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Never Growing Up (Story in Description)  by ryanace Never Growing Up (Story in Description)  by ryanace
Ryan’s mom was always a little overprotective. She was always hesitant to let him grow up. He couldn’t get a job until he was eighteen and still couldn’t even drive. To her he would always be her little baby, so when he talked about moving in with his friend Austen she was not happy happy about it. She tried to convince him to stay at home just a little longer, but he had his mind made up. She remembered seeing a commercial for a shrinking machine the other day on TV and she was hesitant about whether or not it would even work but if it could keep her “little baby” at home she had to try. She ordered it a few days later and it came just in time. Ryan had just finished packing all of his things when she came up into his room and aimed her shrink ray at him. He immediately shrank down to only a few inches. She snatched him up and looked at him with a big smile. “My little baby’s never leaving me.” Ryan tried to fight her grip but was too small. She set him down on the floor next to her feet saying “There’s not much you can do at this new size but I’ll make sure we find a use for you. You can start by rubbing mommy’s tired feet.” “No mom! This is ridiculous! You can’t do this to me!” She immediately slammed her foot down on him. “Come on sweetheart. Don’t make mommy punish you.” She lifted her foot with him still stuck to her sole. “Aww look you like mommy’s stinky feet.” She peeled him off of her foot and said “Now what did I tell you?” He immediately got up and starting massaging her giant feet. She had accomplished her goal. Ryan never left and never grew up.

*Story by yours truly *Artwork by
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