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Happy Birthday, Cuz!  by ryanace Happy Birthday, Cuz!  by ryanace
Ever since Rosa caught the shrinking virus her parents started becoming more and more resentful towards her. She was 20 years old and they were still taking care of her, feeding her, and providing a roof over her head. They had to watch her 24/7 to make sure nothing happened to her. It was exhausting. After about three months they decided enough was enough.

Rosa's cousin, Anna, was having her 17th birthday soon. They decided their best opportunity was to give Rosa to Anna for her birthday.

"You never spend time with your cousin. Just think of it as girl time!" her mother reassured her.

"No, mom! Anna hates me! She treated me like shit even when I was normal sized, it'll be even worse when I'm like this! Don't you remember what happened when uncle Joe caught the virus? She fed him to the dog! She'll kill me!" Rosa was panicking, tears streaming down her face.

"Don't be so dramatic! Besides, you're not really human anymore. The only reason I'm talking to you at all is that you're my daughter. Now stop crying and get in the box. Anna's party starts in three hours."

"Mom, please, no... "

"You better start listening, you little brat." Rosa's mom picked her up, with a swift and rough grip that reminded Rosa that she really was just an object now. Her feelings didn't matter. As far as everyone was concerned she didn't feel at all. Her pain didn't matter. She wasn't human. Just a thing. Her mother carelessly tossed her in the box, causing Rosa to smack her head against the side, and taped the top shut. Rosa started screaming and crying, begging her mom to reconsider. "Quiet! Or I'll sew your little mouth shut!" Rosa's mother shook the box violently, causing her poor little daughter, er... I mean toy, to tumble around the inside. Rosa laid on the floor of the box, whimpering silently.

A few hours after everyone had left the party Anna started opening her presents. "Oooh look at this necklace from Aunt Judy! It's so beautiful!" Rosa listened to ripping of wrapping paper from the darkness of her box. "Oh nice, Jennifer gave me a gift card to Victoria's Secret! $50!" "Young lady, you're too young to shop at Victoria's Secret!" "Oh come on, mom, I'm 17 now!" Suddenly, Rosa's box began lifting up into the air. "I wonder what aunt Leslie got me. It feels awful light. Is there even anything in here?" She gave the box a quick shake and heard a little squeal. "What in the world!" She quickly opened up the box. Rosa looked up in horror at the giant evil grin spread across Anna's face. "Well, what is it?" asked Anna's mother, Rosa's aunt, from across the room, out of Rosa's sight. "I think... I think it's a bug! I might have to SQUISH it!" Anna teases. "What?" Anna's mother walked over to see what she was talking about. "Oooh, that explains why Rosa wasn't at the party! I suggested that they get rid of that little shit LONG ago. Hell, even before she shrunk I asked Leslie to give her to me as a slave. She thought I was joking of course! You're going to share, aren't you?" "Hmmmmmmm I'll think about it. For now, me and Rosa are going to have some quality time together, aren't we?" Anna poked Rosa in the stomach causing her to fall back on her ass.

"Well, little slave, you better get to work." She dumped Rosa out onto the floor and swiftly stamped her foot down on her. "Rub my feet, okay?" She started roughly kneading her sweaty feet on her shrunken cousin. "Oh, that feels so good. I guess feet are your specialty. You like my big feet, don't you Toe-Jam? That's your new name. TOE-JAM!" Anna and her mom laughed while Rosa, I mean Toe-Jam, cried helplessly being molested by Anna's giant smelly soles. "So, I'm assuming she's mine permanently, right? I don't have to give her back?" "Are you kidding? You think Leslie WANTS her back? She's probably on cloud nine now that little Toe-Jam is finally out of her hair. Although, she may want some of her special foot massages when she comes to visit." "I think we can work that out. As long as little Toe-Jam doesn't forget who her REAL owner is." She gave Toe-Jam a rough squeeze with her toes causing her to squeal out in pain.

"Okay, well I'm going to head out to Victoria's Secret before they close! Let's see if Toe-Jam can still give a good foot rub while I'm walking around the mall." She squeezed Toe-Jam by the head with her toes and slipped her sock over her foot. "Hey, Toe-Jam, just a fair warning, my feet get SUPER sweaty when I wear my boots, so you better make sure you get licking! And they're my favorite so get used to it!" She slipped her boots on over her feet and ran out the door to her car.

Over the next few decades, Toe-Jam spent her life mostly under Anna's sweaty feet, constantly being squeezed by her toes and mercilessly stomped. She had been passed around and shared by Anna's mom, her own mother, grandmother, and all of Anna's friends. She hoped one day she would get used to it, but that day never came.
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util665 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  New Deviant
I love it, everything about it, the edit, the feet, the superb story. <3

keep it up, please ;)
Grackoman Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018
Wow, a truly fantastic story, very well written, such a turn on. Thank you
toelover31 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018
Put them in my mouth please....
Galaxilord1954EX Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I just realized there's a picture by Mega Colossus based on this image.  No wonder he used this, these feet are gorgeous!
ganggent Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
On line 23, it would be better to say "For now Rosa and I are going to have some quality time together, aren't we?"

P.S. Great story. But, after thinking about it, I am kinda glad these kinds of stories are limited to fiction. Reading this as a real account would be so depressing. And kind of dark. But still, awesome!
sok06 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
Another great round of pictures! Well done, mate
Dii3go Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
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