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Gone Too Far? (Pt 2) by ryanace Gone Too Far? (Pt 2) by ryanace
When Victoria came home Alex was quick to tell her of her newest discovery. Victoria couldn't believe one of their slaves actually went so far as to shrink herself and place her small fragile life completely in their hands. The thought of ruling over such a small insignificant pest sent chills through her body. They took turns playing with and teasing the tiny girl, ordering her to clean their feet, wearing her in their shoes, and playing with her like a tiny little stress toy.

After a few weeks with their new little pet, Victoria made an observation that angered her to no end. Becky had a favorite. Becky seemed to love serving Alex but served Victoria only out of survival. Victoria was not one to be dismissed, not by a slave at least. She had mentioned it to Alex, but Alex thought she was just imagining it. But Victoria knew it was no imagination. So one day she decided to remind Becky how much of a goddess she truly was.

Victoria was relaxing in the bedroom with Becky lapping away at her toes. A typical Sunday afternoon. "I know Alex is your favorite, slave," Victoria said to the little girl. She had an edge in her voice that caused the girl to shudder. "No, Goddess. I live to serve you. Both you and Goddess Alex. I could never choose a favorite." "Don't bullshit me, you little shit." She quickly squeezed her toes around the little girl causing her to squeal out in pain. "I don't tolerate lying, and I don't tolerate being second." "Please... No..." Becky could barely speak. Her chest was being squeezed so hard between her toes that she couldn't breathe. "There's only one way to dispose of a bug that's worn out it's welcome: Extermination." With a look of cruelty in her eyes, she released Becky from her toes, causing her to flop down onto the bed. She lifted her foot up in the air and slammed it down turning the tiny girl to paste. She twisted her foot back and forth making sure to grind each of her bones to dust and let out a soft moan of satisfaction. "That's a good girl. Squish nicely for your goddess."
LegsXL Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Wow! What a story!
Dii3go Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
She's sexy.
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