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Every Step Of The Way by ryanace Every Step Of The Way by ryanace
Ryan and Neal had been best friends since first grade. They did nearly everything together and told each other everything. It was now senior year and they were both ready to graduate and start their lives. They both got accepted into the best school in the state which was great because they could still hang out all the time.

Then just a few days before gradation while Ryan was hanging out with Neal the worst possible thing happened. Ryan caught the shrinking virus. All of a sudden Ryan shrunk to only a few inches tall. He was glad that Neal was around though because he knew Neal would help him.

"Haha look at what happened to you! You're a little bug now!"

"Neal, this isn't funny! I need help!"

"Okay, okay, I'll help you, but first... " Neal started to peel his socks off of his feet. The smell filled the whole room. "I want you to lick my feet. They're really sweaty today."

"What?? No way! I'm not licking your nasty feet! They smell awful!"

"Well, I guess you don't want help then. You better get used to being this size."

"Fine! I'll lick! But you better take me straight to the hospital after so they can cure me!" Ryan hesitantly walked up to Neal's gigantic foot. The smell was so foul it made his eyes water. He quickly stuck out his tongue and gave a short lick. "There. I licked it. Now let's go."

"Not so fast bug. I want you to lick all of it. Every single inch. Both feet."

"No way! Games over! Take me to the hospital now!"

"I told you not until you get licking. I wasn't kidding."

Ryan knew he had no choice. He closed his eyes and began licking. His mouth was filled with his salty foot sweat. Neal wasn't kidding. His feet really were sweaty. It took Ryan hours just to finish the first foot. Neal didn't exactly make it easy. He would constantly play with him like some kind of toy, squeezing him with his toes and rubbing him him into the floor with his feet. Finally, well into the night, Ryan had finished licking both feet.
"Alright! I'm done you sick bastard! I did what you said! Now let's go!"

"Look at the clock dummy. It's been over six hours since you shrunk. It's permanent now. The cure doesn't work after six hours. Besides I think you'd make a much better foot toy then a friend."

"But I were supposed to go to college! I got a full ride!"

"And you'll still get a full ride! A full ride in my shoe! You'll be there with me every STEP of the way, just like we planned."

Ryan was in hell. Neal didn't see him as a friend anymore. He was only a foot slave now. He didn't pay much attention to him unless it was to give him an order. Even then he didn't call him by his new name. His name was now bug. For the first few weeks Ryan was defiant but in time he accepted his new place in life under Neal's feet. He spent every waking moment licking the sweat, dirt, and toe jam from Neal's smelly feet and Neal loved every second of it.
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LegsXL Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017
2 dudes... not cute at all :(
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Woh :iconblushplz: that is one cute foot!
NegaMaster2411 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016
Yo dude where did you get that picture
ryanace Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was actually from a friend.
NegaMaster2411 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016
Look at your notes i send you something
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