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Together Forever by ryanace Together Forever by ryanace
It's strange how fast things can get out of hand.

Hannah was looking for a roommate, so she put an ad on Craigslist hoping to find the perfect match. Allison replied almost immediately. Allison was exactly what Hannah was looking for. She was responsible, she could keep a job down, she was mature, but she was also fun and had a great sense of humor. They decided to meet for coffee so they could get a feel for each other and they became close friends in no time. Allison wasn't in a hurry to move in just yet. Moving in with another person is a huge deal, especially when you just met them.

In just a matter of a few weeks, coffee dates turned into late night drives to nowhere. Late night drives turned into cuddling in bed all night. Cuddling turned into sex. Allison was falling in love with Hannah, but Hannah wasn't quite sure how she felt. Everything was moving so fast so she just kind of went along with whatever felt right. But the truth is, she didn't love Allison. But she didn't want to ruin a good thing. She may not have loved her, but she did like her. She liked spending time with her, and she definitely enjoyed the sex. Everything changed one day when Allison introduced Hannah to her father as her girlfriend.

"Dad, I want you to meet someone. This is my girlfriend, Hannah. We've been seeing each other for a few weeks now." Allison was so excited to introduce Hannah to her dad.

"Oh... uh... We're not actually together. Just friends. Close friends." Hannah's face flushed. She felt bad, but she couldn't continue living a lie.

Allison looked like her heart was shattered into a million pieces. "What do you mean we're not together? Of course, we are."

Allison's dad had never felt more awkward in his life. Hannah grabbed Allison by the hand. "Step outside with me, Allison." Allison yanked her hand back. "No. Whatever you have to say you can say it right here." Hannah sighed. "I don't love you. I never did. I never wanted it to get to this point. I'm sorry." Allison looked down, tears welling up in her eyes. "I think you should leave." "Allison, I'm so-" "JUST LEAVE." Hannah picked up her purse and walked out the door.

Over the next few months, Allison and Hannah lived their lives as if they'd never met in the first place. Hannah had tried apologizing, but Allison didn't want to hear it. She was crushed. She had never been hurt so badly in all her life. A few months later Hannah tried again. She was starting to think maybe she really was in love with Allison and that she had just made the biggest mistake of her life. Surprisingly, Allison agreed to meet her at the park down the road from Hannah's house.

There she was, sitting on the bench as beautiful as ever. Suddenly all of those happy memories rushed back into Hannah's brain. She knew she loved her and now she finally had the chance to win her back. She was so caught up in the sight of her that she hadn't even noticed that she had been walking around barefoot. Although, she probably wouldn't have cared even if she did notice.

"Allison, it's so good to see you again." Hannah sat down beside her. "Thank you for agreeing to meet me."

"Well, I decided it's been long enough. Maybe we can make things right." A sly grin spread across Allison's face as she dragged her big toe through the dirt down below.

"Listen, Allison, I was wrong. The truth-" "No, you listen to me. You hurt me. You don't get to sit here and pretend that you can run right back into my arms. You can't. Don't even tell me that you love me because, in all honesty, I don't believe you." "I..." Allison cut her off again. "You want to prove to me that you love me? And that you'll do anything for me?" Hannah nodded. "Yes." "Good. Lick my feet. I want them both spotless." Hannah looked around. There were people all over. Parents with their children on the playground. Couples holding hands and walking through the park. "Right here? Couldn't we go back to your place?" Allison laughed. "Oh, are you only going to love me in private? Or are you going to love me in public? I want you to get down in front of everyone and lick these feet. And if you can convince me and everyone else that you love it, then I'll believe you love me." Hannah swallowed her pride. She did love her, and if this was the small price she had to pay to be with her again it was worth it. She got down on her knees and reached for Allison's filthy bare foot. "Not so fast." Hannah looked up, hoping she changed her mind. Maybe it was a test. Maybe her willingness to do it was enough to convince her. "I forgot one small detail." She reached into her purse and pulled out a strange remote. "You don't think it would've been THAT easy, do you?" She started laughing hysterically, almost maniacally. She pointed the remote at Hannah and *click* blinded her with a strange light. When Hannah opened her eyes she was surprised to see Allison's foot had grown nearly ten times in size. But it wasn't just her foot. Allison and everything else looked exponentially larger. Nothing grew. Hannah shrunk! "What are you waiting for? Why don't I feel your tiny little tongue on my feet yet?" Hannah didn't waste any time running to her dirty sole to start licking. Not only was she fighting for Allison's affection, but it looked like she would be fighting for her own life. She tried her best to focus on the restless pungent sole in front of her and less on the laughs and strange looks from passersby.

She had been licking for three hours and barely made any progress. She felt sick to her stomach. "You're taking way too long. I guess we'll just have to finish at home." She pulled her old black ballet flats out of her purse and dropped them down by her feet, nearly knocking her little captive over. Without warning, she gripped Hannah with her toes and slid her feet into the flats. She wiggled her toes around the little girl, giving her a few rough scrunches. "Comfortable?" All she heard were muffled screams. "Hahaha good. Because that's where you're staying. Together forever, just like you wanted." She stood up crushing poor Hannah with what felt like a million pounds of weight and started to walk towards her car. Allison and Hannah turned out to be great roommates after all.
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