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Electrospastic-cast +nocolour+

MAha! Here we go, the first piece of concept art for my upcoming Flash project: Electrospastic! This is a simple group shot containing ALL the important characters. There will be no new additions and no outtakes, this is the final cast.

Electrospastic takes place in a random universe in which anything is possible. The laws of reality are totally different to ours, and sometimes they cannot be explained. Things just HAPPEN, whether you like it or not. The toaster may just decide to explode in your face at breakfast time, and your daily routine could be ruined by a massive eggplant that has suddenly grown in the middle of the highway at peak hour. Things like that. There are

The story is about a young cat named Acie Florentine, who is snapped out of mourning the death of her billionaire uncle when she realises she's just inherited 6 billion dollars and the family business-a chain of hotels. Things seem to be on an all time rise for Acie...until she learns that as a billionaire, she has to stick to the "Professional Billionaire's Code": If someone challenges your honour, you MUST defend it! How do you defend your honour? SImple, you focus the bio-electric current that runs through your body to activate the special powers you were born with, and then you engage in an ELECTROBATTLE!!! Mirth ensues! The fact that neither competitor can actually DIE during a fight means that there are no holds barred. The electric current created from these battles is so strong that "killed" competiters simply re-spawn until they run out of power and are defeated. (Even when the electrobattle isn't on, it's still incredibly hard to kill anyone, yay.)

Anyway, this thing is going to get pretty long winded as I have to give a quick overview of all these characters, but remember that only a select few of them will be appearing in the first episode.

Here they are in no particular order:

Acie Florentine (very middle, wearing a headband and long pants)-Acie is the main character. The life of a professional billionaire is new to her, and she has no idea how to behave or how to fight. However, she soon learns that she has a very flexible and interesting power...she has the ability to conjure ANY item that she can hold onto, for one use in that particular battle. Unlike the other conjuring powers, this doesn't drain energy. The only problem is, Acie has to use her imagination to come up with ways to defeat her opponents using only everyday items and weapons.

Pepi Runiko (the white Samoyed dog in the business suit)-Pepi is Acie's financial advisor and guardian. Despite his mysterious and difficult past, Pepi is a cheerful person who enjoys helping Acie learn the ins and outs of billionairity. His electropower is the ability to conduct wind with his feet. This, supplimented with his expert martial arts skills makes him fairly formiddable in battle.

*note* anyone who is a member of Smashboards' fanfic community may have heard of this character before...he has changed...a lot. :) Mainly in the personality department, although his troubled past remains intact.

Heather McLellian (the mink girl with the giant axe)- Heather is Acie's best friend. She owns a truffle farm in the highlands. Her Electropower is super strength.

Chan Nakerui (the oriental rabbit with asterisks for eyes)- another friend of Acies. Chan is a famous rhythmic dancer, despite the fact that off the stage she's dangerously clumsy. Her Electropower takes the form of various telekenesis, with a heavy lean towards illusions and hypnosis.

Silk and Cotton (the two grey cats with dollar and cent symbols on their heads and chains around their necks)-two captive workers whom Acie accidentally bought from the Extremily Illegal Black Markets. After her purchase, Acie had no idea what to do with them, so she let them do as they wish in her mansion. Silk (dollar sign) longs for freedom and is cold and grudging, wheras his subserviant brother Cotton simply loves manual labour and refuses to leave, meaning that Silk is stuck there whether he likes it or not. As Acie's houseboys, they keep things clean and make cakes and things like that, but occasionally she allows them to engage in electrobattles. Silk is slow but strong, and has the power to summon massive chains and iron torture equipment to his aid, whereas Cotton is light and speedy and can magically produce rope, bandage and chord at will. Together they make a great team, but alone they are severely flawed as fighters.

Team Country (the trio of squirrels)- no one knows much about them, although they are infamous for attacking lone billionairs at random. They all have the same power: super speed. They are wanted by the police for various petty crimes. As the name suggests, they are only found in the Country area of the state in which Acie lives.

Muffin E'clare (the sheep with the giant rolling pin)- Muffin is a famous pastry chef with his own cooking show: Bakin' with Butter. His Electropower is the ability to summon any kitchen utensil to his aid at the expense of physical energy. This kind of summoning ability is called a "special interest summon" and is a very common kind of ability.

Rave VanSmithson (the rabbit with the @ symbol on his head and the record)-A.K.A. DJ Rave. A famous DJ with a very happy-go-lucky personality. Lighthearted and friendly, Rave loves having fun and never takes anything too seriously. He is a friend of Acie, and owns property near her mansion. His electropower is hyper amplification and the power to make sound waves solid.

Dawn Cummins (=_= in the top right hand corner)-she has her own talk show and is famous with the goth and emo community. She has some interesting powers, such as the power to disappear and pass through solid objects, float and most importantly, mess with people psychologially. However, she is not much of a fighter. Mostly effective as a teammate.

Herbert Scoop (the duck-billed platypus in the bowler hat. I once heard a European kid refer to the platypus as "the duck with tits..." lol!) a journalist. He hates having his appearance and race brought into question, because quite frankly, his kind is rare and looks rediculous. His electropower is the ability to conjure and manipulate dust, earth and sand. Boring, but hey, this is a journalist we're talking about.

Van Timber(the beaver with odd eyes and the golf club)- Van Timber is the raining champion in the internationally adored sport "macro golf" which is like mini golf, but instead of using a miniture course, you get a massive, huge course that can only be traversed with the aid of a motor bike and a gigantic ball and club. The holes are as big as manholes! Anyway, Van has a Special Interst summon ability: the power to bring any sports impliment into his game.

Chuff Blanken(the siamese cat in the bellboy uniform)-Chuff seems incapable of displaying emotion. He is Acie's choffuer (sp?). His electropower is basically the ability to bend and distort space. (It's not as powerful as it sounds)

Tabitha "Red" Hood (the doggy girl who is pretty much Little Red Riding Hood)-yes, she's little red riding hood, and she's got her own children's show that's doing splendidly overseas. She certainly won't be bothered by wolves on her way over to grandma's house, because she has the ability to transform herself into an assortment of killer robots!

Ray Speare(the cat with the sun symbol on his forehead) Ray is the son of a very wealthy skin care baron, who uses much of his money to fight against sunburn and skin cancer casued by UV rays. It's somewhat ironic that Ray's Electropower is the ability to generate energy beams, lasers, sunbursts and microwaves as well as other destructive energy tricks. He is a very powerful fighter, but a bit arrogant. He doesn't like Acie and wastes no time asserting his authority over her on her first day as a professional billionaire.

Coal Westonshire(the black cat with the summon circle) A owner of a diamond mine and head producer of the Westonshire diamond jewelery production. He lives near Acie's country retreat, and is very critical of her abilities. He has the powers of shadows and darkness, making him a strong yet alternative fighter.

Bio (the weasel with the biohazard symbol for hair)-nobody knows much about him, except that he's dangerous. Psychotically dangerous. His power is, as you'd guessed, poison and biological stuff.

Hirio Tate (the ninja raccoon)-a very popular ninja, famous for his countless ninjitsu movies. His power is basically...pure ninja magic. He can do all that crazy stuff ninjas do, and more! One skill he's particularly proud about is his uncanny ability to "block your evils with his face." Yeah.

Aureon Seraphim (the angel)-a cat who has a very rare electropower: holy. He is an incrediby elite fighter, so far, he has gone undefeated. His purity does make him easy to approach, and he is friendly towards acie. He runs a children's charity dedicated to caring for orphans and the homeless.

Thrash Domino (the doberman)-a champion boxer. He is amazingly powerful, and much like Aureon, has never lost a match. Despite his already superior physical strength,Thrash has the ability to make things combust violently after physical contact.

Mala Newbarn (XD fennec with curly hair)-a famous schoolgirl actress who has appeared in several movies. She is easilly often trivial things. Her electropower is uh...she turns into elements! HOW OrIginALnot.

Specll Darvey (the fox with the headband and the laser claws)-a pink-furred fox with extremily broken electropowers. He has an automatic defensive sheild, laser claws, a disbling attack, and more. Can he be defeated?

*Once again, members of Smashboards may know who he is. Although now, his connection to Fox McCloud has been completely severed. Specll is now no longer a fancharacter, but all his powers and personality remains intact.*

Keith Robins (the bobcat with the glasses and the parted fringe.)-a renowned detective. He has never lost a case, and whenever something illegal seems to be happening, he's there in an instant. His electropower is spot teleportation: he can move short distances instantly at the expense of energy. Similar to super speed. He's also very strong, making him a tricky fighter.

Myron Reffs (the fox with the soccer ball)-a famous soccer and footsal superstar. Myron has the power to form balls of plasma in the air which can then be launched with a well timed kick. His great experience of angles and soccer means that his blasts are very accurate and powerful. He is a fast and mobile fighter, but also very stocky and defensively apt. He's a good friend of Acie.

Kevin Tides (the otter with the surfboard)-an sporting legend in the swimming and surfing categories. He is modest and hardworking. His electropower is the ability to create riptides in the air! Huh? Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.

Maxwell Jagger (the cat with the chainsaw)-Max is the creator of the hit TV series "Clearout" in which a team of professionals have to demolish a condemned house before the time limit is up. His electropower is a Special Interest Summon ability-the power to repeatedly conjure hardware items that involve mechanical blades, eg. Chainsaws and Whippersnippers. Yee-haw.

Claudia Peppers (the cat with the machine gun and the eyeshadow)-the main villain of the story. She is the heir to the Peppers line of hotels, which are in direct competition with the Florentine hotels. She is also a pop singer and a super skank. She wants nothing better than to crush Acie into dust, and will use any underhanded tactic to achieve this goal. She has a special interest summon ability and can conjure guns and ammunition at will.

Nero and Seth (the two genets on either side of Claudia)-claudia's personal bodyguards and servants. Claudia's father had them specially trained to follow Claudia's orders without question, and they certainly do a good job of attending to her every whim. They are both trained in gun and unarmed combat, but Nero has the power to create energy forcefields that can be used for both offense and defense, and Seth has the power to transform his body into plasma for very short periods. In case you were wondering, Nero is the one lying down and Seth is the one in the jacket. They are seemingly Silk and Cotton's rivals.


As you can see, I'm trying to go for a more original visal style here, taking inspiration from text emoticons, western drawing styles, asian drawing styles, the Japanese stock cats, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and most importantly, FLCL. One of the gripes about Dendyn Dynasties was that it looked like the characters were ripped from Final Fantasy. So here you go, this time, I tried to avoid stereotypes.

Electrospastic and all related characters (C) Ryanide 2006, do not distribute or steal. Thanks.

ooowie, that's a lot of text...I'll make a colour version in the future. Anyway, tell me what you think.
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Hani-HaWafflenut's avatar
Oh, that's so cute! I love all the characters! Great job!
Taren14's avatar
Pepi looks adorable!
KinaroKaze's avatar
Awesome characters. I personally like Rave, Silk and Cotton, Pepi, and Myron. I know that's a lot XD
PsychoDemonFox's avatar
Cool concept. I like all the details on the characters and their abilities. Nice job. ^^
MindOfGenius's avatar
simplistic in your approach, yet good. Dang, this gives me some hope that I might be able to draw.....
NuVanDibe's avatar
the wi'ul doggeh on the right-center is mah favorit :ooooo
invadrcron's avatar
how very creative! its so great!
skipperofotters's avatar
This is amazing. It has an incredible amount of variety and creativity, each character has their own definitive personality. You should really consider coloring this!
skipperofotters's avatar
This is incredible. SO much detail and work has been put into this... it's just amazing. Hirio Tate is my favorite character.
Kraton's avatar
Wow, you a so good at drawing furries. They look like they actually have fur. So soft I'd almost want to hug them, but I won't cause most of them are holding weapons... SHARP weapons especially. And as for those who don't have weapons, I wouldn't hug them cause hugging strangers is weird. They might kill me with their fists, lol. But I think, from the looks of most of them, they're probably nice... except for that one with the chainsaw, he's probably crazy. I'd run away if I saw (mind the pun) him moving in my direction.
Now I'm just rambling about not much.

Anyway... You did a most excelent job on the shading. And I personally don't see any connection with this and Final Fantasy... Or any other game, as a matter of fact. So you don't have to worry about a lawsuit, lol. All in all, it's superbly done. :)
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HI ryanide it,s your #1 impressive.

i,m sorry my freind i feel extreme embarrassment but let me ask you my freind this question ARE YOU FINISH WORK I,M dying and enthusiastic to talk with you my freind
please please please and please ryanide i really really and really want to talk with you my freind
i,m really sorry ryanide but please for your freind and amazing to you ...... i can,t express my feeling to turn it to word for you my freind i have questions all night but i can,t tell it to you because it will not be nice to make question every day and let you my freind getting boring about me my freind { i wish i know you better than like this } but you know ryanide you in Australia and i in uae (long distance) so please anwser this question and i will be very thankfull and specail thank for you my beast freind ever

as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast freind ever.
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seems like you two are best friends. Do you draw art and/or animate like he does? I'm interested in anyone who does art like this, cause my goal is to one day be able to do stuff this good. I practice, but it's a little slow. My hope is that if I can get myself a tablet, things would be easyer.
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greeting my fellow

i,m sorry ryanidemy beast freind he,s do the all the work and i,m just amazing not like him my fellow but i wish i can draw just like him to draw to him gift :please: :please:

and i wish you my fellow luck to do all your stuff:handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake: :handshake:
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HI ryanide it,s me again #1 amazing
:worry: :worry::worry: :worry: :worry:

hey i was soooooo worried about you my beast freind and i said to myself (maybe he sick i wouldn,t disturb him) now i,m not strain

but please tell me why you my freind didn,t anwser question about Hirio Tate (the ninja raccoon) ????????!!!!!!! :worry: :worry:

and RYANIDE i have more questions about
Electrospastic after you anwser my last question
:blushes: :blushes:

as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast freind ever.
:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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I'm very sorry, It's hard for me to find every post from every one in my messages. I tend to skip over some of them in a rush. I'm awfully busy at the moment.
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HI ryanide it,s me againyour #1 amazing

it,s ok i hope you finish very soon my freind i,m
dying to talk with you every day but the work it,s work and thank you :aww: :aww: ^^;

as usual thank you very much ryanide mybeast freind ever .
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HI ryanide it,s me again your #1 impressive

i like this picture very much and you my beast freind doing it very extreme beautiful and pure thank you ryanide and i appreciation your work .
:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

i have more question ,that character name: Hirio Tate (the ninja raccoon) dose he acie freind or good person work alone ?

as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast freind ever .
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HI ryanide it,s me your # 1 amazing
you know ryanide every i write to you, you increaseing me more impressive to you my beast freind and respect.
:w00t: :w00t:
:w00t: :w00t:

now i have more question: Keith Robins (the bobcat with the glasses and the parted fringe)
dose he lawyer ,you see when you wrote (he has never lost a case) ask you this question ?

as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast freind ever :wave:
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No, Kieth is not a lawyer, he's a detective. A Private Iinvestigator.

I didn't think of having a lawyer character. Maybe I should make one.
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HI ryanide it,s me again #1 amazing

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

i,m glad i give thing to keep touch with you my beast freind thank you very much wooooooowohooooo yes at last
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HI ryanide it,s me againe #1 impressive
i hope you happy when i wrote to you my beast friend :please: .

i have another question to you ryanide
the charactor name:Aureon Seraphim (the angel) can discrabe me his electropower when he fight , because he,s like peacefull or dose he have style like you know ryainde talk first than fight secondly ?!!!:?

i hope you have nice day with alot blithe

as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast freind
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Well he is mostly gentle, even when he fights, but he's very powerful. He mostly uses holy light and halos as weapons.
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HI ryanide it,s me again #1 impressive

whaow that was awsome ryanide :clap: :clap:
thank you ryanide.
your the most noble,sagacious and kaindly
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as usual thank you very much ryanide my beast friend ever
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HI master could to tell you master

but i have a question again if you don,t mind =p
that guy name: Specll Darvey: the fox with the headband and the laser claws. Dose he freind acie or enemy ?.

And i have more questions but i will not write it at once and thankyou MASTER.

as usual thank you very much MASTER
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