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Yes you read the heading correct, OK, so this is pretty damn cool. A little bird showed me this website that colors lineart for you, and the end result is surprisingly fantastic, but also has some misses that could be improved. If they tweak those problems, this could be the best thing since my 3rd divorce. I highly recommend you guys try it out.

BOOM! This is the website.>> paintschainer.preferred.tech/ <<

So this is what you do, you put in an image, I tried Jpg as well as PNG and PSD, PSD don't work at all so don't bother with that. And then it will automatically colorise for you on what color it wants, which looks pretty damn swell. And you can tweak it by putting in colors of where you think should have those colors. And after about a minute it will show up with the end result. I also had difficulty getting it to work on Firefox so I switched to Chrome and it worked. Anyway I will give you guys some example, i took some screenshots.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.00.01 am by Ry-Spirit

So I decided to be rebellious and put in a png file of just the linework, and it decided to transformed Bee and Puppycat into Missing No.  Which in itself is a piece of art

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.09.38 am by Ry-Spirit

So I decided to play it safe and put in a JPG file and it automatically colorized it. And it looks soooo sick! It didnt put in the colors I wanted but Im just surprised it at least knew where her skin is to put in skin color. In a way its kinda stylish.

B2 by Ry-Spirit

Here's where the website could be improved, it lowers the quality and size of the artwork. See how its really pixelated and it minimized the size of the overall image. However, the colors looks awesome.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.04.47 am by Ry-Spirit

So then I decided to put in some color lines to see what it would look like when its colorized, and it looked KINDA like how I wanted? I mean for a minimal effort job, the coloring turned out pretty nice.

Bee by Ry-Spirit

I personally prefer it before I tried to add in the colors for this one.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.22.39 am by Ry-Spirit

Then I chose a linework I just happen to have lying around, a friend is supposed to color my linework but he's taking his sweet time XD. This linework was a little more complicated so understandably it took longer for the website to load the color version, and the default colorized version looks pretty sweet.

Pkm Test by Ry-Spirit

How the website ever guessed the color of Wobbuffet is beyond me, and eventhough it turned Tracey's face green as well as turning Psyduck into a vampire serial killer, I still really like the end result. But again, it lowered the quality of the image a lot so I would just stick back to my traditional method of coloring in every bit of details myself especially for this image with so much details. (Also yeah! this is a preview of upcoming art)

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.36.21 am by Ry-Spirit

Here's more images I played around with. I literally went through my whole computer looking for artworks that still has lineworks on it.

Goof by Ry-Spirit

Goofy looks like a zombie and I love it. So yeah the end result may surprise you.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.35.51 am by Ry-Spirit

This one turned out horribly.

Don by Ry-Spirit

Yeah it looks like the Exorcist girl threw up on it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 11.27.42 am by Ry-Spirit

Now THIS one I really do like. I could maybe use this image and improve on it, it would take a while trying to get rid of all the pixelation and refixing the linework... So I duno. But as a small image its pretty cool.

Ww2373q0a6rj1dtwh8niemxlcpon8681 0 by Ry-Spirit

So yeah ladies and gentleman, I have shown you the way, now you must walk the path, its your move.
Give the program a go and have fun with it, I think its a sneak peek of what amazing things technologies can do for art.

Here's the link again for those who missed it.


Show me what you guys got. Im curious.


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PhoenixWrightYaoi's avatar
Is it Safe though? (Safe to download I mean)
adorkabiie's avatar
You don't have to download anything lol.
CAT-BOAT's avatar
Oh man that looks awesome! :O
K-MUTT's avatar
Poki-art's avatar
it gives nice ideas for colors when you want to do some delicate pastel colors, but, like, im kind of upset that like we dont need artists anymore, this thing colors on its own D: So my feelings are very mixed.
here are my tries! sta.sh/2pd8kkbvr2m?edit=1
TheNidorino's avatar
The fourth one looks really good actually
Emperor-CatVI's avatar
Seriously tho, neat tool. And looks a lot like digital watercolor. But personally I want to avoid it like cancer.
laughingcrowart's avatar
I've been playing with it and having fun, but then I also am up front that I used it. I can definitely see a ton of people not citing they used the site. One thing though is you can't make large pictures, it is quite low resolution. Basically good for websites but you can't really make prints that will look particularly good. 
Poki-art's avatar
im th e same, honestly!!
Emperor-CatVI's avatar
It can get skintone right but nothing too amazing. Also, it messes up with the clothes.
And it looks too watercolour like. But yeah....very mixed feelings about this software...
boybig5411's avatar
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
Oh and I forgot to share but there is a automatic lineart one too that does the lineart for you to go with this: en.rocketnews24.com/2016/09/28…
thewrabbithole's avatar
omg this was fun to play around with~ thanks for sharing it!
Here I put in a pencil drawing of aigis coz i wanted to see if it could interpret a really rough scan version of a pencil drawing...
Pc3 by theamazingwrabbit  it guessed her colors really well but it made her into like tokyo ghoul with the red eye lol

Pc5 by theamazingwrabbit   Pc6 by theamazingwrabbit
and i really like the colors it made for these guys too, again these was a really rough scanned image first but it interpreted it nicely
Pc4 by theamazingwrabbit  i think the lineart with high detail is the best to put in the program~ i might try and use this kind of color scheme when i actually go to color it! haha
Perperf-Artist's avatar
thewrabbithole's avatar
isn't it!! i'm def gonna play with this site a lot more
flyteck's avatar
I had to try this out, so I cleaned up an old sketch. The version without hints wasn't great (all the light areas were black - not like it would know what colour arcanine is) but the hint version looked sweet! I had to fix some stuff in Photoshop though, like the eyes (it refused to do those, probably because I don't do closed lines around eyes).


I just love the texture it gives to things, personally.
n-trace's avatar
Interesting, I'll probably give it a try some day
IvySand's avatar
I used it, but I couldn't get rid of the blue on her eye, and the brown on her dress.  Here's the link to the picture. ivysand.deviantart.com/art/Fad…
Sammii72's avatar
What about all those colorizer in the deviantart community (like me)
PhoenixWrightYaoi's avatar
I can't colorize for ****
Saint-Edge's avatar

Great another way of being lazy with the colors. It kinda takes away from the point of being an artist.
(Nothing against the site, just saying it looks that way.) Though I can see how this would be useful if your press for time.

Gamefreakgal55's avatar
This is seriously one of the coolest things I've ever seen
and I let it pick it's own colors
Corelle-Vairel's avatar
Aa this looks awesome !!
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