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I went vegan for a year and this is what happened

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 12, 2019, 8:48 PM

Hello Ryceballs, it is I Ry. I havn't written a journal for a while, but I do want to write more in the future cos I miss writing and communicating with you guys. So whats been up? Well as you would have read in the title, a kinda controversial topic this time! I actually went vegan for over a year, and this is coming from a guy who loves the taste of steak and pork ramen and sushi and my favourite chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds. So why did I do it? I shall explain, and I will also be addressing some topics that you guys might have and talk about that below.

(Just a little warning, this journal may make you feel uncomfortable, it is a sad and truthful topic, but I will try and dress it up with some spicy memes.)

A34958e3b1c8f02d2ab8c9ebbf703fd9 by Ry-Spirit

Story time! I have had vegan friends here and there who would tell me about how much healthier a vegan diet is, I would hang out with them and have a vegan meal and subconsciously think about how much healthier I am.. but it never clicked, but to be honest I didn't care so much about my health and I still dont care that much. But how my vegan mindset came about probably started when my grandmother passed away, it was not a good time for me, I started thinking about life cycles and why we are here and stuff, so I went on a science video binge to learn more about how life came to be, evolution and big bang and all that. And thats when it clicked, life is so fragile and short, why would you want to shorten it even more? Why would people want to kill others? And then I started questioning why the world want kill animals, and its because of our selfish needs. I then started watching documentaries about the farming industry to see what actually happens in there in order to give us these meat on plate, and you guessed it, its not pretty. They slaughter cows and they gas pigs and they grind male chickens almost as soon as they are born, you can hear their cries for help as they are being stabbed in the throat. Its gruesome and disgusting and you might be asking why anyone would want to watch this, well I ask you this, why would you want to contribute to this? This is what is going in your body, you may not be the one directly doing the killing, but you are paying money to support the industry that do this kind of killing. So after watching that, I decided to go vegan, no meat, no milk, no cheese, no fish. I went for a more gradual change, first I went pescatarian where I only just ate fish, then I went vegetarian where I can still have milk and cheese in my food, and then I went full vegan. And as of now I have done that for over a year and I am still alive and I feel more self aware, I am more educated on whats actually in the food. I feel better about my actions because it aligned with my morals, I never wanted to hurt and animal in the first place, since I was young, I loved animals. Why would I want to have them tortured and killed? So long story short, I went vegan for the animals.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.16.16 am by Ry-Spirit

I get this a lot from people, it is true, a lot of restaurants have 99% non vegan food, and that 1% is either vegetarian, or just a plain boring salad. Thats when you gotta know where to go, lucky theres an app called Happy Cow that would show you what vegan restaurant is near you. Even a simple google search would get you some results. As for what to buy in stores? Well I don't wish to alarm you, but there's a whole vegetable section in the supermarket you can go to, ever since I have become vegan I started cooking more, I have never bothered to cook anything too complicated before because I can just buy a precooked meal and just put that in the microwave, but now that I AM vegan, I have to becareful of what I buy because many prepackaged meals contains eggs or milk or cheese or just meat, so I HAVE to cook, and now I feel like master chef, I have made vegan sushi, vegan hot dog, vegan hamburger, vegan pasta. In fact usually its even cheaper to get non meat products. Also good news, veganism is getting more and more popular, its quite a trending topic right now, so lots of restaurants are trying to get in on that vegan dollar and have vegan options on their menu, and I ain't complaining, some of the vegan food in chain restaurants like TGI Friday, Grill'd, Coco Ichiban in Japan, tastes just like the non vegan version! You are not missing out! 👌🏻👌🏻

36177115 830669467131451 3055774329506627584 N by Ry-Spirit

Thats a pretty good question I hear you ask (As I ask myself that question). You gotta understand this, a lot of vegans aint turning to plant based food cos animals don't tastes good, its in our upbringing, its in our taste buds, its undeniable that meat gives us that nice sensory feeling on our tongue, but if you eat meat, an animal must first be killed. In fact human meat also tastes good, its supposed to taste like beef but sweeter. But you wouldn't go killing human to eat them would you? And somtimes the vegan meat tastes so much like real meat it worried me that I ordered the actual meat. (Beyond burger, best vegan meat product that tastes like meat)

57485036 1028299920701737 8465653580076941312 N by Ry-Spirit

42938040 909749685890095 4456060979423215616 N by Ry-Spirit

I knew that was gonna be your question after that. You may think that if its legal to eat an animal, then it must be right. Well I don't believe that the law should justify what is moral. Just over a 100 years ago, it was still legal to own slaves, it was illegal for women to vote a 100 years ago, to this day there are still many countries that dont allow same-sex marriages. But is it moral? It wasn't too long ago that cigarettes packages wasnt legally required to put on health warnings, if thats the case shouldn't meat packages have warning labels too because the number one cause of death is from heart disease? Which comes from eating meat? So just because something is legal in your country, doesn't make it right, you got to look at whether it has a victim, and in this case, the victim is mostly the animals who has to die, but also your own health, and also this planet, the only planet that we live on.

60384813 1045521195646276 770995837072310272 N by Ry-Spirit  81f084e00c97d4978c01228275291d45 by Ry-Spirit

Well its not easy telling your friends and family you are vegan, you will be putting yourself in the minority group. Its not easy having a view point that most people don't agree on is it? In fact if you are a non vegan reading this you are probably already thinking of how you can contradict what I say and look for the tiniest bit of reasoning to avoid being a vegan. Imagine if you are vegan and every non vegan is trying to tell you this and that, Why do people do that? Well its because its the inconvenient truth, non vegans don't want to know that their action is not morally right, they don't want to know what happens inside the slaughter house, you will have people asking you questions like 'What if the animal die naturally? Can I eat it?" "What if the eggs comes from my chicken that I have as a pet? Can I eat that egg?" "What about jellyfish that don't have any nervous system in their body, can I eat them because they felt no pain when killed?" Some of these are grey area and you can argue that its not as morally bad, but wouldn't it be easier just to go vegan and not have to worry about raising an animal till its natural death to consume them? Or to have a pet chicken just so that you can eat their eggs? Or analyse a jellyfish just so you can eat some seafood? I have had many conversations with my friends and family since telling them about me going vegan, they worry for my health and also worry I may not fit in to this non vegan world. But I have been a vegan for over a year and let me tell you, my family and friends has become more and more supportive. They still wouldn't go vegan themselves but they respect my decision and thats a good thing. But also yes some friends WILL leave you just so they don't have to deal with your point of views. XD

61740141 1062262157305513 6742953746818400256 N by Ry-Spirit

61891020 1060090807522648 7942235892922449920 N by Ry-Spirit

61539568 146069453190012 8969452247465328640 N by Ry-Spirit

Because one requires someone's death and one doesnt. So is it really a 'Personal choice' if it affect others?

55902008 1018307841700945 3308703596358402048 N by Ry-Spirit

Thats a very good question, if other animals eat each other then why can't I? Other animals also rape each other, steal, kill. Would that make it ok for us to do it too? Actually many of them does it out of survival. Like lions, they are carnivores so they HAVE to eat meat, that can be justified, but for humans, we can just live a vegan diet and live a healthy life, so there is no reason why we HAVE to eat meat. We have a choice, so why not pick the choice that don't harm another sentient being? Also, you are not a carnivore.

62213150 10218325663631867 8340534491185414144 N by Ry-Spirit 

That is true, many animals don't have the capabilities to come up with laws or have the intelligence to drive a car or vote for the next leader. So we don't have to give them driving licenses or anything like that, but lets just give them the basic rights to live to their fullest. Like for example your dog or cat, why do we treat them like our friend and take care of them and cry when they pass away, but treat animals like pigs and corws and sheep as food? There's always a misconception that animals are there to serve us, like their whole purpose is to be our workers and be our food, they are living beings too just like us. Will you treat another human being like how you treat a cow? Artificially inseminate them, then take their babies away so you can milk them and serve a cow's milk to human? And when the mother cow is out of milk, you artifically impregnate them again till they are spent and can no longer produce milk and kill them off? Its really messed up. This is why being a vegetarian is not good enough, you are supporting this kind of cruelty, and lets just think about how weird this is, the milk from the mother cow is meant for baby cows, but we take that from them and feed them to full grown adult human. Think about this. But if we feed human milk to adult we think its disgusting. It almost feels like our society has been brainwashed to think a certain way, same thing with vegan hot dog, many non vegans think that its disgusting because its made of plants. Why? Because we are so used to seeing meat hot dog thats why. 

64442474 10161817795645635 2865445344865419264 N by Ry-Spirit

haha... Probably not, because vegan junk food tastes so good. I do know that I have lowered my risk of having heart disease thats for sure because I don't intake animal fat. But I still eat a lot of delicious vegan burgers and chips and pizzas and fried vegan food.. XD I should probably eat more healthy vegetables. But mentally I feel healthier. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.39.38 am by Ry-Spirit

I said healthier! Not to the point of thinking I have done no harm. In fact, just existing we already contribute so much harm, we may step on ants when we go outside, we buy cars that has leather in it that a cow had to die in order for people to take its skin, we pay taxes that as of now many government supports the meat industry! So anything we buy we are contributing to some sort of harm somewhere. But here's the thing, vegans consciously choose to do good. On the things we CAN control, like what we eat which directly affects the food industry.

"Being a vegan is not the most we can do but the least we can do." The Vegan Couple.

Efdca2c0eefdefdf04eea389fbbd5004 by Ry-Spirit

This question I get asked a lot, people want to believe that there is an ethical way to kill an animal, no suffering, no torture, no pain, just taking its life away in an ethical way. Well let me ask you this, is there an ethical way to take someone's life if its not necessary? You may say sure! Like if your sick family member wants to not feel the pain and end their life peacefully, they could get an injection to take their life away peacefully. But this does not apply to the animals who are healthy but then gets their life taken away just because humans wants to eat them. They don't want to die, like how we don't want to die. Its quite a simple concept really, we only get ONE LIFE, that is it. Its not a very long life, so why not let everybody live it to the fullest? Isn't this what everyone wants? We keep striving to make life easier and better and healthier for us so we can live the longest we can on this planet? Lets apply that too to other sentient animals as well, and we start by not killing them.

tumblr noazhwscZz1smej0uo1 500 by Ry-Spirit

The animal that wasn't killed because you chose not to eat a ham sandwich that day, will feel the difference. Instead of thinking of them like numbers, think of them as individuals. Little by little, if more and more people turn vegan, there would be less animal brought into existence by meat industry to suffer and be killed, because there would be less demands for meat, in fact its already happening, veganism movement has increased so much, thanks to inspirational people and social media showing footages of what happens inside a slaughter house, footages that farms don't want public to see, the vegan activists has taken footages of it and shown the public. There's more and more people being aware of it. Just remember that most people do care about animals, most people want to be a good person, they just need a wake up call to see what is really happening to the animals. And what our money is contributing to.

Saving-just-one-dog-wont-change-the-world-but-sure by Ry-Spirit

Have you tried every vegan food from every place? Or have you just tried one and was very sceptical and already came up with your own opinion because its vegan food? I have had so much and I gotta say, there are good vegan food and not so good vegan food. But I can say that also to anything you eat, there are good food and there are not so good food. Below are some pictures of amazing vegan food I had recently. 
62463038 549539335450641 5688904352165527552 N by Ry-Spirit Coco Ichiban curry in Akihabara, not every Coco Ichiban has the vegan option, but most big places have the vegan option and it tastes so good!

62597649 390331864917087 3055999789519863808 N by Ry-Spirit 62605090 341070503224026 3768561308039905280 N by Ry-Spirit 62649909 705448503224530 7856810346319708160 N by Ry-Spirit

63118147 452470475330503 2143001587633618944 N by Ry-Spirit

64522571 2348305062114342 1505203668641644544 N by Ry-Spirit This vegan ramen was so lit! I had it in T's Tan Tan in Tokyo Station, they also got on in Narita Airport. The whole restaurant is vegan but I HAD to get the ramen cos I havn't had ramen for over a year and I used to love ramen, its unfortunately super rare to find vegan ramen :( So if you are in Japan, definately give it a try.

62515764 352079122160243 8511546705794039808 N by Ry-Spirit

More food option from T's Tan Tan. They have so much!

64248887 1017551571772869 226946011791097856 N by Ry-Spirit

This is from Hanada Rosso at Shibuya. Amazing vegan pork cutlet. They also had vegan fried chicken that tastes like actual chicken! (Minus the death of the chicken)

60768073 1048389195359476 1597428711114670080 N by Ry-Spirit

So thats it! Sorry for the long post. I am gonna do a thing. Since this whole year I have learnt so much, I would like you to ask me any questions about veganism in the comment, and the next journal I will answer them actually in the journal so others can read it too, I think I have covered most of what I think people would say in this journal already, but if you have anything you think I haven't covered. Ask in the comments below!

And before I go. Here's a video from Earthling Ed, my vegan hero who explains it 10 times better than me why veganism is important. Have a watch if you like. Find some faults in it even, argue against it if you like! But give it a watch.

Ask me anything in comment below, I will answer them in next journal. 👌🏻👌🏻🌟🌟


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I am anime

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 21, 2019, 2:26 PM

Hey guys so i got a new hair color to make me look more like an anime protagonist and wanted to show you all. Thank you for your time. Before it fades into ugly green

Trunks by Ry-Spirit


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A few complaints about my Wife

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 10:00 PM

I just have a few complaints I want to make about my wife ok.

My wife is so dumb, when she went to the shops, she wanted to buy something that costed $5, she handed the cashier $10 but the cashier said he had no change, so my wife cut the $10 in half.

My wife is so dumb, when I took her to the movies, she was asking if we wanted to get going since the movie is finished and I said 'No, that was a trailer.'

My wife is so dumb, after eating at a restaurant, I told her I am going to pay the bill and she asked "Who's Bill?"

My wife is so dumb, when I told her I booked the hotel for 6 nights, she asked me if I have booked the days.

My wife is so dumb, one time I was drowning in the swimming pool so I waved to her, and she waved back.

My wife's driving is so bad, whenever she was driving out on the streets, the town reports to neighbourhood watch.

My wife is so ugly, during the wedding when the marriage officiant said I could kiss the bride, I asked if we can just do a hug instead.

My wife is so ugly, when I took her to the zoo, the people started taking pictures of her.

My wife is so ugly, when I bring her to family dinner, no one could finish their meals.

My wife's cooking isn't any good either, before dinner we say our prayers, for our food and our lives.

We adopted two south korean babies, my wife is so dumb she urged us to learn korean as soon as possible, she said otherwise we won't be able to communicate with our kids when they start talking.

My boy is such a prick though, after he blew out the candles on his birthday cake I told him I wish his dream would come true, and he said "It hasn't yet, cos you're still here."

My boy is such a prick, I bought him a nerf gun and said now we can have nerf gun battles and shoot each other, he asked if next year he can have a real gun.

My daughter is so sassy, when I told her she cant mess around with other boys till she is of age. She asked if mum had that rule when she was little, because now she cant stop sleeping around with other men.

My kids are so bad, when the kids wanted to hang the star on top of the Christmas tree, my wife told my kids that daddy is gonna hang it himself, the kids cheered, when I asked the kids why they were cheering, they said they misheard and thought mummy said daddy was gonna hang himself.

And thats a wrap!
Goodnight everybody!


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What the heck happened with Pokemon Sun and Moon?

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 1, 2019, 6:01 AM

After the annoucement of Pokemon Sword and Shield (And Gun), it got me thinking. So here's the thing, I have finished EVERY single main Pokemon games... except for Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as the Ultras. I played it for maybe like 3 hours?... and got distracted by other games and never got back into it. I felt bad, I felt like I have let Pokemon down, I felt like a failure, I wanted to like Sun and Moon but the passion just wasn't there.. I just couldn't get into it compared with other games. So I kept it a secret because I felt shame, shame that I call myself a Pokemon fan. I then found out my friends hasn't finished Sun and Moon either.. and Im like WHAT? These are all friends of mine that loves Pokemon, Im talking about hardcore Pokemon fans. So I just want to know, what the heck happened? It wasn't a problem with previous games, what happened with Gen 7? Was it because they got rid of gym leaders? Was it too slow in the beginning? Was it too different? Is this the real life?

So my fellow earthlings, have you finished Pokemon Sun and Moon? Did you like it compared to previous games? Answer me in comments, I want to know if I am insane and if so what is the cure, is there a cure?
Thank you for listening to my TED talk.



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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 14, 2019, 4:25 PM

🌟Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation?

Itsa meeee. Lonk from Earthbound.

🌟Avengers, Justice League or Watchmen?

The city is afraid of me, I have seen its true face. :rorschach: 

🌟Sex, Money or Art?

This is a hard question... Ffffff

🌟Burger, Pizza or Tortillas?

They don't call me The Burgler for no reason.

🌟Mcdonald's, KFC or Nandos?

Whichever one doesn't kill me quickest, Nandos may have more safe options.

🌟Wings, Breasts or Legs?

Breasts. 👀

🌟Simpsons, Family Guy or Southpark.

Family Ry

🌟Uncle Phil, Will or Carlton?

Uncle Phil was the dad I wanted but never had.

🌟Michael Jackson, Prince or Justin Bieber?

MJ, I don't think he was a criminal. But if he was, he was a smooth criminal.

🌟Sleep, Eat or Going out?



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Best Gaming Moments of Last Year

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 11, 2019, 3:31 AM

Do you just sometimes think back to moments of your life and be like "Wow that was a really great time."? I get that sometimes, this one happened to me last year actually. I was really sick during that time, I had the worst cold, I was coughing a lot, a massive headache, runny nose, it would've been the worst week really. But what was a really bad week turned out to be an amazing week. Because during that week I installed both Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 on the PS store and played it nonstop. 

vGG4X8O by Ry-Spirit  Metal Gear Solid 2 by Ry-Spirit 

Since I was ill, I didn't feel guilty about not doing work and just stayed in my bed and played MGS1 and 2... I have been meaning to replay one of my all time favourite game for a long time but never had the chance to, this sickness gave me the perfect excuse. Last time I touched MGS1 and 2 was probably like over 10 years ago, but I still remembered so much, all the locations of good items, all the neat things you can do that the Lord and Savior Hideo Kojima put into the game (Making the seagull poop on the camera, how to get Meryl to blush, How to get a soldier to pee on Raiden's face. #YesIknow). Also managed the finish both games easily, I remember I could finish MGS2 in 4 hours if I skip all the cutscenes, But yeah these two games were legit. I had a friend stayed with me during that time and I felt horrible that I fell into the sickness, but we ended up playing some parts of the game together, my friend has not played it before. 

So yeah odd that it was the week that my health was at the lowest... that ended up being an amazing week. Replaying a game that I loved. It was amazing.
So fun times! Have you guys had a really amazing gaming moment that you keep thinking about?


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Heroes of Dragonstone Launched!

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 3, 2019, 8:39 AM

Good news, the fantasy role playing group I made, Heroes of Dragonstone. :iconheroesofdragonstone: is now active! Please come and join this group, anyone can join! 
Thank you so much for the contributors, I am still working on making maps and quests and stuff, but for now, the character cards are available for download! either download the premade card designs.

Character Card Template (Rocky) by Ry-Spirit  Character Card Template (Blue Steel) by Ry-Spirit  Character Card Template (Checkered) by Ry-Spirit 

Character Card Template (Gold-Plated) by Ry-Spirit  Character Card Template (Nature) by Ry-Spirit  Character Card Template (Hearts) by Ry-Spirit

Or make your own background! PSD can be downloaded here:…

I have also made my own character Emiry as a guideline. Not too complicated!

Emiry Character Card by Ry-Spirit


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Wana start a RP group but needs donation (UPDATE)

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2018, 10:54 PM

WE DID IT~ Heart Heart Heart 
Thanks everybody who contributed! It really brings a tear to my eyes when I see group effort working towards something, Thanks everyone for your generosity, we had an anonymous person who donated 2000 points at one point skyrocketing the goal to half way, that was an unexpected surprise, thank you whoever you are >< OK I will go and make the page look pretty now.

OH and heres the link to the group! :iconheroesofdragonstone:

I used to hold a RP group called Mercs of Meleee around 8 years ago, then after that group ended, I made ANOTHER RP group called Pokemon Rainbow which ended 2 years ago, It was really fun while it lasted, people made their own characters and went on adventures set out for them! I have made quite a number of friends through those role play groups actually.... AND NOW I MISS IT.

So starting 2019 I want to host another RP group. Not Pokemon themed, but more fantasy and dungeons and dragons kinda style, the group will be called "Heroes of Dragonstone". I have a lot planned, but in order to make the group all pretty and efficient, I need to turn the group into a Super Group, and for that to happen I need money (Or points rather). It ain't cheap so I was wondering if people would like to help fund this group. I have made a donation box at the top of my front page, if you have a few points you could spare that would be great, the points needed to turn it into a super is 4,796. But I have put in 796 points in already to make it a rounded figure! So just need to hit the 4000 points mark, if you cant donate, thats fine, just help me spread the word. Thank you!


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My Favourites of 2018

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 23, 2018, 5:10 PM

Its the time of the year again when I pick my favourite things of the year! (Literally first time doing it). Below I will nominate some of the contender of my favourites, and pick a winner. Who will win? Find out by scrolling down a bit. 

Star! Favourite movie of the year nominations:Star! 

Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War
A Quiet Place
Ralph Breaks the Internet
Into the Spider-verse
Ready Player One
Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald
Love, Simon

Winner: Avengers: Infinity War
Its so good I watched it in the cinema twice, which is rare! I guess my expectations werent even that high so it caught me off guard, I thought the first two Avengers were just typical Superheroes get together fight bad guy. But Infinity War had a deeper story, and the fact that the ending was kinda unexpected made it all so much better. I also loved how all the existing characters feels fresh with their new abilities to show off, I just love how powerful Doctor Strange is now! As well as Iron-man's nanomachines suit!

Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap Thanos Finger Snap 

Star! Favourite TV show of the year nominations:Star! 

The Haunting of Hill House
Meteor Garden (2018)
Black Mirror
Daredevil Season 3
Queer Eye
Patrick Melrose

Winner: Queer Eye
It was tough decisions, because TV shows I feel like I invest my emotions in more, maybe cos we follow the story much longer than a movie, so it grows on you, and every one of these shows has had an impact on me thats much deeper than a movie. But what is one show that I would just go back to and watch with friends? Queer Eye. I guess its light hearted and you don't need to follow every episode to get what is going on, I could just have it at the background while I make my avocado with salsa toast. 

Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado Avocado 

Star! Favourite Actor of the year nominations:Star! 

Benedict Cumberbatch
Hugo Weaving
Ryan Gosling
Natalie Portman
Colin Firth
Toni Collette
Macaulay Culkin

Winner: Bandicoot Cucumber
Can I just take a minute to talk about 5 part TV series Patrick Melrose, I had no idea what it was about, I just saw it available on my flight to the UK, I had 20 hours to kill so I picked it.. because I noticed Bumblesnuff Crimpysnitch is in it and he never disappoints. I was so emotionally invested in it I keep thinking about it during my stay in UK. Our very own Hugo Weaving was in it too, plays Benefit Camerupt's awful abusive father. I really enjoyed what I saw, then I got to see Crenedict Bandersnatch in Infinity War, then just to top it off, I rewatched a few episodes of Sherlock before just watching The Grinch last week. So yes I freaking love the man, my favourite actor is definitely Eggs Benedict Cabbage Patch Kids.

Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch Amazed cumberbatch 

Star! Favourite Youtube Channel/People of the year nominations:Star! 

IGN Game Scoop
Critical Role
Half in the Bag
Mr Sunday Movies
Startalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson
Earthling Ed
Joey Carbstrong
Maximillian Dood
Fairbairn Films

Winner: IGN Game Scoop
Mostly because I love games, AND I can listen to it while I draw. When it comes to Youtube things I like to draw while I 'watch'. And sometimes its hard to have one eye on the drawing while the other peek over at Youtube like Im Mad Eye Moody. So Im gonna say IGN Game Scoop, its informative, usually funny, and IGN 20 questions is fun.

IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon IGN Icon 

Star! Favourite Game of the year nominations:Star! 

Super Mario Party 
Smash Brothers Ultimate
Dragonball FighterZ
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Beat Saber
Octopath Traveller

Winner: Smash Brothers Ultimate
I missed out on Red Dead Redemption 2 this year... I was so hyped about Red Dead but I was away when the game came out and when I came back I was very busy, so never had the time to buy it and play it... Its ok though, cos I spent the time playing... SMASH BROTHERS afterwards instead!! I think if Smash Bro is on the list, its just gonna beat everything else regardless, especially this one, with World of Light added on, I just had so much fun playing that. For the last game I would just jump into a match fighting computers to get my single player experience. IF Smash Bro wasn't on the list, Spiderman would've won it for sure, I pretty much took a week off work just to play it without interuptions.

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Isabelle Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Mewtwo Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Sonic Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - King Dedede Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Piranha Plant Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Mega Man Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Young Link Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Ike Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Fox Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Squirtle Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Bowser Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Mario Icon Super Smash Brothers Ultimate - Pikachu Icon 

Star! Most hyped game for next year nominations:Star! 

Resident evil 2 remake
Kingdom Hearts 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Inazuma Eleven ares

Winner: Kingdom Hearts 3
Been waiting since 2009, just saying. And no I don't count GBA, 3DS, PSP spin-offs. (Yes they are spin-offs, I am trigger happy today)

SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing SoraDancing 

Star! Favourite food of the year:Star! 

Agedashi Tofu
Fried Rice
Beyond Burger
Phish Burger
Lemon Chicken at my local chinese vegetarian restaurant

Winner: Beyond Burger
I love the smokey flavour the burger has. I get it from Lord of the Fries and the mayo and ketchup filled Beyond Burger is something I would eat everyday if it ain't so unhealthy! But once in a while its ok. Sometimes I think they add a bit too much pickles, Im getting hungry thinking about it.

Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob Burger Blob 

Star! Favourite meme of the year:Star! 

Ugandan Knuckles
Somebody Toucha my Spaghet
Surprised Pikachu

Winner: Ugandan Knuckles
I hate it and love it and I made 12 Ugandan sonic drawings, fml.

(Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way (Ugandan) Knuckles - De Way 

Thats it! share with me in the comment your favourites of 2018

1. Favorite movie: 

2. Favorite TV Show: 

3. Favorite Actor: 

4. Favorite YouTube Channel:

5. Favorite Game: 

6. Most Hyped Upcoming Game: 

7. Favorite Food: 

8. Favorite Meme:


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I love Stamps

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 4, 2018, 8:04 AM

I miss stamps, remember when everyone used stamps during the early days of Deviantart? Heck, I even made stamps when I first joined DA! So yeah gonna express myself a bit with stamps. Here is me expressing myself like a cringy 13 years old. Through the power of stamps.

Hong Kong Stamp by l8 Australian Flag Stamp by xxstamps REQUEST- Asian stamp by Aniki-Yao-Wang Bisexual Stamp by KittyJewelpet74 I like hugs stamp by The-Short-Person Not Looking Dance Stamp by savivi Positivity Stamp by Dafoxi-Tohvel i love dogs stamp by muddyputty Not just some by Pupaveg Vegan Stamp by smileystamps Science by stampystampy Space Stamp by Brainmatters I love burgers Stamp by TheDarangel Fries by UsagiGami It's a... Ketchup Stamp. by forgreatjustice coca cola stamp by GoPurifyYourself I love Oreo by StrawberrieMew Tea Lovers Stamp by Kelsi-sama Lipton Ice Tea Stamp by Koto-wari I :heart: TOFU by FenDove Alcohol and cigarette stamp by DevaPein YouTube by angelkittin Netflix Stamp by lost-in-twos Time Crisis Fan Stamp by SpyHunterStamps DDR Stamp by ChiiLuna Nintendo Appreciation Stamp by Nintendo-DA-Club Super Mario 64 Stamp by SuperRamen Pokemon Snap Stamp by kalot3000 Mortal Kombat stamp by Metadream Bomberman Love Stamp by smileystamps Undertale Stamp by Southrobin Chrono Trigger Stamp by Lightning5trike Super Smash Stamp by Kyllian F2U POKEMON GO STAMP by RandoomInator Team Valor Pokemon GO stamp by Star121 Pikachu by Ry-Spirit Digivolution Stamp by Thunderbirmon Jibanyan Fan Stamp by RockingSAE-kun Professor Layton Fan Stamp by Firesonic152 Phoenix Wright Stamp by NateFox Endou Mamoru stamp by LightJojo The Triforce by fricken-pimp Stamp - PlayStation by byte-byte Ape Escape Stamp by smileystamps Worms World Party Stamp by smileystamps Persona - Minato Stamp by FireBomb9 Dancing Crash - Stamp by Glowhyena Since Metal Gear Solid... by Rute-Beer SEGA Dreamcast Stamp by TrippFoxx sonic stamp by PFV0-Stamp do you know de wey by aliensaur Jet Set Radio Stamp by lowporygon Space Jam Stamp by Mintaka-TK Casper Stamp by Cheetana Wednesday Addams 1991|Stamp by Crvyons Walt Disney Animated Stamp by hanakt Donald Duck Stamp by Wing-Wing-Senri Disney Stamp - Mulan 005 by hanakt Mary Poppins Stamp by katcombs kermit stamp by RABBFERR Gryffindor-Stamp by Dinoclaws Hermione Granger Stamp by jibirelle HP Professor Snape Stamp by TwilightProwler Marvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86 CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalpha SNK All The Way by debureturns Star Wars Stamp by ChimeraDragonfang Jurassic Park Stamp by Colonel-Chicken TITANIC: Stamp IV by Moararishoz Matrix - Neo Stamp by melisnirvana .:Watchmen:. Stamp by styrecat Daredevil Stamp V2 by limav Spectacular Spiderman Stamp by FireMaster92 Batman stamp by the-emo-detective Sweeney Todd stamp by Strange-little-cat Back to the Future Stamp by Blue-Fox Tearing me Apart Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock Smile stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp: Kakashi by Samohae YuGiOh stamp by prosaix Dragonball Stamp by Fumiika Kid TRUNKS - STAMP by NamekianKAI Initial D Stamp by Mintaka-TK Stand By Me Doraemon stamp by Princesstekki anpanman stamp by Pimmy Kamen Rider Black RX stamp by Fireshire MM Power Rangers Stamp by Nessarie - Stamp: H and M. - by ChicaTH Top Hats are Sexy :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Flower Crown Stamp by Mintaka-TK Photoshop Stamp by LeMarquis Wacom Stamp by bigfunkychiken I love drawing stamp by Paddy-fan - Stamp: Sleep. - by ChicaTH deviantArt stamp by badtrane Stamp- dA For Art Not Porn by aisucafe Facebook Stamp by leifnicholz Instagram stamp by Nakwada Love Travel. by petercui the beatles stamp by KatataEtc Kpop jjang by Jablonka89 Michael Jackson by faiis Jay Chou/Zhou Jie Lun Stamp by kenjensonyuan Maroon 5 Stamp lll by Krisderp linkin park stamp by otakulottie .::.sTamp.::. by cicuskamarichu Miyavi Stamp by HappyStamp Stamp: Message by Southrobin I Enjoy Memes Stamp by Fastmon I am a Badminton player Stamp by FragmentChaos I Love Rollercoasters by OdieFarber i collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAI 

If you think there's any other ones that should go on there (Its really hard thinking of what I like), please remind me. Thanks.


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Shiny Disney Evolution on Patreon now.. FREE!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2018, 3:51 AM

I have changed my mind on this whole charging people money for Shiny version of Disney Evolutions. Since not a lot of people contributed to it anyway ^^" So I have decided to just make it free. But if you follow me on Patreon, you will get to see it first, before later on when I mass upload them on other social media, so people who follow me on Patreon still gets a benefit. And you can also donate the money if you like. To help me with my dream of going to Disneyland.

So thats that! Head over to my Patreon to see the first shiny! Mickey!

Patreon Ad by Ry-Spirit

Banner for patreon by Ry-Spirit


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Mystery Disney Character.. ITS FLUBBER!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 26, 2018, 1:16 AM

#079 Flubs - #080 Flubber - #081 Flubbest by Ry-Spirit

And no one guessed it 😉


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Whos that Disney Character?! (NOBODY GUESSED IT)

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 25, 2018, 2:46 AM

Lets play a game. Your task is to guess the Disney character #80. I will be uploading the answer tomorrow. :)

I am so convinced that no one will guess it, Im willing to throw in a prize. Whoever can guess the character first, gets a stick figure drawing from me!

Leave your answers in the comments!

Only one guess per person!

Since im a nice guy, I will let you know who it WONT be, because I have already drawn them.
I have drawn Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto, Stitch, Sully, Mike, Randall, Bolt, Wall-E, Eve, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo, Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, Frankenweenie, Baymax.

1. Its gonna be a one off character and I wont draw anymore characters from that series.
2. Its kinda obscure, so dont guess any obvious ones. Its not easy!
3. Its not a Disney Princess
4. Its not me


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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 23, 2018, 6:21 AM

Epic day yesterday, not only did I have to pick the winners for the Draw me like one of your Bowsette competition, but it was also my birthday! Thank you for the birthday wishes by the way, I accepted them all with pride. Not only that! It was also thanksgiving! Which.. I dont know amything about because I am not american, something something pagans something something gota kill a turkey for some reason, but for those who celebrates it, hope you guys had a nice day. So, you guys aint here to hear about my life story, you want to know whether your entry won the competition right? Well you have come to the right place. As I am gonna reveal the winners in just a short moment, right after these ads.

Did you know? You can support me financially on Patreon and see exclusive shiny Disney Evolutions? Starting from December 1st I will upload the first shiny Disney Evolutions there! 
Patreon Ad by

Welcome back. It was difficult picking them because they were all so good, I am not gonna go through everybody's entry, but I will talk about some before I reveal the top 3. So without further ado, I am gonna showcase some honorable mentions who were this close to winning the nDraw me like one of your Bowsette competition..

Rysette The Kween by StarriKibbles by StarriKibbles
"What I love about this one is of course the ugandan knuckles at the back.. And also the ugandan Ry of course! Very well done.

[Contest Entry] Life of Rysette by AqilahMarsya by AqilahMarsya
"AqilahMarsya also draw another 2 entries AND a birthday gift for me. I can tell she worked very hard on this, I pull out my hair when I have to draw an artwork with more than 3 characters.. But yeah very nice idea in this artwork. All the counterparts look cute as heck!"

Hornyette by Drimull by Drimull
"WOW WOW WEE WOW, thats sooo kinky. I love how the little riceball is having a nosebleed. Poor thing! Nice use of colors too, its very pleasant to look at."

Circle by CrimsonCarmine by CrimsonCarmine
"I have a soft spot for stain glass art, they look so pretty! And this one as well. Nice use of the emotions as background decorations!"

Ry 3D model by tidiestflyer by tidiestflyer
"A very unique entry! I did not expect a 3D entry at all. Its like Rysette is a playable character in Smash Bro or something. Click on the image and follow the link to see the 3D version by the way."

Rysette by Luna6294 by Luna6294
"I really like the aesthetic of this artwork, Luna6294 has some really great shading techniques. The idea is fun too! Keep it up!"

Ryette by Lushies-Art by Lushies-Art 
"So this entry is amazing.. The coloring is great, nice nods to very Ry things all over the image. It even has sparkles. BUT Lushie is actually a friend of mine and she told me specifically not to pick her as a winner and give other people a chance at winning, she just wants to join for fun. A very noble act. A hero we don't deserve."


OK SO NOW WE GET TO THE MAIN JUICE OF THE JOURNAL. The top 3, the 3 amigos, the holy trinity. Who are the winners for this comp? Starting at 3rd place...

*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*

124 Bowsette Ry Copy by Spiritaelia
by Spiritaelia :iconspiritaelia:
"A simple straight to the point Rysette, what I love about this one is how simple it is as well as keeping the personality of Ry the same, Ry is always kinda just bland blank face isnt he? What also got my attention is how creative the dress is, I LOVE how the hat turned into a dress! Thats a brilliant idea, so brilliant that even my brilliant brain didnt think of. So well done on winning 3rd Spiritaelia!"

*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*

Princess Rysette by Lysou-Matinou
by Lysou-Matinou :iconlysou-matinou:
"I can hear the Super Mario theme tune looking at this artwork. Oh wait I just forgot to turn off my Nintendo. Awesome entry! I like the colors, nice use of sparkles, I love sparkles. It really was tough picking the best princess Ry out of all the princess Ry I received, but I think this one is very well drawn and deserves a 2nd place!"

*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Drum roll*
*Rick roll*
*Drum roll*

Wrong head... by kazumitakashi

by kazumitakashi :iconkazumitakashi:
"Possibly my favourite entry.. well I guess it had to be right? Since its first place! All the characters looks so well drawn! Kazumitakashi even included Drawer! And the idea of this artwork is a nice nod to my Emotions Life of Ry comic. Oh so very good. Well done!"

So thats it for now! Well done everybody, like I said before, I liked every entry. it was difficult to just pick the winners, thanks for everyone who entered as well. Made my day!
to see previous entries click here 
Draw me like one of ur Bowsette Comp (ENDED)The comp has ended, wait for result in the next journal.
Hello Ryceballs. Have you ever wondered, what would Ry look like if he put on a Super Crown? No? Well I think about it every single moment of my life, so I want to hold a competition. Draw Ry wearing a Super Crown! As simple as that!
Blue Heart Icon Pink Heart IconBlue Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Blue Heart Icon 
If you dont know what Super Crown is or what Bowsette is... good. Dont look it up. But if you do and want to join the competition, then welcome! :D

I will be putting all the submissions in this journal, so check back here to see people's entry! 
Due date is on the 22nd of November 2018!
1st Place: 10 Prints!
2nd Place: 3 Prints!
3rd Place: 1<


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Shiny Disney Evolutions! Patreon is back

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2018, 2:14 AM

Hi folks! Been a while since I touched Patreon, took a long break from it, but now, the stars has aligned, and I am back on it! So, I had this idea for a while and thought it should finally be done, I am making the Shiny version of the Disney Evolutions!

Patreon Ad by Ry-Spirit

It only costs $1 per creation, I know for some people, thats a lot of money.. but I really wanna go to Disneyland.
It starts December 1st with my first post. So be sure to stick around for that if you wanna get the Mimi/Mickey/Mickfoley design. Oh there's more too, for $10 you see concept art and lore of the characters.

Something unrelated, but a reminder that the Rysette comp is ending on the 22nd of November so get your entries in by then!
  Draw me like one of ur Bowsette Comp (ENDED)The comp has ended, wait for result in the next journal.
Hello Ryceballs. Have you ever wondered, what would Ry look like if he put on a Super Crown? No? Well I think about it every single moment of my life, so I want to hold a competition. Draw Ry wearing a Super Crown! As simple as that!
Blue Heart Icon Pink Heart IconBlue Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Blue Heart Icon 
If you dont know what Super Crown is or what Bowsette is... good. Dont look it up. But if you do and want to join the competition, then welcome! :D

I will be putting all the submissions in this journal, so check back here to see people's entry! 
Due date is on the 22nd of November 2018!
1st Place: 10 Prints!
2nd Place: 3 Prints!
3rd Place: 1<


My dog has been acting weird

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2018, 7:19 AM

So recently, something strange has been going on with my dog.

This started around September this year. First time it happened, I was sound asleep, peacefully dreaming about memes and suddenly my dog Kakashi started barking (Yes I named my dog Kakashi, I went through a Naruto phase..). I quickly ran towards where he was with a baseball bat in my hand.. I thought maybe he saw a thief or something, but he was just standing there barking and growling at the window facing the front yard. I took a peek outside to see if there were any creepers around, nope nothing. I calmed my dog down by giving him lots of hugs, he calmed down, started to whimper a bit.. but calmed down.

Next day same thing happened, I woke up to him barking and growling at the outside window. I was like 'Yo bro whats going on? Is someone sneaking around outside the house?' and my dog didn't reply. cos he doesnt actually speak english. What the heck is going on? I checked the time and it was 1:19 am.

A few days later it happened again! Things were starting to get weird.. I actually started to panic a bit, I live alone with my dog in the middle of nowhere, the nearest house is like 5 minutes away by walking. I thought about calling my neighbour Charlie to see if he has seen anything, but its so late already.. the time is.. umm the time is.. 1:19am. Ok whats going on... I got more and more scared thinking about it, why is Kakashi barking at 1:19am?

A week went by without anymore midnight barking, thank God. I could actually sleep properly. One morning I picked up my local newspaper, front page was a news about a murder in the local area. A young girl named Elizabeth Dawson was found dead in a park nearby, stabbed to death by an unknown attacker, apparently on the night of her fleeing away from her attacker, she went around town trying to find help, she was shouting and trying to find houses for help, a few witnesses heard her but couldnt find her, this all happened around 1:00am to 1:30am. I read through the news article and a cold sweat ran down my spine, Kakashi must've heard her and started barking that night, maybe Elizabeth even ran up to my front door screaming for help but I couldn't hear her... This made me frustrated at myself, this was happening in my home town and I couldn't offer my help. This story made me sad and also scared about the local crime..

But what was going on with the other two times when Kakashi barked at 1:19 am..?


Draw me like one of ur Bowsette Comp (ENDED)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 23, 2018, 7:56 PM

The comp has ended, wait for result in the next journal.

Hello Ryceballs. Have you ever wondered, what would Ry look like if he put on a Super Crown? No? Well I think about it every single moment of my life, so I want to hold a competition. Draw Ry wearing a Super Crown! As simple as that!

Blue Heart Icon Pink Heart IconBlue Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Blue Heart Icon 

If you dont know what Super Crown is or what Bowsette is... good. Dont look it up. But if you do and want to join the competition, then welcome! :D

I will be putting all the submissions in this journal, so check back here to see people's entry! 
Due date is on the 22nd of November 2018!

1st Place: 10 Prints!
2nd Place: 3 Prints!
3rd Place: 1 Print

The winners gets to pick prints from this catalogue. Click to view bigger image.
Catalogue Of Prizes by Ry-Spirit

- Nothing TOOO LEWD, no nudity but sexy is fine, keep in mind there are children looking at my page. (I am one of them)
- No submission later than 22nd of November will be accepted, its absolutely UNACCEPTABLEEEE
- I will be judging it based on creativity, style, techniques bla bla etc etc.
- You can submit it as a Stash or as a Deviation, either is fine.
- You can even draw Ry's emotions or even Fry if you like. If you don't know who they are, thats fine, its for the hardcore fans.
- Here's some references for what Ry looks like. In Life of Ry form and in real life, you can choose whichever Im not fussed.

Ry eating donut by Ry-Spirit Ry taking off hat by Ry-Spirit 
Ry gaming by Ry-Spirit Life of Ry All Stars by Ry-Spirit 
Draw me like one of your Bowsette by Ry-Spirit by Ry-Spirit
I love this Matrix shot <3

Just put your submission in the comment below and I will add them to this journal. You can also tag me so I see it. Cheerio! have fun!
Entries so far:

124 Bowsette Ry Copy by Spiritaelia Rytatoette by peda7 Ryette by Kemoren Ryette by Final-Boss-Emiko Ryhat/peachcrown hybrid by Insanepayne Princess Rysette by Lysou-Matinou Ryette by EvilFurrySkull a Ryde or Die kind of gal by randomMeAndBob Contest Entry: Rysette by sonikkuruzu [Contest Entry] Life of Rysette by AqilahMarsya Ryette by Mikaslime Entry by Just-a-Bud Super Ry by Missangest [Contest Entry] Rysette at the beach by AqilahMarsya Ry 3D model by tidiestflyer Ryce Queen (Contest Entry) by RubyFireLilly Ryette by Lushies-Art Disgust Ry's emotions Fanart by AqilahMarsya Rysette spirit by Chihuahuat0by Ry in Magic Crown thingy by Twinkie-Buns Hats off! by Narumi-Naru Ryette by Fuzzyspirit Rysette by Luna6294 Ry-Spirit Contest - Rysette by Absbor-K Rysettte by Chihuahuat0by Ryette by Muuluzi Nope, you still repelling the chicks (rysette) by Sparkling-Bunnies Rysette The Kween by StarriKibbles Ryette (Ry-Spirit Bowsette Competition) by SydVCWrong head... by kazumitakashi Ryette by JJSponge120 Ry into bowsette thingy but without a crown by InnocentBunny101 Circle by CrimsonCarmine Hornyette by Drimull Ry-Spirit Bowsette Submission by Marshmellowfluff123


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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2018, 5:05 PM


 exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point angry cat by designer-brainexclamation point exclamation point exclamation point 


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Is Ralph too human to be in Disney Evolution?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 26, 2018, 6:02 PM

Wrecks my brain trying to figure this out by Ry-Spirit

First of all, thanks very much everybody for your support on my Disney Evolution series, its good to see you guys are enjoying it as much as I enjoy making them. With the Kanga and Roo one recently uploaded, I have done 60 characters now, thats like almost half way to 150, the Kanto Dex is almost half way there. I have a few ones I really wanna draw that I think you guys will love (Or hate me to bits).

So what do I want to talk about this time? Im not sure if you've noticed, but I tend to draw more 'animal like' characters rather than human ones. For several reasons, one being its more easy to expand my creativity with them rather than just having a human look younger and older, the more odd and crazy the character looks, the more fun I can have with the design. But the major reason for not drawing human is because it would be weird to have a human be treated like a pet/pokemon. The Disney Evolution idea is no doubt based on Pokemon, well I guess first we gotta talk about Pokemon and what they are, in the fictional world of Pokemon, Pokemon are monsters that can be domesticated and trained, for purpose of just having them as pets or have them battle other Pokemon for sports. Its a messed up concept if put into the real world (eg dog fighting or kangaroo boxing), but in the fictional world of Pokemon, the Pokemon enjoys it and wants to fight in order to improve themselves and fulfil their purpose, its almost like they are born to fight, not to kill to survive but just to better themselves in a little competition. These Pokemon are also kept in Pokeballs, which in the real world would also be messed up, its pretty much a portable tiny cage that you keep your pets in for a large amount of time, BUT again in the Pokemon world, its perfectly fine because no one knows what goes on inside the Pokeball, perhaps its a whole digital sanctuary inside that we dont know about.

So here lies the problem, if I add people into Disney Evolution, it would be like having human as pets (Someone call Dr Phil), although acceptable to some? Its a rather touchy topic to many. It brings the issue of what it means to be human, can human be treated as pets? Is it ethically ok to treat someone that way if they chooses it? Is it Stockholm syndrome? Should pets be treated as pets even? Or should they be treated more like friends that we dont keep for the purpose of serving us? Pokemon does a good job in showing that Pokemon are treated as friends more than how we treat animals in the real world (Eating them, riding them, using their body parts to make clothing, making them fight for our entertainment, pretty much if we see a creature living its life in the wild, we would find a way to abuse it for our benefits, oh dont get me started chimchar angry). 

Why am I bringing this up? Well I got in a conversation with a fellow Deviant That-Random-Banana about this topic, he asked if I was gonna draw Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph. Usually I just say no to human characters because of my reasonings that I mentioned above, but then I thought about what Ralph and Vanellope actually are in their lore.. they are videogame characters, they are not human. In fact Ralph's original concept was supposed to look like a gorilla, kinda like Donkey Kong. And Vanellope is really cartoonish looking to the point of looking like a chibi doll, and she has candies in her hair that I could play around wit. BUT, they just look too human... And I am not sure if I want to cross that line. It would totally be awesome if Ralph looked like a gorilla, with that I can play around with, making him look like King Kong in his final form, and maybe like Diddy Kong in his first form or something.

So yeah.. Ralph and Vanellope is kinda tricky, I am leaning more towards a no. I mean I have so many other non human looking characters I want to draw so I can leave out Ralph and Vanellope for now. What do you guys think though? Am I thinking too much into this? Should I just go take a nap? What is the value of p if y = -3 in the formula p = 8 + 3y? Let me know in the comments about this topic. While we are at it, I will also throw in some other similar grey area characters and you guys can let me know what you think, Ariel, Ursula, Tinkerbell, Maleficent.


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Mr Spirit answers your questions (Part 2)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 13, 2018, 6:20 AM

Ok lets continue.

Zhespy115 asks: Not a deep question but I was that Red Skull cosplayer from Perth Supanova and you said that you talked with Hugo Weaving as to why he didn't reprise the role. Well. Would you mind enlightening me as to why didn't?

Pretty much, big corporate company cares more about the $$$ than how the actors are treated. Mr Weaving didn't like that. 

Zelphire asks: Would you sell yourself to shrek for $1?

I would do it for less. Anything for Shrek. I was only 9 years old.

Suvi-Iloa asks: How are you?


Pew-PewStudio asks: How do you feel about pineapples on pizza?

sure, Im always up for demonic rituals to summon the dark lord.

DummyForce asks: Do you think digital art will ever overtake traditional art?

Thats like saying television will overtake the radio, thats like saying movies will take over plays, thats like saying the keyboard will take over the pen! So yeah, digital art will probably take over traditional art. 

babbitgoezboom asks: Is the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell?

Cell is an artificial life form created by Doctor Gero's computer from cells of different warriors, possessing the genetic information of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freeza and King Cold, in an underground complex below Gero's secret research laboratory.

dasinvader asks: Can help me make a healthy habbit?

I read 'Can help me make a healthy rabbit?' and got me excited. 

SunbeamStone asks: Were you born with your hat?

Yes, my mother swallowed a hat by accident before my birth, and when she gave birth to me, she was surprised to find that I was wearing the hat.

CrookiNari asks: Do you need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty?

At least above 100.

Mikaslime asks: ok so quick question: how much is your real QI? mine is 128 ^^

I might take away 5 IQ points from you for spelling IQ wrong. But mine? probably around 20-40

koffing109 asks: Do you do something with the answers of the surveys you do daily?

Its part of my plan for world domination.

SWATKidd asks: Would you want to chat with me to know each other? I would enjoy talking with you.

Im talking to you now.

Im-Keyla-the-master asks: Say, my dear gentlemen... What is your current position about ZeLink?

Its a wonderful thing, but I would never google image it.

TimbersPineEN17 asks: Do you play Destiny? ( if not you are missing out! It’s legit!)

Destiny plays me.

Tcvancoops asks: What is your most cherished memory?

When I was so tired one time, that I reached into my suitcase for deodorant to spray on myself, only to realise afterwards that it was hairspray. 

RSableye asks: Oh my great philosopher, it is an honor to be your presence. Though I would thoroughly enjoy discussing the meanings of the universe with you I shalt keep this short;
Favorite food?

My favourite food is... I dont think there is meaning to the universe except for the ones we give it, the universe is just kinda there and we are just part of it, which is why it can be so amazing but also so anti-climatic, one thing is for sure and that there is life and death, I think it is important to make sure all living creatures live as long as possible, not just for human and for dogs and cats, but also for animals like chicken and cows and pigs that human take for granted and kill to eat. I used to kill bugs that are in my house in the past, but now with my current philosophy, I would guide the insects away from me but also make sure they are safe, even my worst fear in the world.. the spiders. 

Jam-uzu asks: *clears throat* Mr. Ry... Do you... know... the wae?

Do I know the what? What does this even mean?

SirWongIII asks: How many cockroaches does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one, and it was actually me in a cockroach costume! 

Monoatrobascamine asks: how many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink


kouliousis asks: Thoughts on Pokemon Anime?

I will start watching again when Ash actually becomes the Pokemon master.

RAMWOC87 asks: Ry...What if the haters dab back?

Dab battle them to the death.

Kitxal asks: Mr. Spirit, what would you do if hats didn't exist?

Then I also wont be.

Niki772001 asks: What was the best moment of your life?

When I was sitting down with a milkshake held between my knees, then all of a sudden the milkshake started sliding off so I clenched my knees together really tightly and a line if milkshake shot out and almost hit the guy sitting across from me. It was the best moment of my life.

ColoredButterfly asks: What are your plans for the future?

I plan to eat an oreo and watch a movie before going to bed tonight.

Velvet-Rainbow asks: Are video games real?

What if I told you, we are just in someone's videogame right now?

martluca asks: dad when will you come home?

Its pronounced daddy.

catCrazie asks: How did you get into drawing?

I drew myself in there. Thats how I got into the drawing.

Tears-of-Xion asks: Did you ever play the game Blinx the Timesweeper?

It looked like a game I would've liked if I ever owned an Xbox. But I didn't own an Xbox. PS and Nintendo forever! (But I did own an XBOX 360)

Ereschk asks: Osaka or Hiroshima style?

Toyota arigato mr roboto tempura tamagotchi style

KBlackSheep asks: Have you tried to make your own video game?

Yeah, I made the Super Mario Brothers games. Its pretty popular.

RandomArtKid asks: Do you think that even if a person ruins someones life permanently, they deserve forgiveness?

If they mean it, then sure. Everyone makes mistakes. Like how I wish people would forgive me for drawing 12 artworks of Ugandan warriors recently.

NickTheNightOwl asks: What is your opinion on birds?

Im jealous that they can fly. Its always more beneficial to get on higher grounds.

AustralianFox asks: I know this is a common question but do you think dogs or cats are better and give me your reasons.

I love them both equally. (I dont want to offend either of them so going for the safe answer, I know some dogs and cats follow me on DA)

Insanepayne asks: If God came to you tomorrow and said "Yo my man it's time to go" and he plucked your soul from your body, would you feel satisfied/fulfilled with your life up to that point?

I would be like 'HEY! Not yet, I still gotta finish watching Vikings, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, Game of Thrones, Meteor Garden.. Not to mention the games, I still gotta finish Spiderman, Wolfenstein, Yakuza, Spyro 3, Uncharted 4. ANDDD I still got more to do for my Disney Evolution set... actually you know what? This all sounds like a lot of work, just take me.'

level5pencil asks: Best place to eat?

In front of the TV.

Red-Paeken asks: What's a question you hate answering?

Probably... this one.

SFMunicornwolf asks: What's your favorite dog breed?

Rye Bread.

TheIntrovertedGhost asks: How does one socially interact?

Who knows, I have like 10 social media accounts, I don't want to talk to anyone on any of them.

Kaibutttsu asks: if you could have any number of pets (without worrying about space, time, money, etc) how many would you own /what types?

Without worry about space, time, money etc? With unlimited power? Then I would have ALL OF THEM. Every single creature in the world become my pet, by pet I mean be my friend. I will have a massive space for them to run around and enjoy their lives, away from danger but still able to be well fed to live their life to the fullest. Once in a while I would visit their home and see how they are going.

TheorignalLoreHunter asks: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

With my tongue, just one lick. *slurp slurp*

ThatLawler asks: What do you think of MauLer?

Is that a detergent brand?

Bolt-From-TheBlue asks: What show are you watching right now?

Meteor Garden and Vikings. Two very similar shows.

AWitchNamedCasey asks: If you were in a jurassic park movie what dinosaur would you want to be eaten by.

Jeff Goldblum.

AWitchNamedCasey asks: When is the last time you.... feared for your life?

When Jeff Goldblum tried to eat me.

LizChwan asks: What do you do when everything is bad/depressing and art-ing is hard as frick.

Watch Shrek. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

pastel-taco asks: Do you think you’ll ever come to the US for any conventions?

I sometimes do. But kinda rare, Im like as rare as a Chinese tourist not haggling at the markets.

lopa-knight asks: How do you discipline yourself to get things done, especially when you REALLY don't want to do them?

I dont.

That-Random-Banana asks: Assuming that God is real, would you rather have eternal life on Earth, or live your standard lifespan?

Eternal life of course. Its going pretty well so far, lets continue to live it and not have it end.

ALuckySketch asked a lot of questions.

Yes to all of them.

PorcelainRose98 asks: This is probably a very frequent question, but what is your personal top ten favorite Digimon?

I don't think I can even name 10, But I like the smol flying orange one. Ask me Pokemon and I can give you 100.

PYRASMUS asks: What is the most important aspect of art?

The thingy

Phapha332 asks: Are you hungry? lol sorry I just thought of this because it's like 2 hours before lunchtime and our school's lunch is awful.

I am now, now I am thinking about school lunch. DAMMIT

xuuni asks: Your opinions on Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

I want one

Desert-Carnation006 asks: Do you think the guy on the right should kiss the girl on the left? (Showed a photo of a bearded guy and a girl)

Yes, but the guy should shave because those beards look kinda rough and may damage the girl's smooth delicate face. Its for occupational health and safety.

Dragonuva asks: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh why dost thou flood our notifications with thine question polls, good sir? owo"

Because I have a lot of questions. Like for example, why do you talk like you are from shakespearean times? But adds an emoji face at the end. You are like hipster Shakespear.

kkcfan101 asks: What do you do when things feel hopeless?

Ask polls and read through comments and hope people say something funny that cracks me up. Thats actually a legit thing I do. 

Gpapandreou98 asks: Would you be willing to be a guest artist on my upcoming comic strip series?

If I got time sure. as long as I dont need to strip.

Karmikosmic asks: What's your favorite meme?

My life.

DragonFire1054 asks: what is your favorite pokemon?

That yellow rat one

Alfabem asks: Do you have a bucket list and if yes what is on it that you definitely want to do?

I want to eat a bucket of oreos. Funny my bucket list involves a bucket.

HungryBro asks: What do you miss the most about your childhood?

Im still going through my childhood so nothing yet.

DeviantartLife asks: Would you rather be famous around the world but only live for 30 years, or, Not be known and live for 200 years.

If I pick the first one, I would be dead already. So I would pick the latter.

isaacjralderman asks: What is your interpretation of the meaning of life? (Please don't say 42 😂😂)

umm 43 then.

jcpeters726 asks: If you had to live with one other person in the same room for the next 30 years, and then HAD to kill them after the 30 years, would you pick to live with someone you liked or someone you disliked?

Maybe pick someone I know I like but will probably get sick and tired of after 30 years. It would be the perfect choice, Im thinking of maybe my best friend Dave.

dupperdiddy asks: how do you deal with being absolutely average in art among your peers

Who knows? I am way below average in art among my peers.

yeinART asks: How does one learn to wear a hat as sophisticated as you?

First you gotta have a head, then you put the hat on it.

PokeTitan asks: How is your love life??

*just off a building*

Lastamdfound asks: Why are you so pretty?

Its all because of my favourite natural face cleanser from Pro-active. I apply a little bit of it each morning, and boom! The results are clear. Pro-active, found in stores near you. 

Sonmenka asks: Hmm, what do you think of the following movies: 9 by Shane Acker, The Matrix, and Tron: Legacy?

Out of the three, Matrix is my favourite, Matrix was my childhood, I used to dress up like Neo. I used to rewatch the first Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded many times. Its a shame they never made a third movie. We do not speak of Matrix Revolutions

OK THAT IS ALL. End of questioning.


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