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Art Project series-Apathy

This is the first piece of my *shudder* art assignment. So far, I am absolutely AMAZED that my 2nd art teacher doesn't totally hate my idea like usual. The theme is "capturing the moment" and while I could have easilly chosen something simple like photography or (God sheild us!) installation work, I'm determined to prove to my art teachers that anthro and cartoon styles are just as effective at being "art" as mud smeared on hemp.

Hmm, what can I say...I'm using anthropomorphic housepets as a subject here. They are all engaged in a situation that highlights a particular type of negative mentality...ugh, depressing depressing. In all six pictures, there is not a SINGLE character smiling, with the exception of one, and that's a mask of self-denial.

The style looks like a cross between Loaded Eclipse and Maple Lenicy. I'm not going to make this a perminant style because that means I'd have to make a new series to accomodate it, and I don't want to do that.

The shading however, I like VERY much. It was pretty much a result of me experimenting, but it turned out looking very interesting indeed. I will definately be using this method of shading again, possibly in Tech Sector. (that way, Tech Sector will no longer look like I've simply tried to copy Extvia with miserable results.)

Anyway, I'll be posting the others here as I finish them. I just hope I'll be able to get an A when they're completed.

Image (C) Ryanide 2006, do not distribute, steal or edit. Thanks.

*everything I do for art class is always depressing. WHY?!?*
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"I'm determined to prove to my art teachers that anthro and cartoon styles are just as effective at being "art" as mud smeared on hemp." - that's GREAT! :3
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I stopped taking art classes 'cause I was supposed to do "collages" and "surrealism" and "trace this object and then trace that object and tell me what you think" ... and my art teacher made fun of me for liking cute and fluffy things... *crai*

THANK GOODNESS we got free choice at the end of the year so I wouldn't fail.

And most of the tutorials I find on DA teach me more than High School art classes will.
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I wanted to take art this year but are school is making us take Spanish and I can only choose one more ellective and i chose band because i have been in band all middle school it sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mud smearing on hemp? What an assignment.

You say it. Some art teachers dont understand what art is.

Good luck on your grade.
LysanderxX's avatar poor thing. :P
Yeah, the way this is shaded is very nice. I love their eyes. They also really look like their furry. Then the headphones and chair are all detailed CG.
People all around me would probably conider me to be majorly apathetic, though I do sometimes come out with a sudden burst of enthusiasm. Just gotta get up and go, ya know?
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Two things. First off... The teachers at my art school are very open to anthro art-we even have an animation class that appears to be dedicated to it. But I know what you're going through-that whole "it's not art, it's a perversion by sickos" thing. Anyhow, glad this idea wasn't shot down before you started.

As for these being depressing... Did you have to do negative moods? Could you have done positive moods instead?
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Awh!! I want teachers who are open to anthro art! And that's another reason why I absolutely hate and oppose yiff in all its forms, it muddies anthropomorphism and taints its name!

Although my teachers really have no idea what the furry fandom is. They just think I'm some weirdo who likes drawing "Kids" cartoons. Because anthro art is a fairly underground movement at the moment, she doesn't believe that it can amount to anything more than children's comics or Disney movies. For her, an artwork isn't an artwork unless it was created by a "recognised" artist, as in someone who's published their works for the contemporary art community to see.

Peh. Positive emotions wouldn't have been mature enough for her. "It's got to be deeper than a picture" which really means it's got to say something depressing about our world and humanity. -_- I'll be glad when it's over.
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Oh, you have -one of those-. I'm sorry, I hadn't realized.

Now, while I know what she means... Would you honestly call the people who work for Disney failures at all of life? This is the bigger problem of the world requiring a total attitude adjustment. So many people are so jaded they can't even see what you-or anyone else-is really doing. I'd say don't let it get to you, that it's only a phase, that it gets better... But honestly, it doesn't get much better, and if I said it did, you'd probably think I was lying.

Honestly, the whole yiff thing doesn't bother me that much... Trouble is, the rest of the world isn't quite so open minded, so there's gonna' be friction there. Personally, I'd rather wait until the rest of the world had to accept it before such things were ever posted and pursued, but just like scifi authors, people aren't willing to wait on that. So we have contraversy and stereo-typing that doesn't fit the vast majority of us. The idea of the 'opportune moment' is lost on so many it is truly unreal.

I'll discuss last part of this with you over a message since I don't think it needs to be said here.

All the same, I think you're doing a good job! Sorry you're stuck doing protest art.
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this is awesome :clap:
my art teacher from secondary school was so boring and all she ever wanted us to do was to paint still life and other things, she never asked us what art style we enjoyed working on... she'd always tell me that the picture was good, but it was still cartoon like. ¬_¬
well, this is an A grade picture in my book ryanide ^_^ :clap:
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I dunno...mud smeared on hemp will be pretty tough to beat with anything...

ps. "Apathy"- EVERYBODY's guilty of that one! :XD:
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I really like this! You did an excellent job of focusing the attention in the right places, and it just looks great overall!
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dood!! 8D that's amazin! I love the color tones! 8D that's such a cool idea!!! yeeeah! we don need your crappy mud!!! REPRESENT hommes!!!8D
ravencroft's avatar
Dringy!!! dudeyness, :DDDDDDDD
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I like how this looks. even if no ones smiling it looks serious in a good way, and, dare I say?... -"tight" even!
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My art teacher doesent allowed Cartoony,Anime or anthro xD but she has good reasons why she doesent so im okay in not drawing it but I do sometimes I do want to draw anthro :D
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I believe that any style, no matter how cartoony, can be art...i mean...look at Leunig! (is that how his name is spelt?)
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Nice theme, pretty well done. Looks like hes got a headache, though Im sure thats not the case.
To me though, this seems more like ignorance than apathy. The two are fairly closely related, so Im probably wrong, but yeah.
Still, very well done.
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yeah, I'm doing ignorance too. I can't decide which image to give to apathy and which image to give to ignorance. Oh well. Headphones = apathy in my books. For some reason.

Anyway, thanks.
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Interesting effect on that chair and such. You make awesome shadowing with that.. pencil? (I assume) ^^;
Eh, drawing depressing stuff doesn't mean you're crazy or.. depressed. SOmetimes you just feel like drawing it... and it's not that bad. Lol
Good luck on the rest of your projects!
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i like yeah your eperiment appears tobecome a success...yes yes...its got that nice smudged like smokey effect very useful in toning inside a picture...its sort of like paint in away it behaves likes semi solid liquid substance...very effect and difficult to work with a brush....TEACH ME YEAH SKIILLLZ! PLZ
Ryanide's avatar
eheh...the shading style is basically a load of diagonal lines acting as the "shadow" and then I go around the edges of the shadow with the same pencil. Gives it an interesting polygon effect.

It was done with a pencil mostly.
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ah i see...non digital or digi?
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the pencilling was done with a pacer, and the colouring was done digitally.
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i see i see...still lovely ooh "selfish was gorgeously cute"
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