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Two Heroes - WIP number 2

Just to prove I'm still working on it: here's another update on Two Heroes.

No real colouring yet, sorry. And I've only smoothed out one old sequence (the part where the shape-shifter disarms Shiori). Although the music has been changed a bit (because I lost the old Fruityloops file and had to re-make it. :( ) and the main fight scene is almost complete.

Man...I dread the day I have to do the inbetween frames and colouring for this...XD

You may think it weird that Shiori can command Tsun for "Mounted Stance" when they've only just met and hardly know each other. That will be explained later once the battle is over.

A lot of the action will become more apparent when I get around to animating the backgrounds in more detail. AAaaaand I also ran out of sound effects. :(


"Giga Durill Breaakaar!!"

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That's a cute little video. Lots of action and very entertaining. 
Trevor-Fox's avatar
Just coming across this now, but dang. This is really great. You did an excellent job here with the animation and the conveyance of what is happening. Awesome, awesome job.
Ninemeaw's avatar
oh DIOS, 2017. las buenas peleas se recuerdan por siempre, siempre tendré que regresar para estudiarla nuevamente
............I feel like a kid al over again.
Chaoni's avatar
I like this as much as I like anime, proof is that I have to urge to act it out and recite the moves used.
Stillnight90's avatar
Nice work, it looks good.
Elisanguyen's avatar
Omg I love this, keep up the good work!
LoulouVZ's avatar
ASDASDFASDFA!! BEAUTIFULL!!! very amazing work! (I know how much this cost because I animate too ;o;)
Ninemeaw's avatar
I will continue this, this legacy, somehow, even if it costs me my life! I PROMISE!
Stickman16's avatar
It appeared again... in my random favorites... AND IS STILL FREAKIN' EPIC.
Eternal-Laser's avatar
I always love watching this
DancrewProductions's avatar
It's been FOREVER! since I seen this.

It's still awesome for an epic anime! :D
Ventel's avatar
I remember watching this animation 5 years ago.
It always sends chills down my spine.
Hopefully, one day you'll be able to revisit this if your circumstance may allow it.
ZestyBomb's avatar
Shiroyume92's avatar
that was AMAZING!!
LittleBigAias's avatar
ironheart106's avatar
that was AMAZING!!
i must see more!! :D
Nyaliva's avatar
Man, Ryanide, this was awesome! It's a shame you lost it all on your old computer because this could've gone far.
Nerfedtroll's avatar
no, that ain't good enough
Better :D
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