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One of Many by ryanace One of Many by ryanace
For Chase's 16th birthday her parents decided that she was finally old enough for her own tiny slave. They took her down to the corner store to let her choose. There were so many to choose from. Some were older than her grandparents. Some were as young as her, maybe even younger. Some were men. Some were women. She couldn't decide which one she wanted. That's when Dan caught her eye. Dan had just turned 20. He had recently caught the shrinking virus just about a month ago. He was hoping his family would take care of him, but they were short on money and didn't have the time for him, so the very day he shrunk they sold him into the slave trade. He couldn't believe they could have given him up so quickly. Now he was staring fearfully into the wild eyes of a hormonal teenager. "I want this one," she said, and just like that his fate was sealed. She reached into the cage and picked him up, trapping him in her clenched fist. He tried to fight it, but it was useless. She was massive.

After she arrived home she tossed him onto the ground very carelessly and slipped off her sneakers. She wiggled her socked toes over him and said: "Come here and sniff my toesies!" Dan hadn't gone through any formal training, so before she even finished that sentence he was darting towards the door. "No, you don't!" Chase wasted no time in leaping out of her seat and stomping her socked foot down on to him, feeling him burst like a grape all over the carpet. "Shit!" She looked down at the bloody mess all over her sock and the carpet. "Mom and dad are going to kill me! Why'd you have to die like that, you little pussy? Look at the mess you made!"

Unfortunately, Dan wasn't the first slave Chase owned. Chase was a bit of a spoiled brat, so every time she killed a slave her parents rushed out to the store to buy her a new one. She never did learn to go easy. Each slave only lasted a few minutes, hours, or if they were lucky days. By the time she had turned 18 her parents had bought her over a thousand shrunken slaves, each destined to die under her violent, uncaring feet.
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September 30, 2017
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