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DFH Rough: Mello's world




(which, as you can see, is leaving me at a worrying rate.)

This is a ROUGH DRAFT of an animation that was made in MACROMEDIA FLASH with music that was made using FRUITYLOOPS (both are not free programs).

It is basically just a music video for Destruction Force Hyper starring Mello, who is probably going to be providing most of the humor in the real animation. It's also a good way for me to test out the animation style for DFH and practise ways to make the animation cheap yet still interesting. As you can see, only a tiny portion of it has been coloured. The rest is just lines.

Basically, this is just really random. You get to see Yoshida in there too, as well as Pippa, Reynaud, Lola and Shii from 2chan. But it's mostly just Mello.


THE MUSIC was actually originally a remix of 's Frankenstein song "Ugly Mess Madness" which was a mixture of Kirby's Dreamland 3 boss music and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boss music from Turtles in Time. The result was SO AWESOME that the first time I listened to it, I fell instantly in love and knew I had to make something similar down the track.

However, I grew so attached to the remix that I wanted to keep it as a theme for DFH. But Proffate says that I can't do that unless I change it MOER...IT'S ALREADY 30beats FASTER THAN THE ORIGINAL and the initial theme has been changed, so is it OK now, Fate-sama? >_0?

Anyway, check out the original HERE: [link] But be warned: it contains *strong* text.

I still don't think I even came close to SCRATCHING the sheer brilliance of the original though. XD

I'll upload the full version to Sheezyart later.


Mello, unlike the other members of DFH, is not a bloodthirsty, gun-happy kill-machine. In fact, he's so gentle and dizzy that he's actually GENDER CONFUSED. That is to say, Mello is apparently bisexual, love-hungry, or both.

He has a huge crush on Lola and Reynaud. Lola seems to just ignore him (she likes Buster) and Reynaud often uses Mello as a vent for his violent, sadistic whims. Mello is simply too confused and disoriented to ever learn any different. He also lacks fighting skills. Unlike the others, Mello can't pull guns from thin air or transform for laser power (which is why he bolts like crazy when Pippa finds him at the start of the flash). Instead, he gets a range of healing abilities for team support, and the power of LURRRRVE. <3

It's not that he's not smart or anything. Mello can be quite intelligent when he applies himself, it's just that he's not always *there*. And when his heart starts a-beating, there's no controlling his actions.

And before you get confused as to why there's sometimes a more "anthro" looking version of Mello, well that's his anime form. All the DFH sprites can turn into a fighting mode like this when they need to. Since Mello can't fight, he can use those long arms to give you a warm fuzzy hug instead.

Ironically, Reynaud's hoist scene is smoother than anything else, even Yoshida's scene. Lol...

And yes, I realise some bits are a bit cruel/violent-ish, but that's what makes it funny. No?


The shadowy dude who's chasing Mello near the end of the animation is the main evil character in DFH. His name is Nefarious Evilscheme and he's loosely based of the "Gendo" Meme that can rarely be found on 4chan. Basically, you get the glasses and folded hands of Gendo Ikari from Evangelion, stick them on ANYTHING and viola...it becomes evil! This meme was fairly popular a while back, but nowadays, only die-hard 4channers use it.

Nefarious is not Gendo, but seeing as all you can see are his glasses and arms, then he must be pretty evil.
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OMG I wanna do it again
AK aim and fire
AK aim and fire
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Dance lessons
i will unleash this emojii army on u if u dont post this music (the remix) to any sort of media and send me the link