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Art Project series-Restraint

Blah blah blah, part of an art project for school, narrowed down to five images total.

I've actually completed the project and I handed it in today (wheeh!) It looks great as an installation, but I don't think I'll be able to photograph it for Devart with much detail, as it's kind of a "have a close look" kind of work. Nevertheless, I'm glad that my art teacher seems to have changed her mind slightly when she saw the artworks PRESENTED AS AN ISNTALLATION >_o

Anyway, this is Restraint. Typically, we all know that lapin bunnies are the epitome of vulnerability and whatnot.

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jellyfishjosh's avatar
is maxime in prison?
jellyfishjosh's avatar
Wow I feel sorry for that guy....
The--Blue--Phonix's avatar
just makes me think that shes about to jump up and grab you if you get any closer
wolfwoot's avatar
looks a bit like maxime? o.o
Rumple-loves-Ryanide's avatar
naww poor widdle bunny wabbit
ChewySmokey's avatar
Wow! I thought you did this with pencil crayons on paper, I could never create anything this good looking with a tablet. I loves this, not just because it looks it great, but because it portrays such strong emotional distress (or something that's really emotional), the poor little bunny almost brings a tear to my eye. This is a nice change from all the happy-go-lucky Anthro art I'm used to seeing everywhere else. You definitely know your stuff, and it's nice to see artists diversifying (if that's right word I'm looking for) their works. Excellent work and a job well done!
kid-cody's avatar
I totally agree with ya on the vulnerability part.
this is awsome yet kinda odd cause I had come up with a charachter that looks alot like this and I put it in the same pose, oh well you know what they say "great minds think alike !"
JazaFirestar's avatar
i like it. i think its so cute! too cute for emo any day but that's me :P I don't see goth and emo the same as the rest of society apparently
lion-queen's avatar
Nice chains, and the blue eyes stick out, which is wonderful
vilethejinx's avatar
the character is so identifyable with. it makes me want to ease her pain, but with real things. it makes me want to make her feel better, to fix her problems.(sorry if it seems like i'm bugging you :p)
LysanderxX's avatar
Ah, that's definitely got the emo. Love that eye... The little glimmer accross the chains is great.
One of my friends went to the theater release of Princess Mononoke. There was mother who brought a couple of kids who went. Appearently she thought, "Anime is like a cartoon, and cartoons are all fun and happy." I'm thinkin' she was a bit surprised. A lot of people don't take anthro stuff seriously because it's animals. A lot of kid shows are based off talking animals. I'd think antrho can sometimes be far better as one's whole body shows the expression and thoughts as opposed to just a face. Ears, possible tail or fur. It all goes into what makes things "real."
Ryanide's avatar
Yes! Exactly! That's the sort of thing I aim for in my anthro: I want to prove that anthro doesn't have to be limited to children's cartoons and porn -_- It can be an artistically meaningful style. In fact, I think that visuals shouldn't matter in determining the target audience of a story or artwork.

I'm glad someone understands!
neonhowl's avatar
sad sad very sad but a sick picture you draw this by hand??? and also why not loneliness or something that means cut off from the rest of the world like erm......... outcast
Ryanide's avatar
Because this isn't loneliness, this is restraint, captivity and absence of freedom. Yeah, I drew it with mah tablettt11! I loves my tablet.
neonhowl's avatar
damn you how much and where you get it?
Ryanide's avatar
I got it for my birthday. It's an inotus 3 and I think they cost about AU$600 or more.
neonhowl's avatar
cool i bet you love it i whould
racheart's avatar
wow........that is.....beyond words......every bit of it portrays what you wanted!!!
Super-Spaz's avatar
awww, that's so saaaad. ;o; awesome pic though sensei! I really like the lighting you used on the chains! very cool.
teh-vic's avatar
This is definetly one of my favorites of the five. If only because in some ways I can relate. Great work on this, darlin'. I love the expression the poor dear has, so sad and scared.
malik-bakura's avatar
i like the darkness of this one. the chains and pose is great! nicely done
kingtut98's avatar
Those chains stick out of the picture worryingly :fear:
FurryFoxCoon's avatar
I love the expression...
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