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Rave Battle cast-uncoloured

This is the whole cast for Rave Battle, minus the four villains who are coming seperately. You can see their MIDI forms up top. From left to right are:

Close: a young musician who befriends Sean. He's very quiet and skittish, and nobody can seem to get him to talk about his past. His band supports Sean, and intend to make music to suit his performance as he gains popularity. His lifebeat is 160bpm, but he's not a dancer.

Fein and Lalii: these two are the reigning champions of the double league. Both have a lifebeat of 140bpm, and speciallise in sleasy pop. (you know, the stuff on the radio you hear all the time...yeah, it's always about love or touching up girls or something stupid like that). Lalii made herself famous from humble origins. Sean has eyes for her, but is too shy to admit it. Fein has an unusual past. Coming from a family of dancers in which he was the only male cub in a litter of five. His parents decided he wasn't going to be a dancer like his sisters, and didn't bother to give him classes. Fein developed a love for dance and tried to teach himself by watching his sisters. As a result, he was soon so good that he could enter tournaments and win...however, he dances like a girl. Very much so. Not that this has any impact on his popularity (like Sean, his fanbase consists mainly of girls, anyway). Fein is an absolute media sponge, he's been known to do very startling things to get attention from the Press. Fein and Lalii are the main rivals of Lee and Chance.

Stryke: Stryke is Sean's best friend. A REALLY good fighter, a pretty good DJ and a not-very-good breakdancer, he can be relied on to help Sean out of risky situations. He can sometimes be a bit of a meathead, but his street cred easilly makes up for that. His lifebeat is at 140bpm and he works with hip-hop. (He's a husky, not a wolf.)

Sean: the main character. Sean almost took home the tournament cup on his first try. He's a bit of a cult favourite, and is aiming to step into the light. He happy-go-lucky attitude belies his potential skill in both the fighting ring and the dance floor. Typically for a bunny, he can be fairly stupid when it comes to making descisions and handling difficult situations, but his style and looks win him big points in competition. He enjoys many kinds of techno and pop, making him a good all rounder. His lifebeat is at 160bpm.

Vann: The reigning champion of the dance floor. Vann the stoat is into hardcore rave, and is so in touch with his inner 170bpm lifebeat that it's said that he has the ability to hypnotise his opponents with his body movements. It's rumoured that even his touch can cause his competitors to lose their energy and fall asleep. If this is not enough, Vann's sheer physical strength makes him a dangerous opponent, especially coupled with the fact that he fights dirty...very dirty.

Darei: (pronounced Dah-ray) Darei is an aboslute music freak. She will dance to ANYTHING. Her life beat is at 170bpm, but she's interested in such a broad range of music that she can adapt to pretty much any tune, especially if it has lyrics. Darei's strong point is her amazing footwork. She's more of a dancer than a fighter, but doesn't like to perform competitively. She veiws Chance as her hero, and wants to meet him in person someday. As she's good friends with Sean, she hopes Sean will be able to get her in touch with Chance. She also likes video games.

*FUN FACT* Darei's hat was designed after I saw put a pair of underpants on his head when we were reeeeeealy bored. I said "hey, if you had cat ears, that would make a nice hat!" Seems it works for squirrels too. =)

Datson and Fiona: these two ballroom dancers intend to win the classical league. Their lifebeats are at 140bpm. Datson is a strong physical fighter and and a very good dancer. Fiona prefers just to dance, but she has some strong energy-based attacks and mind tricks she can use if she needs to defend herself. Despite being great partners, the two of them are quick to squabble.

Lee and Chance: These two are martial arts dancers, with life beats of 200bpm. Lee is well known for him impressive single performances in the fighting ring. He is one of the more popular artists in the competitive scene. Recently, he has taken up martial dance with his new partner, Chance. Chance is relatively unknown in the competitive world, never having entered any competitions. As a Sheozuni (Sheozu is a mysterious ninjitsu-like martial art practised exclusively by squirrels) he has a certain exotic charm that Lee believes will help him climb the ladder of sucess. Chance lacks experience, but is very keen to improve his skills, and often makes up new moves in the middle of important battles. Chance lives in Lee's mansion, and spends a lot of his time training in Lee's private gym. The two of them trust each other enough to really go all out when they spar (usually, Chance comes out the worse for ware.) Lee has given up the single leage after being beaten consecutively by Vann. With Chance at his side, he hopes to win the double leage. Chance, on the other hand, aspires to try his luck at the single leage as well. The first time he sees Darei with Sean (from a distance), he falls madly in love with her, but thinks she's one of Sean's fans.

Tifa: Her life beat is at 160bpm, she's loud, she's bouncy, and her speciality is HARDCORE HAPPY Techno. Tifa rarely enters competitions, but when she does, she comes in and ROCKS ASS. Despite being young, Tifa's sheer firepower and hyper dancing style strike fear into the hearts of anyone who's been up against her before. She was beaten at the last competition by Vann, and now she's out for revenge. Despite her offensive power and dance style being totally awesome, she can't take a hit from anything, and she can sometimes get carried away when dancing, doing horrible joke moves that cause cringing and low scores.

Phew...well now that I've finished building that wall of text, I'm going to get back to my homework! :D

BTW. I've finished Lee and Chance's lifebeat, but you're not going to hear it until I post my next WIP, har har.

Rave Battle (C) Ryanide 2006, do not distribute or steal

EDIT: I changed Tifa's lifebeat from 200 to 160, because hardcore happy is much easier to make to a 160 beat.
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dittoblast64's avatar
that one on the far right looks like a furfrou and the one below her looks like a pachirisu
kaoruasaba13's avatar
Hey Ryanide. Could I use ur chars here for a crossover fanfic? I was thinking of writing story about them being in the world of CSI: Las Vegas.
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holy crap O_O i dont understand what you are saying but it sounds awesome. so they do sort of dance-battles? they look cute ^^ i. must. learn. MOAR! :iconmoarkrabsplz:
Aqwara's avatar
where did you learn to draw charicters like that i really like your style
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I love chance he is cute and cool
saveimageas's avatar
these remind me of the Raposa from Drawn to Life, lol
i love this!! i think these characters would make a great video game, anime, or even manga!
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he put underpants on his head.... What are you guys? 11?
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(in response to journal) Awwww! Dont end Rave Battle! Its to awesome an idea to end now! Please, I know it was it was an experiment, but it is to audibly and visually striking a concept and art style to end here! *Wimpers patheticly*
elderdragonIce's avatar
you could just leave the comment in the journal entery. it's less confuzing that way.
Infernal-Blaze's avatar
[link] hehe... oops. Wasnt thinkin straight. Srry!
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So much good fanfic potential...but I'll respect your wishes.
anexus12's avatar
There is something about your style that I love, I'm really fascinated !!!!! have a wonderful gallery and a very well-crafted animation, congratulations! ;)
cute, and it's RAVE!
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wow nice group shot! id like to see it colored! :D
kimimaro-kitsune1305's avatar
...your I have to say about that xD
I was acctualy browsing through dA because I was wanting to get into my own form of maybe we can chat sometime. I'd like to learn what program you use, and all the detail if you are willing to share, and maybe you could help me with my character ^.^
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Yeah, Chance DID seem to take more hits in that animated fight sequence you did.
KDragongirl's avatar
lol underwear head XD, nice, This picture is very cool ^w^
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Amazingness, ^.^
great work love to seem them all in colour probably look amazing got to add to favorites the really good work keep it up
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Meggieport's avatar
I love how you organized all of the charas and also gave them all personal mini me's (or many them's...)! Gotta fave this one!
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I WANT THE POODLEY THINGEY 4 A PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lee and chance are both boys!!!!! and they are dance partners........never seen that would be interesting to see them dance...togather *cough* are they gay or just weird *cough**cough*
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