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Anna's Toe-Jam by ryanace Anna's Toe-Jam by ryanace
Heat. Pressure. I gasp for air, but there’s little to be found. Fleshy walls compress around me, moving of their own will, sliding around, sliding around. Flick! Flick! Flick! The breath is knocked out of me repeatedly, as I hear stifled, muffled laughter from far away. Anna.

“…Worship me you worm…” I hear her mocking, very muffled, but audible nonetheless. “…LEEK my toes worm! Hurry up! If ya’ don’t, I’ll EETCHA!” she continues.

Come on Anna... I’m so exhausted. Why can’t you just flick me around between your toes and let me suffer down here in peace?

“LEEEEEEK! WORM!” she booms, as I quiver at the sound of her voice. Soon, the boot is unzipping, and I feel cool air rushing into the boot to meet me. My eyes slowly adjust to the brighter light… the sun is setting behind the custody tower in the distance, and Anna is balanced on horseback, holding her sweaty foot up by the ankle to see me. Her face is a crazed, sadistic grin, and her eyes are intense, huge, truly like an owl. “Wanna slide down my throat? DO YAAAA...?” she booms as she pulls her foot closer to her face, her gigantic mouth coming closer, nearly filling my vision.

I immediately summon what little strength I have and press my tongue against the wall of flesh nearest my face.
Salt, and grime, and sweat, by the mouthful. But I do it again, as her massive eyes are intensely bearing down on me.

“That’s more like it,” she grins, as I’m suddenly plummeting downward, and the boot pulled back on around me. Soon it is zipped back up, and I don’t dare stop licking, as much as it burns my mouth, my tongue, and every muscle in my tiny neck. “I’m proud of you, you’re learning!” she laughs. “You’re my toe-jam, so you’ve GOTTA DO EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING I SAY!” She continually flicks me around, sliding me, grinding me, suffocating and pressing me between her sweaty-slick lower digits. I try my best to lick her toes the entire time, but occasionally she yells at me from above, threatening to eat me every so often.

When she finally gets off the horse, I find myself crushed, hard, under the mass of her body. Her boots don’t have much give, not nearly as much as Mom’s sneakers, and Anna’s feet are not nearly as soft. “How’s it fucking feel, worm?” she mocks, as her massive footfalls crush me. She’s walking out of the horse pasture and to her house, at least I figure. “You’re nothing but a lump under my foot, Alisa,” she continues. “We used to be BEST FRIENDS, remember?” she continues. She’s really rubbing salt in the wound now, as I feel tears start to stream down my cheeks.

“Help me…” I cry, but there is no helping me. Anna gets to torture me. She's my owner now, it's her right. BOOM! Her foot comes down, again, and again. BOOM! Carelessly. Cruelly. BOOM! No more… I cry… as I slowly black out….

Story by exiguus from Giantess World

Check out his full story The Insole Girl here:…
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GtsEnvironmentalist Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
Hey hun, where'd you find the original pic from? I totes love it! ^-^
ganggent Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
All right, so I have been around the "Giantess" block a few times. I have seen the most enticing captions, well shaded pieces of art. But it's these stories. THE GOOD STORIES, that make me wonder time and time again. "If you hate this life so much, why not attempt ending it?" Homonculus. Terrific story, one of the best shrinkee character arcs I have ever seen, hands down. Alexandra the great. Superb, actually toys with the notion, every story attempts at, that the giantess is their entire world. Southern ties was alright. It's just Alexandra the great, if alexandra was in the suburbs-normal size- and emil was her brother, but shrunken.  And now The Insole Girl. I keep getting these flashbacks to homonculus actually. The sweet naive sister, the sympathetic help, the father who just happens to be there. The second half of homonculus' mother matches reasonably with the entirety of this mom. And also in the second half of homonculus, Raymond loses all his steam to fight, limply pushed around by giantess and friend. Just like Alisa in all of the story. It's all just "Oh, why has life favored everyone but I? How can a all powerful and just god exist when I am?" All of them say it at least once in every story that they are a bug. Yeah, and bugs crush oh so easily. So, with them hating to live, why does it seem that all of them attempt to live through their hell? When they could walk out the exit door that is a *crunch*, *squelch*, *smoosh*, or *squash* away? It just grinds my gears.

-I like this piece. Exiguus uses a style that I have not previously seen. It's refreshing.
ryanace Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's definitely one of my favorite stories. Which is why I've used it in not just one, but two of my collages.
Dii3go Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
Nice pic and story.
ganggent Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2017
Dude, you sent this comment on my b-day. What are the odds?
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