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Foreign Exchange Bitch by ryanace Foreign Exchange Bitch by ryanace
Jessica loved meeting new people online. She talked to some really interesting people all with very different unique lives. Most conversations would last a few hours or a few days and then disappear into oblivion, but one girl, in particular, turned out to be a great friend.

Lene was from Norway. She had always wanted to meet an American girl. The two of them hit it off immediately. For almost a year they talked almost every day. Every weekend they would spend hours on Skype talking and laughing. One day Lene suggested that Jessica come out to Norway so they could finally meet. Jessica had been saving up her money and finally had enough to finally meet her best friend.

As soon as she arrived in Norway Lene was there at the airport waiting for her. "I have so much planned for us over the next few weeks! It's gonna be so great!" When they arrived at Lene's place Lene slammed the door behind her and zapped her with a strange ray of light. "Stupid American girl. You didn't think I REALLY wanted to be friends with you, did you?" She watched as Jessica slowly shrunk down to just a few inches tall. "You've never heard of the new tiny people craze here in Norway? All of my friends have tiny little slaves, mostly homeless people picked off the street. That's when I had the greatest idea! Everyone would be so jealous if I had a little American slave!"

"No, please, Lene... I thought we were friends."

"Friends? Why the hell would I want to be friends with an idiot American? I can't stand you! I've been waiting for this moment for months. Now..." She kicked off her flats and hovered her sweaty bare sole over Jessica's head. "Kiss my foot and accept your new place in life."

Jessica knew she had no choice. At her size, it would not be wise to argue with a giant.
toelover31 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2017
Would lick them anytime... And suck on her sexy toes....
v00d002005 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017
That girl is stunning, so beautiful, and incredible feet! I'd serve under them any day!
Dii3go Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Nice story.
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