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Liz was an average American girl. She was a junior in high school, had good grades, a boyfriend, and her family always had a tiny little foot slave in the house. Okay, maybe in that way she wasn’t so average. To most people, Liz’s family seemed like a normal friendly family, but what they didn’t know is that they would kidnap young men and women from the town and keep them as tiny slaves. Liz and Ryan had been friends for years. He had only gone over to her house a couple of times but whenever he did he felt like a bug under a microscope. Her family was always watching him with a strange look on their face almost like he was a shiny new toy. Although he thought it was strange he would just shake it off and try to ignore it.

This time when Ryan went over to Liz’s house he has no idea that he would never leave. Liz let him in the house and led him up to her room. She sat down and looked at him with a strange grin on her face. “You know Ryan, we’ve always been good friends, but sometimes friends don’t last forever. You see my family loves having tiny little slaves but when my dad gets drunk he has a bad habit of crushing them. It’s honestly starting to become a problem. We just lost one yesterday when my dad threw him into his work boots for the day. When he came home from work he was just a smear. He told me he wanted you now. At first I tried to argue. I really do like you, but the more he talked about it the more I started to like the idea.” Ryan stood up with a look of shock on his face. “Liz please! You can’t do this to me! I’m your friend!” Liz raised a strange remote and shot him with a blinding ray of light. “Not anymore you’re not.” All of a sudden Ryan blacked out.

When Ryan woke up he felt like the world was spinning. In reality it was him that was spinning. Liz had been rolling his unconscious body under her socked foot and yelling “WAKE UP BUGGY! WAKE UP!” Ryan tried to yell to get her to stop, but he was constantly being assaulted with a mouthful of carpet and sweaty sock as she violently rolled him back and forth under her foot. After a few seconds she finally lifted her foot off of him and saw that he was awake. “Yay! You’re finally awake!” At this point Liz’s three younger sisters were in the bedroom too. “Can I play with it now?” begged the youngest one. “No, dad’s going to be home from work soon. He’s going to want to see him. Maybe you can play with him for a little while tomorrow.” Just then Ryan heard a car pulling up into the driveway and he knew his life was about to get a lot worse.

Over the next few months Ryan was finally trained into an obedient footslave. He knew that whenever the father came home from work and slipped his boots off he was to immediately start licking the dirt and grime from his sweaty feet. The four girls would take turns wearing him in their shoes when they went to school and were always excited to share him with their friends whenever they came over for a sleep over. Their mother was always finding new ways to find some use for him. She has used him as a toe separator when painting her nails, forced him to chew off the dead skin from her calloused feet (and of course swallow it), and when the mood strikes her just right she would use him as a dildo. In the photo above we see Liz getting her sweaty nylons licked clean after a long day at school. Liz was the nicest out of all of them. Afterall, they had once been friends. She gave him an option. He could either lick her nylons clean from the outside or from the inside, but either way she wanted them clean. Obviously, he chose to work from the outside. This was his life now. He didn’t question it. He didn’t fight it anymore. His only purpose in life was to please his owners.

They say history tends to repeat itself and this was true. Just like every other slave the family had Ryan didn’t last very long. After only about five months he eventually met his end at the bottom of their fathers foot. He had worked overtime at work so his feet were dirtier, sweatier, and much smellier than usual. When he came home from work and slipped off his boots (he stopped wearing socks with his boots just to make Ryan’s life miserable) and Ryan ran up and started licking between his toes just like every other day, but after just two seconds he started to gag. “What’s the problem, little bitch? Are my feet too much for you now?”
“I’m sorry master. They just smell so horrible.”
“Oh they smell horrible now? I’ll show you horrible you ungrateful little shit!”
He kicked Ryan over and started to smother him with his sweaty cheesey feet. The smell was completely overpowering. Ryan tried desperately to fight for oxygen but the only thing that filled his lungs was the vile stench of dirty feet. As he continued to squirm and fight the pressure began to get worse and worse. The father began pressing harder and harder until he was pressing all of his weight down onto him. “Still too much for you now you worthless little shit?” He started grinding Ryan into the carpet. Suddenly after about two minutes of this torture the squirming and fighting stopped. He lifted his foot to see Ryan’s lifeless body plastered to the bottom of his nasty foot. He looked at him with absolutely no emotion. After all Ryan was never really human. He was a slave, a bug, dirt. Even before he was shrunk he was just a slave waiting for his turn. He was born to serve his feet and one day die at his feet. He yelled up to the stairs “Hey Liz why don’t you invite another one of your friends home from school tomorrow?”

*Story by yours truly *Artwork by
embedded_item1466153049130 by ryanace