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Oh No You Don't! by ryanace Oh No You Don't! by ryanace
Amy had been trapped under Charlotte's cruel sole for hours as she went about her day. With every single step she wanted nothing more than to just die. But death never came. With each step, each broken bone, and each gasp for air Amy couldn't take it anymore. She had to find some way to escape. When Charlotte got home she sat down to watch her favorite movie. She hadn't thought about the shrunken woman under her foot all day. She had far more important things to worry about. So, when Amy tried crawling out from underneath Charlotte's foot she almost didn't notice. Just when Amy thought she was free from Charlotte's foot she was quickly squeezed tightly by her giant toes. "Not so fast you little shit! Just wear do you think you're going?" She spent the next hour squeezing and toying with Amy while she finished her movie. By the time the credits started rolling she looked down at the failure of an escape artist and saw that her neck had been snapped at an unnatural angle. She then laughed to herself. "Oh well. The little bitch should've known not to try to run. Serves her right."
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December 11, 2016
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