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Rave Battle1 WIP 2



I know I said I wasn't going to submit anything until I'd finished school, but I'm an aweful procrastinator and I realise that I've been working on my animation and not my assignments. *screams*

So here is what I've done so far on Rave Battle 1-Lee vs Chance, with music.

key poses are almost finished as is the actual fight scene (just got to wrap it up now) and there is a complete section in the middle somewhere. Most of it is animated at 6fps, some of it at 12fps and when it's finished, the animation will run at 25fps and will be coloured.

The special effect I used for Lee's Quad Laser attack buggers up every time I export the darn animation, so you'll have to excuse those seizure colours until I figure out what's wrong with the masking.

Lee can be a bit sadistic when he spars with Chance. Deep down, he secretly enjoys hearing Chance retch when he lands those hard punches. He has to work pretty hard, though, because Chance is no slouch when it comes to defending himself.

READ FIRST BEFORE YOU ASK ABOUT THE MUSIC: I made it from scratch in Fruityloops Studio. It's a mixture of Chance and Lee's lifebeats. The first part of the main body is Lee's beat and the last bit with the crying guitar is Chance's. This tune is NOT available for download, so please don't ask me. I'll get round to that once rave battle is further developed.

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will you come back to this project? This would be awesome to see finished It's been a while since I've been here I don't know if you already answered this question. thank you for your time and breathe taking artwork my you have a fantastic year