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Electrospastic-theme tune

Now you can listen to the Electrospastic theme tune, while watching the very first concept stages of the animation itself, plus a bunch of random scribblings towards the end as I struggled to make up for lost time!!

This was a trailer that I started, but had to abandon due to style changes and bugs.

Of course, the actual animation will be tons better than this, but it will give you a very slight idea of how the fight scenes will be constructed.

And I made the music in FruityLoops Studio. IF YOU ASK ME, I WILL NOT ANSWER YOU!!

Electrospastic is (C) Ryanide 2006, do not distribute/steal.
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iloveundertale26's avatar
for some reason it reminded me of animal crossing
The14thMusician's avatar
TwurlyTail's avatar
Makes me sad you never finished this... or... you know... lots of other stuff... : will subscribe forever:
EatPrayDraw's avatar
Is there somewhere I can download this song? I just love it so much!! ^^
WingedCatDusk's avatar
Oh my gosh, I just found this... and this animation is the most fantastic thing I have ever seen/ heard.
zenoshikage's avatar
Music is awsome. Do you play an instrument, because you definatly have musical talent. I could not make as good as this if I tried.
BarbieBurnanator's avatar
Love the theme tune, but than again... who wouldn't! Stupendous job on the animation.
Doodlingfox's avatar
So this is what rich people do in their spare time....makes sense.
sasori-sakura's avatar
MOAR Dendyn Dynasties !
EchoedMemories's avatar
Hey Ryanide? i know this is proly retarded but are you eva gonna make electro plastic? : D
JaRoDBlUe's avatar
Spelt :Electrospastic
EchoedMemories's avatar
How the crap did i ever spell that wrong.... -face palm-
Shugo7's avatar
that was a big freaking hammer
ageshero's avatar
PillowsnTofu's avatar
ahahahahahahaha XDD i luv u and ur woooooooork~~~~
TeaDarkA's avatar
Crepusculesymphony's avatar
HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! I had the volume turned up with headphones on when I clicked this thing! My ears, they're ringing~ It's really cool though =)
blackielou93's avatar
luv the music and the animation!!!!
Hamilton-Cobb's avatar
You are random as hell!!!IT'S AWESOME
demonneonangel's avatar
do you know the framerate of your animations?
Chelo-kun's avatar
I believe its 50 frames per second.
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