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Art Project series-Selfishness

"I was thirsty. I don't care how much I spilt, I got my milk. You should have been faster."

number 2 out of six pictures I'm doing for school. The theme is "capturing the moment" and I'm using anthropomorphic housepets to represent negative states of mind by creating these situations.

I know, the bottle sucks, but I don't like doing these pieces. I can't bring myself to spend too much time on these things. After all, in my teacher's eyes, it's not the skill of the artwork that matters, it's what you do with the prints. -_-'

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there is some milk left look see? *points*
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I prefer the gatto with the blue eyes, he looks miserable...
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This has been featured in my Featured Deviants journal entry.

Someone needs to learn to be quicker on their feet...paws...whatever...
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That green cat is meen! :spank:
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Haru Totetsu: I have featured this work here.
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I love it. It completly captures the moment, and to hell with the bottle, you could just say they're a family that has large 4 litre bottles so they can have more room in the fridge.

I wish I could draw, but I've tried all my life and I still struggle to draw simple things. Oh well I'll focus on my writing abilities, much more difficult I think because you have to describe what the place looks like not just stare at it.
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THe cat on the left side is floating \('.')/
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How cruel :XD: Here, grey figure....have some :milk:....I add also a :cookie:
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I hope you don't mind but this is my background.
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so sad...IT AMAZINGGG...and sad..
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I saw these when they were at the Tanks and had to be dragged away from them.
This series is fantastic.
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Oh wow, you saw them at the tanks?

I'm lucky to have got those past my stuck-up art teacher. @_@
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Yeah, I can't remember the occasion (as in why they were at the Tanks and I was at the Tanks) but I stood in front of them for ages.
Stuck up art teacher? She/he/it obviously couldn't see good furry talent when it was right in front of her/him/it.
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aww poor kitty
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that guys an ass
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I like this picture but its sad... GOOD JOB!!!
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wow, i stoped and started to think about this picture.....then i stoped, so many people are like that now ( oh and my aiv was made by a fan artist twin2pack, not mine, u dont have a problem with that do u?)
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I know Chance isnt a pokemon likey like, kind of mialee.
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are you posting in the wrong topic? Chance is totally not involved in this picture at all.
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The pointy sholders. he's got e'm. or am I drawing him very wierd. *_*
Touken2's avatar
It's so sad. oh yea, I've also noticed how the yellow cat looks like i has pokemon parts that resemle him. The yellow and pointed fur make this cat look like a jolteon. The tuff of fur betewen it's legs resembles the blazkin, which also has a pointed tuff there.The tail is like Flareons. the fire eevee. oh yes, the tuff on the wrists are blazikin ish too! the pointed fur on the sholder looks kind like... Chance! thats it. Pokemon proofed cat ^_^
Which mades me... SUPER FREAK!!! WEEEEH! <--- Crazy <.<
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Well Pokemon actually uses very basic anime design priciples most of the time, and those stylised curves and points are benchmarks for a lot of anime derived styles.
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