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The redesign project for "Brainstorm" activity on FB. 

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Fantastic! Have a llama.
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Darth Bwayne :D
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Saw this on Reddit. Nice job!
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Now this is a good look for a cyberpunk Batman!
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very nice =^) if there's ever a batman:beyond movie then this is a great look!!
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Wow!very nice!
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This makes me think of the suit from Batman Beyond
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i saw it yesterday in brain storm .. nice stuff :3
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Pretty sweet
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WOW, AwesomeBatman Approved 
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Love the design. The armor looks tough and threatening. The cape completed the look. However, what is the hologram in front of the mouth? 
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The hologram at the front of moth is a developing concept of aiming guide for the secondary weapon( or analysis tool); it is a representation of the future interaction UI concept for the Batman system.  
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This is a proper Batman Beyond. Well done! A great idea to use laser projectors to shape the bat symbol. I'm not sure what the mouthpiece hologram is for, though: it doesn't look like either a map or a mouth representation.
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..i was thinking the same
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