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Life of Luxury by ryanace Life of Luxury by ryanace
In a world where shrinkers were treated as subhuman Lucy was lucky to have Rachel as an owner. Rachel was much younger than Lucy. Lucy was well into her mid-thirties, a well established business woman, and Rachel was a teenager in high school. Rachel never wanted to hurt Lucy. She was never overly rough with her. She treated her like a pet and she loved her pet. She gave her a cage with a bed, a food dish, and a water dish. She even had a hamster wheel for exercise. Most shrinkers lived horrible lives, being crushed underfoot, sat on, and being toyed with until their frail little bodies gave out, but Lucy lived in luxury. Still she missed her old life. She missed her husband, her children and her promising career, but it was pointless to worry about the past. There was no way she was ever going back. Instead she tried to remain positive and thankful that her owner was so good to her. Most nights though, she would wake up screaming, having violent nightmares of being crushed or eaten. Rachel did her best to comfort her little pet, but oftentimes having a giant girl poking and prodding her just made it worse. Rachel decided that maybe the nightmares would go away if she let Lucy sleep in her bed with her. Obviously she couldn't just let her sleep wherever. What if she rolled over onto her and crushed her? She decided that the safest place for the girl was in her sock. Lucy tried to protest, but Rachel wouldn't listen. She was good to her pet, but she was still in charge. So, as she went to bed instead of taking Lucy to her cage she slipped her into her sock and told her to wiggle down to the toe section. Lucy tried her best to get comfortable in the crevice of her owners toes, but throughout the night Rachel would constantly scrunch and wiggle her toes around her little pet. She called them little toes hugs. But to Lucy they were just annoying, uncomfortable, and often times painful. The first few days Lucy couldn't sleep at all as she was constantly prodded and squeezed by Rachel's soft yet strong toes, but after a few weeks she began to grow used to it. The first few mornings Lucy was sure she was going to die. When Rachel woke up she completely forgot about her little pet in her sock. She got out of bed and took a few steps to the hallway before realizing she was crushing poor little Lucy. She quickly slipped her socks off and Lucy tumbled out into her hand. "You okay little one? Momma didn't mean to step on you." She brought Lucy up to her face and gave her a soft kiss. "I'll try to remember next time." Lucy became so accustomed to sleeping under her owners toes that sometimes she slept without socks. She fit perfectly under her toes so she almost never fell out. She didn't understand how but after a while the nightmares did go away. Maybe she wasn't getting enough sleep to dream at all, due to the constant "toe hugs". Or maybe it was just having that flesh to flesh contact. But either way, it worked. It got to the point that she couldn't sleep without Rachel's toes wrapping around her. She would toss and turn until her owner picked her up and slid her into her sock. Even during the day she started to feel anxious. She felt protected and safe and warm under Rachel's toes. But during the day she was exposed to the giant, cold, cruel world. Hesitantly, she asked Rachel to keep her under her toes permanently as her new home. Rachel thought that was a great idea. She slipped Lucy into her sock, her new home, and went about her day. Lucy gave a long kiss to Rachel's toe and wrapped her arms and legs around her giant protector. Rachel gave the little girl a comforting squeeze, a toe hug, as she began getting ready for school. Lucy no longer missed her family or her old life. As long as she had Rachel's soft heavenly toes she had all that she could ever need.
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nice story
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