Nothing matters or everything matters?
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Published: August 16, 2018

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So recently I posted up a status saying that whenever I think of life, I cant decide whether everything matters or nothing matters at all. Now Im sorry if that sounded like an emo phase depression filled teenage poetry life reflection kingdom hearts, I really didnt mean for it to sound sad or negative. Some of you have reached out to me and asked if I was ok and told me not to be sad, I wasnt sad at all, it was just something that I think about sometimes, actually its funny because that status mentioned 'everything matters' too, so its not THAT negative is it? Let me explain what I meant by my status. And perhaps you can give your take on it.

So, in the beginning, there was a God who created the heaven and the Earth and me and you and memes and Sonic the hedgehog. So, in the observable beginning, there was the Big Bang, which paved ways for sentient and non sentient life to come. Particles were colliding with each other, chemicals were reacting to each other, rocks were bouncing off each other on the ripples of time and space, billions and billions of years has passed until planets started to form, including ours, Earth (It is perfectly fine if you want to read this in Carl Sagan's or Neil Degrasse Tyson's voice). So what happened on earth? It took many many years until we got an atmosphere, water, plants, little bacterias, evolving and killing and trying to survive. Fast forward another few billion years and here we are, still trying to survive (With a little less killing for survival thank goodness, but we still do sometimes.. unfortunately). Things have to live and die in order to continue this cycle, we try our best to live as long as we could, we SOMETIMES try to help other sentient beings live their to their fullest too like our furry friends dogs and cats (Why we dont do this for ALL animals too? Think about that. XD). But eventually things will die, even Earth! The Sun has used up its hydrogen fuel in the last 4.6 billion years since its birth, in another 5 billion years the Sun will run out of fuel, and when that happens, Earth would not be able to survive... that is if Earth dont destroy itself first. 

All that was just to get you a perspective on how fragile life is, life for the Universe, life for the solar system, life for earth, and our very own lives. 

SO, what to make of that? That is exactly what I wanted to ask. Does nothing matter? Or does everything matter?

On one hand, everything we know will eventually die, no matter what we leave behind, our children, our art, our ideology. Everything will just one day vanish and no one will be there to see it. So you could argue that in the long run, nothing really matters. Nothing really mattersssss to meeeee. Anyway the wind blows.. I mean you dont have to go all sad and negative about it though, nothing matters doesnt mean you gotta kill yourself or cause a wreck in public and ruin people's day, it can just mean you don't need to take anything too seriously or care about anything really. Just do what you wanna do and if you fail and embarrass yourself, who cares? No one will remember it forever. If you don't wanna do it, you don't have to do it either.

Knowing the fact that everything will die motivates you to care about everything! Since life is so fragile and rare, it would make every second count. You should put in the extra effort to make sure you leave a mark on Earth, you only get to live once and therefore you should do as much as you can and try to exceed in everything life has to offer for you! Don't let your dreams be dreams! Do as much as you can! (I should be a motivational speaker).

So there you have it. You see what Im saying? When you think about how life came to be and how life will end, you could view it in both a 'nothing matters' or a 'everything matters' way, both can be fine by the way (As long as you do good and not cause harm to anybody). For me personally, I pick and choose what I think matters to me. My basic rule is to make sure everyone arounds me have a good time, I also tend to care about more immediate things, especially lives of animals (including human) who are being treated inhumanely, I want every sentient beings to have the basic rights to live their lives to the fullest. I dont care as much for possible sentient beings that hasn't been bred into existence yet, in fact I think the less animals bred into existence the better to be honest, we already have an overpopulation of animals of many sorts including your very favourite dogs and cats, many of them has to be put down because no one is there to care for them. Cows and pigs and chickens are forcibly bred into existence so we could exploit their body for us to eat and wear, I dont like that :/ And even human beings! I think we have the right to have children, sure! But not everyone should choose that, just because we can doesn't mean we should.. Oooo controversial! We only got one planet to live on right now, and its not very big. I dont mean we gotta pull a Thanos and kill half the population, we can just have less children! Or adopt a child, you know how many children there are in orphanage right now? And so many abandoned children in less fortunate countries because families can't financially support them. What else do I care about? Memes! Jokes makes me happy and when Im happy I feel good, and if I share that with other people and make them laugh then that would be good. In a way, memes kinda falls into the 'Nothing matters' category, I mean its free and its pretty much a 'I dont care' kinda thing? Especially the really obscure ones that for some reason makes me laugh. Anyways.. So yes thats me in a nutshell.

Its really all about balance, first you gotta analyse which one you are, are you the 'Nothing matters' person? Or the 'Everything matters' person? And how is that making you feel? Do you feel happy or sad about it? Here's the most important advice I have to give. Listen closely! Ok here goes:

If the 'everything matters' kind of thinking is ruining your emotions in a negative way. Just switch over to the 'nothing matters' way of thinking. You may feel less pressure and like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

On the other hand, if your 'nothing matters' way of thinking is giving you an existential crisis and making you depressed, insert a bit of 'everything should matter' thoughts into your life. It will help you feel motivated and give you more of a personal meaning to your life, and perhaps that would make you feel happier.

Do good die great. Kiss 2 


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Deleca-7755Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad this Journal exists. I'm kinda on and off on which statement I take In. Nowadays I've just been a "nothing matters" person. It's why I rarely draw and hate to draw now.
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level5pencil Digital Artist
I think we habitually try to find easy answers and get stressed out when we find out that things aren't that simple.  

I'm not the type of person to find much meaning in things but I appreciate that things are happening and that we're all present. Some people might find anxiety thinking about a world like that but it works out for me.  
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Well, when I read that status I didn't even think if you were depressed or something, because think about "if everything matters or not" is just curiosity to me hahaha XD.

My answer to that question is the same as before: It depends on your own perspective.

I don't know if you will read this comment but have a good day :D
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Grace022Professional Writer
I think it's up to us, as individuals, to decide what matters. 
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SleepyVoodleHobbyist Digital Artist
I think life is always a balance, like yin/yang, there's no true extremes, or black and white (except yin/yang symbol, and pandas), but finding the balance is suuuper difficult.
So many things in our reality are constructs of the human mind, without us thinking something is a particular way, is it actually that way...

I once read something like, 'nothing is good or bad, thinking it makes it so'.
That always stuck in my mind, and I thought about it a lot, it made me consider things in a different way and realise that humans assign emotions and meanings to everything.
Our minds collect and weigh-up experiences and create some conclusion like 'everything matters' or 'nothing matters'.

Ultimately I'm not sure that anything can be categorised in such a definitive way, everything is so complex and special, especially life.
We may have a limited influence in the grand scheme of the universe, but I agree that living a conscious and considerate life is the best thing we can do.
I hope that humans continue to become more altruistic and compassionate because that will flow on and have positive effects for all life on this planet.

The issue of human population needs to be discussed, we live on a finite planet, we cannot continue to grow and consume infinitely, everyone should understand that.
One of the biggest shifts for humans is to overcome our superiority complex, we are not better than anything else on this planet.
Is a rubix cube superior to a marble? Is a handful of soil superior to a zebra? Is a dog superior to a tardigrade?
They are different, but they exist together in a web of interconnectedness.
This is the same for humans, we exist and survive because of this infinitely complex web of life, considering ourselves to be superior is a destructive mentality.

Categorising things helps us understand the world to some extent, but we have to be careful not to become cold, and lose sight of the bigger picture around us.
Be humble, observant, and kind, work towards understanding and cooperating with life, and I think harmony can be achieved.

There you go Ry, that's my rant inspired by your rant.
You're welcome NaNoEmo '17: Yin Yang 
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
That is very good. 
'nothing is good or bad, thinking it makes it so'. That really got me thinking. Is life actually good or do we interpret it as something good? What about animals? The fight for survival, they must think its good too right? Otherwise they wouldn't run away from pain and death? Or have we just got too used to suriving because of our DNA telling us to survive because our ancestors survived? 

But yeah definitely we are not better than anything else on this planet. I am trying to be less speciesist these days. It is both easy and hard for me somtimes. I gota readjust my way of thinking from what I was used to, what I was taught. But once you start to see things differently, it becomes easier. Thank goodness for that!

SOOO, have u got discord yet XD or skype? we got lots to talk about
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SleepyVoodleHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah yeah! I added you on Discord \o/ (or at least, I tried to)
It said friend request sent, it didn't get to you?...
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MyDayDreamssHobbyist General Artist
Nothing matters, we’re all going to to die, and nothing ever gets us anywhere in the universe. We have no idea why we want to do things, or why we feel we need things. Or why we strive to be successful. So given this analogy we may as well do what ever we feel like for no damn reason whatsoever. Have fun, don’t wonder why. 
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
true words. <3
well i guess because its in our DNA to survive and give birth. I mean if our ancestors werent like that, we wont be here wont we? 
MyDayDreamss's avatar
MyDayDreamssHobbyist General Artist
tru dat
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Eyes-Turned-SkywardHobbyist Traditional Artist
For most of my life up to and continuing, I am an "everything matters" person. However, I've learned that, while a noble sentiment, it doesn't always do the mind good to stress oneself out on trying to perfect every little thing, maintain every relationship, or work 1000% at something. Multiple people have told me I need to "hang back" or "care a little less", but it's a difficult concept to bring myself to understand, especially when I've been doing it for so long.
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SirWongIIIHobbyist Traditional Artist
"It is perfectly fine if you want to read this in Carl Sagan's or Neil Degrasse Tyson's voice" No, no, no. You gotta read it with Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones' voice! :la:
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slayerdude677Hobbyist Writer
And nothing else matters..........
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I surely neet more of that "everything matters" stuff...
Where can I get that?
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NekoLynArtProfessional General Artist
I am a little bit of both. Both nothing and everything matters, especially with people.

"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter."

To me it tells us to focus only on the things that we care about, that we value, but also on what is more important. A lot of people are focused on trying to please everyone and everything. You can't. It is LITERALLY impossible. So if it doesn't matter next week. If it doesn't matter tomorrow, don't mind it. Let it go. The second it ceases to matter, stop thinking about it. I only care about stuff as long as I need to, then I drop it like it's hot. XD Those who support you and love you and are there for you won't mind the things they do, they care no matter what.

The ones who mind and criticism you, they don't matter.

1 8xraf6eyaXh-myNXOXkqLA by Ahkward

Another good rule of thumb for life is simply: "Treat others as you wish to be treated" aka "Don't be a dick. Just be nice."

lol Apparently that is too hard for people these days. onion head 'so what' 

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meowkittycat478Student General Artist
I think a bit of Morgan Freeman's voice poked out for me haha. But it's interesting that my views are very similar to yours, and I think about this a lot. I would say I struggle with both views competing within me so that leaves me with a bit of internal conflict for the present.
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InkBlotCreationsHobbyist General Artist
I share an extremely similar point of view to you. :3
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NymphAmaryllisHobbyist General Artist
I was an atheist but now I found a god named Ry to worship.

More seriously, I share a very similiar point of view, but you express it so much better than me!
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RaineePaintsStudent General Artist
In my opinion, nothing matters. Basically because if we never existed, Earth wasn't created, as well as if the universe was never a thing, nothing would matter anyways. Besides, happiness is just something created in our heads. Without it, nothing would matter to us.

also it's easier for me to believe that nothing matters because it helps me remember that one day my enemies will "not matter" ahuehue
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
ya very strange life is
RaineePaints's avatar
RaineePaintsStudent General Artist
yes very
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feralglanceHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Being aware is painful, I agree.  You don't have to be an emo to take life in an wonder what to do with it all.  I consider this an exercise in self awareness.  Well done.   (:
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
Yeh sometimes i like to have these kinda thoughts to just bring perspective into things.
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