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Nintendo just announced the third Pokemon Black and White game, its gonna be called... POKEMON RAINBOW! YEAH BOI!! I thought they ran out of colors for the Pokemon games but the smart people at Nintendo got some creative guys together and did an awesome looking cover for the game. Rumours has it that Rainbow will be the most open minded game up to date, you know how Pokemon Black and White was all about right and wrong, good and evil, yin and yang, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones that kind thing? Well Pokemin Rainbow totally gets rid of that, everyone is treated equally and happiness is the only thing that matters. Recreational drugs and casual sex is also highly encouraged, you can dress up your Pokemon however way you want without anyone judging you (As you can clearly see in the cover). Unfortunately this can be quite controversial to the general public... but hey I appreciate Pokemon thinking ahead and having a modern mindset. I also heard that in the beginning of the game when the professor asks what gender you are, you can choose to be 'Male', 'Female' or the new option 'Other', kudos to Nintendo for not neglecting the intersex, transsexuals and those who believes they don't have a gender! I also heard that the Pokemon don't fight anymore, they can only love. That is so sweet! And rumour has it that there's now more than 50 Pokemon Day Care Centers in Unova, but they changed the name to Pokemon Love Hotels I don't know why. So you may ask, what's the point of this game if they take out all the competitive elements? Wouldn't that make the game very boring since there's no goal? No thats not true, thats far from the truth. Remember Pokemon Musical? Yup now the Pokemon Musical is the MAIN part of the game, I actually didn't play much of Pokemon Musical back in Black and White so lucky for me this time I would be able to enjoy Pokemon Musical to the fullest! I can't wait to dress up my Pokemon and choreograph them to the routine of Lady Gaga's Born this Way. Jazz hands guys remember jazz hands! Another thing is that this time the Pokemon Dream World is gonna be colorful.. oh hell yes its colorful, like Pikachu giving seizures to kids kinda colorful. They also included another water themed dream world called Pokemon Wet Dream World but I have yet to find out what that is about.....

*Ahem* Alright I'm back to my senses, thats a scenario of how I want Pokemon to be if its gonna be called Pokemon Rainbow. But realistically what do you think the third Black and White game is gonna be called? I did put a lot of thoughts into this... it shouldn't be Pokemon Grey because that would be too obvious and easy, Pokemon Spectrum is one I heard from a friend... well it beats Pokemon Rainbow thats for sure. Then I thought deeper and thought about the meaning behind Black and White, its obvious that the game is trying to bring out the idea of right and wrong. In that case I think the third Pokemon game is gonna be called Pokemon Judgement. I mean it sounds cool, it sounds like something a Japanese would call in the title of a game. Yup my bet is gonna be on Pokemon Judgement! If Nintendo announces the game to be called Pokemon Judgement in the future, I am gonna make a new journal with just a photo of me with crossed arm and massive grin with a caption down the bottom saying 'Who's the man?', and when you click on the photo it would link you back to this journal. OK! Pokemon Judgement lets go!

So fellow Deviants what do you think the third Pokemon BW game is gonna be called?


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what. (in response to your perfect "Pokemon Rainbow" game
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Chrome would be cool.
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honestly, pokemon grey, altho it might sound terrible at first, is not ALL that bad of a name. And anything else, color or otherwise, would just not fit at all. But in anycase, im more excited about the DS remake of sapphire and ruby (which, in theory, should come out soon) what names do you think they would give those games? SeaSaphire and TerraRuby?
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Oh man, that would be the best Pokemon game EVER.
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Pokemon Red!

...oh wait.
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the web domain Pokemon grey has been recently registered, so Nintendo is definitely thinking about calling it grey.
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Made me laugh. Everything has gotten so politically correct as of recently, so this wouldn't surprise me, lol. They haven't gone off the deep end yet...
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Well considering most pokemon games have been named after gems and few colors, I'm thinking that they may call the 3rd game Pokemon Cyan considering Kyurem's color. But what I really want them to do is make it to where you can at least travel to another region in the game, like the good 'ole days of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
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You totally caught me off guard with your scenario...
I thought that was real I was like "OMG LOL I WANT TO PLAY IT!"

I think the new pokemon game should be called: POKEMON: Time Driver
and have it where you start off in the first game and every time you
beat a gym you go to the next series in the game and fight next gym there
instead of same area. XD It would be fun to play the colorless pokemon
games again :D
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They said Grey and it fits, but Judgement actually sounds cool. Rainbow is a no.
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Most likely going to still be called Grey (or Gray) Version.
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Grey would be the only option for the black and white generation after all the third in the generations often link to the previous games, Emerald, Crystal, Platinum actually now i think about it platunum should be the title of the heart gold soul silver third?
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Pokemon Invisible.
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i literally spat on my keyboard when i read the preview journal

thank god you were joking
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Oh haha there's always something to make me laugh in your journals. I think it's gonna be called Gray, honestly. Really uncreative, but think about it: Kyurem's probably gonna be the main Legendary of it. Reshiram (fire), Zekrom (electric), and Kyurem (ice) make a basic elemental triad. And black and white make gray, so... Yeah. Sad. But, you never know. It may turn out to be Pokemon Rainbow.
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Grey is gonna be the most likely.

But think more deeply into it because black & white were based on Yin & Yang right? And I'm sure I read that Kyurem therefore represents 'Wuji', the absence of Yin & Yang. Because of this I wouldn't count out some variation of Pokemon 'Clear' (or something that sounds waaaaay better!)
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I don't think there's gonna be a third version. Although there will be a new game coming soon. The one where pokemon is dipped into final fantasy. Let's see how thats gonna work out.
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Am I the only one waiting on a Pokemon Purple?
Imouto-kun's avatar
Definately not! I had that very though reading this journal <3
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Pokemon Judgement, Pokemon Rainbow, Pokemon Spectrum, ...
Good names, but to be honest:
It will be Pokemon Grey for sure ;D
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I hate you, Ry...
The picture didn't load correctly and while reading through the first few lines I thought it was real for a second... :(
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