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Art Project series-Denial


Sighanu?? *.*

This is the fifth and last picture of my art project-"capturing the moment". The state of mind is self-denial. The mask that we put on to cover what's really happening deep down inside and to fool ourselves into being optimistic. Ignore the pain, smile through the darkness, banish those thoughts invading your head, that there might actually be something wrong.

Yes, this is Sighanu when he was young, half way through the transformation process. He has some of his demonic abilities and his blood tears are already formed. However, I used him in this picture and it looks really metaphorical or something, so shh!

I'm free! No more depressing art subject, whoo! I can only hope my next art project will be easier and more fun. I will be doing what my teachers want this time, I've done all I can to prove my cause.

Image and character (C) Ryanide 2006. Do not distribute or steal. Thank you.

(yeah, the stripes on his tail are absent, but trust me, they didn't work in invert colour.)
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This is so odd... Yet so cool!
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... I love these art project pieces. I really do. they are so expressive... they make me feel.
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His expression kind of scares me...what's the story behind this?
ThatParanoidPerson's avatar
ive seen this series and all of them make me feel a great deal of emotions....mainly negative ones like sadness, pity, anger, ect. you did a good job.
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i give you props my freind this gives a very demonic almost hell live in my soul look. that kind of look is extermly hard to find in any image. i love it
Kitsu-Saan's avatar
I love it. This piece really inspired me.
raven712's avatar can I say it?
this touches me deep down...

why am I feeling like your drawing, crap:hmm:

it's just so stunning, perfectly designed, the tail flows beautifully, the concept just stands out and is visible yet not obvious.:clap:

...but it's reminding me of myself:(
ah, whatever, it's amazing :thumbsup:
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oh, and I forgot to say, he has that "yeah, everything is right! I'm dying, but everything is right! we're all so happy! nevermind if I'm dying inside, we must look very happy anyways!" look, with the subsequent "this-went-out-of-hand" feeling.
creepy,but AWSOM. the mix of the blood tears and the smiling is the awsom part of it!
Zagura's avatar
He looks like hes been through hell, i say...
give him a gameboi!
(Or maybe a Wii, if theres a poweroutlet in hell/void/his location)
That captivated the minds of our generations for hours each day.
Ryanide's avatar
I'm sure Sighaunu would find a way to use the Wii to kill people in their sleep :/ Perhaps we'd better not...
Zagura's avatar
hmmm, one hand playing Wii and the other hand strangling people with the power chord.
*accidentaly unplugs Wii*
thedandysheep's avatar
Oh my gosh. All of these pictures are...incredibly sad. And this one's creepy and sad. *shudder* They're good. Really, really good. But...I don't like them....but....they're fantastic. My body hates unhappy feeling for some reason.
Ryanide's avatar
Oh, I'm the same. I didn't enjoy making these, but I had to for an art project. Damn art teachers and their "it's not art if it doesn't say something deep and depressing about society" *shakes fist*
thedandysheep's avatar
Eeek. *grimaces*
vilethejinx's avatar
i could stare at this one for hours. with my eyes wide open. this one is my favorite. it great. you hit your marker. i can hardly find words. this is beautiful. its awesome.
hmm dont we all feel a bit like this on the inside? (violent emotions kick in) ARHHHHHHHHH!! (pulls out sword)..........unknown voice: uh oh its his depressing emo picture syndrome!...RUN!
Liam-Jolson's avatar

Still good artwork though ^_^
LysanderxX's avatar
And then we laughed and laughed. Love little Sighanu. Those eyes just pierce through you. His poofy tail is jsut so great.
Heheheheh. "*sigh* Everyone smiles. And I was smiling too... ...What can be dangerous in a world where so many people are smiling? Even my friends were smiling when they came to see the hole. At least after a little while. At first they didn't smile. When they first saw the whole I remember there was screaming and ripped fingernails and blood. Some of them couldn't breath. Their eyes looked funny... But I knew that if I smiled it would all go away. And it did." --Excerpt from 2 the ranting gryphon's Lucid Sonic Delusions.
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That realy tell's a tale, which is what art is for.

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it looks so disturbing...ima go cry now... :cry:
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That's kind of scary. Sort of "Pink Floyd"-esque there.
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...... I.... see... myself in this drawing. It's amazing what you can hide with a good mask. ^^;

Very nicie art, by the way. Its.. refreshing to see your work. It's pure and good.
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