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Hello everybody how's it going, It's Ryan 29o4 here from YouTube and welcome, to my Deviantart page! Here I will upload pictures on here like, Custom Thumbnails from YouTube, Random pictures I do, pictures of events and type news and updates on Deviantart. If you like what I do on here, add me to your list. I'm not trying to make this as popular as my YouTube channel, Youutubing is my skill, I think my art is just terrible, depending what one they are I guess. Anyway thank you guys for reading this and I'll see you in the next thing I do, have a good day!

Favourite Movies
Disney films like: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wreck It Ralph, Wall E (A tiny bit), Frankenweenie. Others like most Tim Burton films, some of Jim Carry's films too, Pirates of The Carrabion
Favourite TV Shows
Family Guy, The Simpsons, You've Been Framed, The Dumpin Ground, Go 8 Bit
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Madness, Queen, but most music i listen to are fan made music to video games
Favourite Games
Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U, EVERY Dr. Mario game ever made, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Super Mario Maker, Lego Dimensions, Hello Nieghbor, Yooka Lylee, A tiny bit of Minecraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
Action, Adventure, Racing, Online, Sandbox
Tools of the Trade
(I left this blank because i don't know what it means)
Other Interests
Making YouTube Videos, Posting on Twitter, gaming, Hanging Out With Friends, trying new things for my channel and in future, constently watching We Are Number One memes, along with Lemme Smash, 2 Number 9's and more, along with hating Banjo Kazooie.
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Hello everyone! I know i don't use this much but i want some help. Does anyone know how to make thumbnails? I mean i do but i'm just wondering if anyone would like to make one for me with Photoshop or something since i don't know how to use it. I wan...
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I beat MIITOPIA, gotta go through some other levels for prizes but I beaten the final boss and that's all that matters. I got a video here to prove it if you don't believe me: https://youtu.be/SKYGzg1LLmE
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thanks for the favs
Thanks for faving! :thumbsup:
If you ever feel the need for someone to teach you, and your friends, to be villains, rest assured that your We Are Number One Collection now houses another version of the villain that forever will be number one.
Thansk for the fav :D
That’s ok bro :)
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