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Perfect Disaster by ryanace Perfect Disaster by ryanace
It was just a normal night for Claire. She was spending the night with her girlfriend Kristen and Kristen's roommate Anne. Kristen had a long day at work so Claire offered to massage her feet while she fell asleep. As Kristen drifted off to sleep Anne looked across the room jealously. She stretched her foot out towards Claire, scrunching her toes. "Where's my foot rubs, huh?" Claire looked over at Anne and back at Kristen who was fast asleep. "I guess I wouldn't mind rubbing your feet too. Move over." Claire got up and walked across the room towards Anne. "Yayyy!" Anne said excitedly.

As Claire massaged her feet Anne laid back and closed her eyes. After a few minutes, Anne looked at Claire with a strange grin. She lifted her foot up to Claire's face and said: "Give it a kiss." "Ummm okay?" Claire was confused, but she did it anyway. She pressed her lips against Anne's sole and gave it a kiss. "Oh my god I knew it!" said Anne. "Knew what?" Claire looked at her with a look of confusion. "Well..." Anne began, "My sister Emma always told me whenever someone is giving you a foot massage tell them to kiss it. If they kiss near the ankle or the top of the foot they're just trying to be nice or they want something from you. But if they kiss the bottom of your foot, the dirty soles, they're your bitch." "I don't know where your sister heard that but I'm nobody's bitch." "Oh yeah? Let's test that theory. Lick my feet. Now." Claire couldn't help herself. She always had a foot fetish and really had a thing for Anne's feet. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so she lifted her foot up to her face and gave a long lick along her sole." That's what I thought, foot bitch. Don't stop licking. But first..." She reached into her bag and pulled out a strange powder. "Open." Claire did as she was told and Anne sprinkled the strange powder onto her tongue. "Good girl. Now keep licking." Claire continued licking Anne's feet, hoping her girlfriend Kristen wouldn't wake up but was way too turned on to care.

After about ten minutes Claire noticed that Anne's feet were slowly getting bigger and bigger and bigger. "What's happening?" "I'm sorry, did I say stop licking? Didn't think so." Claire was terrified, but she didn't dare disobey. She continued licking the massive feet in front of her, hoping she would get answers soon. Once she shrunk to just a few inches in size Anne snatched her up. "Perfect!" Without explanation, she dropped poor Claire in her sock as her foot soon followed. "Night night, FOOT BITCH!"

That's the story of how Claire spent the rest of her life under her girlfriend's roommate's feet. Nobody ever found her. Nobody would have ever thought that innocent, little Anne could ever hurt anyone.
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Alberto62 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Another sexy and attractive giantess! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
toelover31 Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
She may stand on my face anytime... Her toes in my mouth.....Amazing...
sok06 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017
that's a quite convincing theory 
ryanace Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Makes sense to me.
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