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Art Project series-Oblivious

This one posed a lot of problems for me. It was originally called "ignorance" because it's supposed to represent that the cat looking out the window is too busy to be aware of the other cat's obvious emotional anguish. However, a lot of people said that it didn't represent that, because the focus was drawn to the cat on the floor. I finally just settled on oblivious because the cat at the window really has no idea and couldn't care less.

My art teacher looked at the installation and said "looking good". WOW!! I GOT A COMPLIMENT FROM HER??

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That's kinda heartbreaking. Good job, I think my soul was stabbed by this picture.

Seriously, well done my good sir.
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This is one of your older works, but I'm still madly in love with it.
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Yeah... -____-;;; ignorance is bliss they say.
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very good pic. sadfuly I can feel as I were that grey cat sometime in life... sometimes way to often...
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Awww. Poor kitty. ):
awwwwwww.....soo sad....poor kitty not getting any care out of other cat...
I love it! so touching ^^,
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poor thing u.u~
want to huge the little cat on the floor x.x~
Great work :3
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I'm not certain how, or why, but this piece has a strange allure to me...
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awwwww...that's so sad. nicely done.

you got a compliment, from an art teacher!? That's so awsome, I'm so jealous!
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Instead of stareing out the window he should go outside with the other guy, besides that it seems realy emotional... poor dude, alone with a nuthead staring out a window non-stop...
Some of your best work yet! (That i have yet to see, anyway... fixing various parts of my comp right now...)
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I'd say that these two cats aren't able to go outside, as in they're probably locked indoors or confined to this room. That would be why the one at the window isn't paying much attention to emo kitty there, he wants to get out!
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Breakthrough the window? Oh wait, long drop ... hmm... The orange cat would probabaly throw the emo one out first to land on just to get out eventually... or he could just stay in there...
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I just watched Studio Ghibli's "The Cat Returns" and I loved it.
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that's a good theme for a pic.. and you made it very well.

the poor kitty looks so sad..

i wish i could hug him, is so cute X3

anyway, great pic =]
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....*SOB* orange kitty!!! turn around!!!!
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ow..sorry, fell on the floor...


i gotta scroll down...the picture takes away my legs for a while...

truly genious...A picture that shows people how cruel a place the world can be...
These things happen every day..its a shame..
first hand experience...
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i don't know if it was your direct intention, but if you stare at the blue part of the sky, it resembles a human.
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That poor grey cat... +Frowns+ I don't know how that other cat could be so clueless... Aren't cats supposed to sense these things? Oh well.. It made an awesome picture, I'll give ya that.

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Dang, man. This stuff really is powerful. It shows exactly what's intended. All alone.
I once decided to completely ignore a guy I've known for a few years. On this one night of a pioneer treck he was being particularly annoying I said something like he was stupid in a not nice kinda way and made no response to anything he did the rest of the night, a couple hours. I had no idea it would happen, but he really had a hard time dealing with me being "oblivious" to everything that he is. It's not that he tried to bug me even more, but that he tried everything from bribery to being generally decent. In the morning I was back to normal and acted as though nothing was different.
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i must admit it is saddening but a good emotion whould be self absorbtion
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Aww, that is so sad.

I really like this one a lot. This puts your whole UBERKYUUTFUZZY style to good use. I am TOTALLY diggin' the whole 'irony' thing. I mean, what I see as irony.

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I like it :). That's a good choice of lighting, the brightness really does make the cat look like it's thinking about something else adding to the emotional distance. The room seems so plush and comfortable to me, that lonely ball of yarn makes things sadder. I love how you drew the gray cat she looks very alone crying among the cast shadows.
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This is great! +fav
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