreams...and such... I like it. It made me laugh. Nice job.
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This kinda reminds me of eversion, especially how everything gets all evil and dark at the end.
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this reminds me of eversion, especially when everything gets all dark and evil at the end.
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