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Sabertooth BACK OFF

OK I had to color this piece. I have allot more but I cant show it yet...Ill try to squeeze some stuff out.
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Killer artwork brother!!
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fun colors man! fun fun 
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such a dope and classic sabretooth. wish they still drew him like this.
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Wow! Very intense! Awesome coloring too--I don't know why, but I have trouble finding Sabertooth work, Wolverine always gets all the attention, heheh--very incredible job though!
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this is sooooooooooo GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!
a-archer's avatar
dang man, this is great
DeadBilly27's avatar
Ah Victor Creed. Great rendition of him here. Miss his character.
EnzuDes1gn's avatar
wonderful colors, very good job indeed, everything is as it should be imo :)
drklegion's avatar
not bad ryan...very nice ;0)
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This is an awesome piece. Great use of the blur it really gives the feeling of movement
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Man I love Sabertooth! He's not as good as Wolvie though! :P
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I'm so glad you coloured this one!
culdesackidz's avatar
nice use of blur
YEAH!!!! SABERTOOTH. there are not enough cool pics of sabertooth out there
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That's wicked intense dude.
EnMity88's avatar
Nice! These colors came out sick!
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