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Dendyn Dynasties-ver0.2
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Published: June 7, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 Ryanide
Hardehar har.

Now with a brief story thing at the front!

Yes, I know I removed a few scenes, but hey, I replaced them all with far superior segments, and what's more, the animation is now streamed to the music.


Anyway, I may shade it someday, but this is as big as I want the file to get, and if I ever do any more Dendyn animations, they will be seperate from this one.

I will soon replace the old Dendyn with this one (the old one has too many hits to waste) and produce an update slipper, but for now, it's on its own.

Dendyn Dynasties and all related characters are (C) Ryanide 2005-6, do not distribute or steal.

RECENT UPDATE: I completely remixed main theme! No more crappy midi. Yay. It's a lot more rocky now, which suits Dendyn better, I think.
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Comments (1336)
DamnImUglyAndAngry's avatar
This thing made me love animation and art in general, when I was like pfft... I dunno 10?
Which is something amazing to do for a child.
Whatever Ryanide is doing today, I know he's killin' it.
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Skaerne|Hobbyist Writer
Are you sure you want to know?
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TabletSnake|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can't believe it's been 10 years.
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Dogthatkills's avatar
Dogthatkills|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I seen this animation about 10 years ago and had been looking for it again since. And guess what I just found rn lol
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Kotankor's avatar
Such a shame that Ryanide abandoned animation to draw furry porn under the name Sheer. What a colossal waste of talent.
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Cheezyem|Hobbyist General Artist
10 years later and I still love this ;-;
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PkfireAlpha's avatar
How do I view this as a Flash instead of a tiny thumbnail?
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Skaerne|Hobbyist Writer
Download it and it'll open a new tab with the flash.
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RearmedDreamer|Hobbyist General Artist
I remember watching this back in 2006-ish. What's up Ryanide? Why no more flash animations and wicked music? I still watch this flash from time to time. It is just too bada** to forget. :)
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wolffang719's avatar
Wow... its like 'Dust' before dust existed...
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PlayerZed's avatar
PlayerZed|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I remember seeing this in 05 on flashportal, it still looks pretty good :P
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WildWolfofDark's avatar
I don't often comment on anyone's work, but I WANT THIS TO BE A GAME.
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Fangs9090|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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jellyfishjosh's avatar
jellyfishjosh|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i thought you said they are anthro not furrys
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BudgetSmartImaging's avatar
Saw the original years ago, and I have to admit... there's a nostalgia feeling to hearing the Midi sequence... this version of the music is good too, but I liked the Midi...
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Kyte-Rhima|Hobbyist General Artist
The original sounds better on this, but your remix seems to be good for a battle theme.
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GazenArt|Professional Digital Artist
Well, to be honest the art could be better, but that's just me. The music was awsome, and it fit the fight scenes. The fight scenes were so totally awsome! Good job!
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TheSkitzoGamer|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that's some good flash right there.
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Platypoid's avatar
Since the first time i saw this on newgrounds, i loved it :icontearplz:
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lightningwolf1's avatar
Awesome. I REALLY hope it becomes a full series of EPICNESS!! It will be in the world record book of 'Most Epic Things in Epicness History'
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Chaco-late's avatar
Hahaha, this brings back memories :D
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SilverFurredKage's avatar
Holy freaking... just.... O.O That was AWESOME!
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Aqua-Frost's avatar
Aqua-Frost|Student General Artist
And this is what inspires me to work on my animation skills... Great work! :D You always inspire me with your amazing animations! You should teach a class on how to do it. XD
Keep up the awesome work! ^-^
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