Snapchat username is Ry-Spirit

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My username is ry-spirit (surprise!). I take very serious and inspiring snaps, they will change your life. Add me on Snapchat if you like :)


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VIIIRoses's avatar
I'll add you xD
boybig5411's avatar
0shiny-umbreon0's avatar
I added you Cx
I have a knife emoji after my name XD

*the edginess is real*
Ry-Spirit's avatar
ohhh youuu! enjoy my snaps
send me snaps too okkkk
0shiny-umbreon0's avatar
ya y
ok :^D
pretty sure i'll be enjoying them after I saw "this is how I roll"
glowdarq's avatar
I added you, I'm Ivy Pendragon :3
TanuukiArt's avatar
Can't wait for those snaps xD I added you, my snapchat is tanuuki
KittyPleasance's avatar
I never use snapchat but I want to see these inspiring snaps.
Added you, I'm "kittykat_please"
lauramansfield's avatar
Adding you asap! Mine is hahaimLaura :meow:
I've added you!!

My snapchat is sheepitor .. the "baddest" of sheeps. o.o
soppy4eva's avatar
I added you ^-^
Mine is nommyzombies :3
TarriPup's avatar
Very serious and inspiring snaps which will change my life... I have friends who say stuff like this and then the content leaves me insane~ =P
fluffylink's avatar
I'm thefluffylink
Maybe I'll start using snap chat lol
SalmonSuzie's avatar
Oh man I hope I'm able to hold off of sending you an unimaginable amount of dick pics
MrsVolv's avatar
Man, how do you manage to be active on all those sites by yourself? XD I barely can do with two social medias, and just added Twitter to it not exactly knowing what to do with it. xD
Ry-Spirit's avatar
snapchat n twitter r ok, just simple ones!
but if i m to make a new social media like myspace then its no good
MrsVolv's avatar
Nobody use Myspace anymore anyway xD
Ry-Spirit's avatar
no way its the most popular social network website there is!!
About time I make one! I will prob make it next year, around april. 1st of april probably
MrsVolv's avatar
Of course, almost as popular as or 
You should use those too - gotta build up a popularity!

You could get banned from the second one tho xD
Shirori-Dono's avatar
time to add another top hatWink/Razz 
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