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Two Heroes Ep. 1 storyboard



For my own reasons, I decided that the Two Heroes animation I've been submitting so far just won't cut it as an episode 1, since the storyline is rushed and choppy and other things, etc. (also, I don't want to have to re-animate it to 25 frames because I accidentally started at 30. That would be annoying)

This time, I'm going to do things properly. I'm actually planning the animation this time instead of freeforming it, animating at 25 frames (standard for PAL TV) and revising dialogue and storyline.

This is going to be quite a chore to animate, but I'll enjoy it.

Consider the previous Two Heroes animation to be a bit of a pilot. Not canon to the storyline.

I also introduce the main villains of Two Heroes, and Tsun/Shiori face a capable opponent rather than a punching bag throwaway. I tried to make it as anime-ish as possible without hitting too many cliches.

The action ended up getting a bit more violent. It's safe to say that Two Heroes is a bit more akin to Bleach in the violence department now (though still generally tame.)

*remember, all blood in Two Heroes that doesn't come from Shiori or Tsun is black. The decapitation bit isn't gore, it's uh...sludge.*

I'll be updating with music later on. But enjoy my comic-book like sketch out for now. I'll be adding music later once I've composed it.

If you have trouble reading, you can pause the animation by using right click.

Two Heroes (c) Ryanide.

advance critique for storyline and sequencing.
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This was supposed to be the greatest series ever...please continue it at some point in your life..it is the savior of nostalgia..