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My Bio
I am a professional comic book artist. Image, Wild Storm, Marvel and DC to name a few. Some of my top books Ive penciled are Batman, Batman Beyond, Star Wars, Grifter, Suicide Squad and many more. I am always drawing something. I also do a lot of 3d animation in Lightwave and Maya. I am also a conceptual artist, storyboard artist, texture artist and pre-viz artist for various companies. Its all about art!!! Right now I am with Sony.

Current Residence: San Diego
Favourite genre of music: Reggae, hip hop
Favourite style of art: Super Realism
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iphone
Favourite cartoon character: ThunderCats(all), SilverHawks(all), He-man, Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: Yo_Was up!

Favourite Visual Artist
Travis Charest, Cheeks, Jim Lee, Michael Angelo
Favourite Movies
Count Of Monte Cristo, LOR
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Common, Buju Banton, Mos Def, Talib, Musiq, John Legend
Favourite Writers
Tiarah Benjamin
Favourite Games
Call of Duty -Modern Warfare2
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
my magic pencil
Other Interests
Check it out. I did this for a friend. GO tot he fb page and tell her how much you like it..if you do.. Leave a comment.. or just LIKE it Thanks guys Ryan https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153437973630162&set=a.10150272408940162.547050.850170161&type=1&theater
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Here is a cool site for creative artists and writers to showcase their work...oh you get to collaborate to!! http://creatorsafe.com/
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Batman and Shadow The Hedgehog

In a G.U.N. secret base, Eclipse the Darkling is infiltrating the base. He goes into a laboratory and sees Black Doom inside a hydro-baric chamber. Someone in the shadows locked the door.
“Wait a minute,” says the person.
“What do you want human?” says Eclipse.
“I want to make a deal with you,” says the person.
The next day, the people were outraged with G.U.N. People called them warmongers. Shadow the hedgehog saw this on the news. Rouge was with Shadow.
“Most people don’t look happy,” says Rouge. Shadow didn’t say a word.
“Say, might I ask you something? Why do you work with G.U.N.?” says Rouge.
“I made a promise to someone,” says Shadow.
The Commander steps in. “Shadow, I have an assignment for you,” says the Commander. “I want you to go to this city, known as Gotham.”
“And what for?” asked Shadow.
“Let’s just say there’s someone sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong,” says the Commander.
“What about these people? G.U.N. is supposed to protect the world. But instead these people think we’re terrorists,” says Shadow.
“G.U.N. protects the world for what it is. Sometimes we do things we’re not proud of,” says the Commander. And with that Shadow leaves.
Shadow and Rouge go to Gotham city. “So, why are we here?” says Rouge.
“Someone’s hacking G.U.N. and we need to find out who it is,” says Shadow. Suddenly they were attacked by thugs. Shadow and Rouge attack the thugs.
“This city is crawling with freaks,” says one of the thugs.
“You know that word gets really old,” says Rouge. Suddenly a shadow appears, landing on the ground on his feet. The shadow was Batman.
“The Bat’s here?!” says one of the thugs. One by one the group beat up the thugs.
“Look at old dark and gruesome here,” says Rouge. Shadow and Batman look at each other.
“Who are you?” says Shadow.
“I’m Batman.” Batman uses his grappling hook and leaves.
“He kind of reminds me of you,” says Rouge.
Suddenly, Howard Watcher appears from a helicopter. “Well, you two have arrived,” says Howard.
“What are you doing here?” says Shadow.
“To find the person who keeps hacking us!” says Howard.
“That’s our assignment,” says Shadow.
“Let’s just say the Commander doesn’t trust you enough to complete the work. Remember, G.U.N. doesn’t take kindly to traitors.” says Howard.
“That includes you,” says Shadow. And with that Shadow and Rouge leave.
Meanwhile on that tower, Batman is calling Alfred. “Alfred, do you have the information?’ says Batman.
“Of course Master Wayne,” says Alfred.
“We need to find out what G.U.N. is up to,” says Batman.
“So you’re the one who’s hacking,” says Shadow, from behind Batman.
“G.U.N. is doing some illegal business,” says Batman.
“What are you talking about?” says Shadow.
“There up to something big. They’re becoming public enemy number one,” says Batman.
Suddenly they were attacked by The Black Arms.
“The Black Arms, I thought they were destroyed?” says Shadow.
“But we are still around,” says Eclipse.
“What do you want?” says Shadow.
“We want revenge,” says Eclipse. “You know, the human is right. G.U.N. is up to something. G.U.N. has made an alliance to destroy every Mobian.”
“Why would you team up with G.U.N.?” says Shadow.
“So he’d give us our leader, Black Doom,” says Eclipse. And with that, Eclipse ordered the Black Arms to attack. Batman threw a smoke screen, which gives Batman and Shadow time to escape.
“What does he mean?” says Shadow.
“It means they are up to something,” says Batman.
“I need to get to the bottom of this,” says Shadow. And with that Shadow leaves. Shadow goes to the G.U.N. base. He goes to the secret laboratory and saw Black Doom.
“It’s impossible, I destroyed him,” says Shadow. Suddenly G.U.N. soldiers surround Shadow.
“Well, I see you’ve seen our science project,” says Howard Watcher.
“What’s going on here?” says Shadow. “Is it true you’re going to attack every Mobian?”
“Nothing personal, we just need to make sure they don’t cause any more trouble,” says Howard.
“Black Doom can’t be trusted,” says Shadow.
“Hmph, it doesn’t matter, we’ll just eliminate them too,” says Howard. “And also, we’ll keep an eye on you. And to be honest, we were surprised that you decided to join G.U.N., but hey, it makes our job easier, even though we tried you hunt you down. And unfortunately we have to kill some civilians. And a little girl, named Maria.”

Shadow was getting furious. Howard orders his men to shoot Shadow, but Shadow quickly gets out of the way and escapes.
“Well, you won’t escape, typical humans,” says Eclipse.
“Like you’d do better,” says Howard. “Don’t forget you still need us to revive your leader.”
“You arrogant fool!” says Eclipse.
“Enough!” says the Commander. “What we need now is to finish what we started. And at this moment, Shadow the Hedgehog is a fugitive.
Shadow is walking through the streets, then the Batmobile was driving to Shadow, and Batman was driving it.
“Need a ride?” says Batman.
“Yeah,” says Shadow.
And with that Shadow goes to the Batmobile and they drive off.
“So, why do you do what you do?” says Shadow.
“I made a promise,” says Batman.
“Is there something that happened to you?” says Shadow.
Batman was thinking about his parents, and about the night that his parents died. “You might say that,” says Batman.
Suddenly, G.U.N. helicopters started chasing the Batmobile.
“They’re following us,” says Shadow.
“Hang on,” says Batman. Batman tried to lose them, but they got blocked by G.U.N. soldiers. Batman threw a smoke bomb, and that gave them time to escape. The two went to a tower.
“It looks like we lost them for now,” says Shadow.
“But how long are they going to keep this up?” says Batman.
Shadow tried to call Rouge with his radio. “Are you there?” says Shadow.
“So sorry, but she’s not here,” says Howard Watcher.
“Where is she?” says Shadow.
“Don’t worry, she’s not dead… yet,” says Howard. “If you want her, then you have to surrender yourself. Meet us at the base.”
“It’s probably a trap,” says Batman.
“It looks like I don’t have much of a choice,” says Shadow.
“Don’t worry. I have a plan,” says Batman.
Meanwhile at the G.U.N. base, the Commander is waiting for Shadow.
“Just what do you think you’re trying to do?” says Rouge in a cage.
“Shadow is too powerful and too dangerous. We have no choice but to destroy him,” says the Commander.
“But Shadow is here to defend the world,” says Rouge.
“We can’t take that chance,” says the Commander.
Suddenly Shadow was walking in.
“No, don’t do it! It’s a trap!” says Rouge.
“Let her go, now,” says Shadow.
“Not yet, we have some unfinished business,” says the Commander, pointing a gun at Shadow.
“Shadow…” whispered a voice. Suddenly Black Doom appears.
“Black Doom,” says Shadow.
“It’s been a while, Shadow. After you defeated me, the humans captured me and studied me,” says Black Doom.
“And now you’re their slave,” says Shadow. “This goes against everything you believe in,” he says to the G.U.N. commander.
“Enough of this, it’s time to end this,” says the Commander. Suddenly, Batman appears and throws a batarang at the Commander’s hand, knocking out the gun.
“So, you’re Batman,” says the Commander.
“Save the chatter, I know what you’re really planning. You plan to wipe out every single Mobian,” says Batman.
“And you want to know why, don’t you? The king of Mobius has declared war on the human race. And his son pretends to fight for us. But he doesn’t fool me. That blue hedgehog is with him. In order to protect the human race we must destroy them,” says the Commander.
“This isn’t war, it’s terrorism,” says Batman.
“Enough of this! You die now!” says Black Doom. Black Doom charges at Batman. Shadow freed Rouge from the cage.
“I got her, let’s go,” says Shadow. And with that Batman threw a smoke grenade and blinded the two.
“They got away!” says the Commander.
“Now I am restored. I don’t need you anymore,” says Black Doom. Suddenly Black Doom feels pain. He feels like he’s burning. “What is this?” says Black Doom.
“You didn’t expect I would trust you completely? I placed a virus on you, so If you decide to betray us, you will die,” says the Commander.
Meanwhile at the Bat Cave, the group tries to figure out the plan.
“G.U.N. and the Black Arms working together,” says Rouge.
“Not exactly, the Black Arms are forced to work for them,” says Batman.
“So now what?” says Rouge.
“I know a team that can help,” says Batman. The group goes to New York City and came across the Ninja Turtles.
“Bat! It’s been a while,” says Michelangelo.
“It’s nice to see you too,” says Batman.
“You knew about the Turtles?” says Shadow.
“It’s a long story,” says Batman.
“So, why are you here?” says Leonardo.
“G.U.N. and the Black Arms are about to destroy every Mobian on Earth. And their first target is South Island. I need you four to evacuate everyone on the island,” says Batman.
“Okay, let’s do it,” says Leonardo. The group goes to South Island in the Bat-Copter. The Turtles begin to evacuate the islanders. The group saw the giant ship.
“That must be it,” says Shadow. The two go into the Bat-Copter and land on this ship.
“Listen, you find the Commander and try to stop this ship. I have some unfinished business to do,” says Shadow.
“You be careful,” says Batman.
“I will,” says Shadow.
G.U.N. soldiers and the Black Arms try to shoot Shadow, but one by one, Shadow defeated them until he finds Howard Watcher.
“This is the end of the road,” says Shadow.
“I was wondering when you’d finally come.  I never really liked you,” says Howard.
“What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?” says Shadow.
“Because we don’t like other species.  Why do you think we broke the peace treaty of Equestria?” says Howard.
“You’d better not say, ‘protecting your country,’ because that excuse is getting really old,” says Shadow.
“Actually, I just really don’t like you, and this was meant to happen! Human versus Mobian.  May the ultimate life form win!” says Howard.
“I am the ultimate life form,” says Shadow.
“We’ll see about that,” says Howard.
With that, Howard summons a giant robot.  Howard tries to shoot Shadow, but he keeps getting out of the way.  Shadow attacks the robot on the head a couple of times.  Shadow breaks the glass, and throws the robot on the ground.
“No! This isn’t supposed to be what happens!” says Howard.
“You’ve lost, because you underestimated me,” says Shadow.
“Admit it, you despise humans,” says Howard.
“I don’t consider you as a human,” says Shadow.
With that, he steps on Howard’s leg, breaking it.  And with that, Shadow walks away.
Meanwhile, inside the ship, Batman goes inside to find the commander.  Suddenly, Eclipse the Darkling stands in his way.  
“You are really one persistent human, aren’t you?” says Eclipse.
“Where’s the Commander?” says Batman.
“I don’t have to answer to you,” says Eclipse.  And with that, Eclipse charges at Batman.  In a few minutes, Batman knocks out Eclipse.  He finally finds the Commander and Black Doom.
“You made it this far.  For a human, you are very impressive,” says Black Doom.
“Save the flattery.  I know the commander is controlling you,” says Batman.
“Let me ask you a question: why are you trying to protect these animals?” says the Commander.
“Because, what you’re doing is genocide,” says Batman.
“It doesn’t matter what you call it, they are the enemy.  And if you try to protect them, then you are the enemy,” says the Commander.  
Suddenly, Shadow appears.
“Maria is like a sister to you, and she’s like a sister to me.  She loves this planet, and all the creatures in it.  Is this what she wanted?  Does she want you to kill innocent creatures?” says Shadow.
The Commander stays silent.  “Enough of this.  Black Doom, destroy them.”
“You dare order me?” says Black Doom.
The Commander presses a button, and Black Doom is feeling pain.  
“Do it,” says the Commander.  And with that, Black Doom glares at Shadow and Batman, and they begin to fight.  Shadow and Batman win the fight.
“Go ahead, finish me!” says Black Doom.
“No,” says Batman.
“Why do you refuse to kill me?” says Black Doom.
“Once you start that path, you never come back,” says Batman.  And with that, Shadow and Batman leave, leaving Black Doom on the ground.
“This ends now!” says Batman to the Commander.
“Listen to me, you have no idea what they’re capable of.  So I’ll give you one last chance to end this,” says the Commander.
“I was about to say the same thing about you,” says Batman.
“You would be a great ally, but you chose the wrong side.  Fine then.  I’ll deal with you two myself,” says the Commander.  The Commander summons a giant robot.  “This robot was made to destroy Shadow, and now the day has come for that,” says the Commander.
“Let’s just get this over with,” says Shadow.  The robot charges at the two.  Batman throws a batarang, but the robot grabs the batarang.  But, the batarang explodes.
“It doesn’t matter, we have enough fire power to destroy this island,” says the Commander.
“Don’t bet on it,” says Batman.  The weapons on the ship are malfunctioning.
“What’s going on?!” says the Commander.
“I hacked the weapons in this ship.  Now you won’t attack these animals,” says Batman.
The Commander was getting furious, and attacks Batman.  “HOLD STILL, YOU TRAITOR!” yells the Commander.
Shadow had gone behind the robot, and was tearing it apart, throwing the Commander to the ground.  The Commander pulled a gun on Shadow, but Shadow grabs the Commander by the arm and throws him.  
“It’s over,” says Batman.
“It’s us or them, one day you’ll learn,” says the Commander.
The Black Arms arrive with Eclipse the Darkling.  They’re ready to attack.
“No!” says Black Doom.
“Black Doom,” says Eclispe.
“Take me home, now,” says Black Doom.  Eclipse looks at Batman, and has some respect.  And with that, the Black Arms leave, returning to their home planet.  
The next day, the news reports that G.U.N. is doing some illegal things.  Shadow was looking to the sun, thinking about something.  
“Is there something on your mind?” says Rouge.
“I swore to put my past behind me.  But the past has caught up with me,” says Shadow.  
“No one can change the past, but the future, we can change,” says Batman.  
“I guess you’re right,” says Shadow.
“So, what’re you going to do now?” says Batman.
“I don’t know.  Perhaps there is something out there,” says Shadow.
“Whatever it is, I hope you find it,” says Batman.
“Thanks.  Farewell, for now,” says Shadow.  And so, Shadow gets on his bike and leaves.
“That’s him.  Always doing it alone,” says Rouge.
“No.  He’s not alone,” says Batman.
Can You Make A Post About This To Spread The Message So It Might Be Possible For Smallville To Come Back www.change.org/p/warner-brothe…
What happen to pancratia?
Amazing work man! Reading through suicide squad... youre harley is beautiful!
Sorry for being away fro super long time. I've been swamped with a ton of work. I'll try to stay ontop of things here.
Nice meeting you at Wondercon 2016!  Thanks for the great work on the commission!
what's going on RYAN?!