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Gone Too Far? (Pt 1) by ryanace Gone Too Far? (Pt 1) by ryanace
Alex and Victoria had slaves scattered throughout the world, each willing to do their bidding at the drop of a hat, but one girl, in particular, took it to a whole new level. Becky loved Alex and Victoria. She loved to serve them. She loved knowing that through her actions she could bring a smile to their faces. She was addicted. Maybe it was her adoration for the girls, or maybe she was just batshit crazy, but one day she had an idea. She decided to shrink herself and send herself in the mail to serve Alex and Victoria in person.

When Alex opened the package she was shocked. "Slave, did we give you permission to come to our house???" She boomed down at the scared little girl. "N-no goddess... Please, forgive m-me..." Becky was terrified. Her knees were shaking and her crotch was wet with urine. "Well, you're here so you might as well serve." She plucked the little girl up out of the box by her waist and took her to the bedroom. She kicked her sneakers off and started to peel her socks off. "I've been doing a lot of walking around all day and my feet are tired and sweaty. Be a doll and give them a nice long tongue bath for me, okay?" Becky went straight to work. This is where she belonged. This is what she was born to do.
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