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What Goes on in my Head Competition! (ALMOST DUE)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2018, 9:37 PM

Another competition whhhhat?! Hell yeah! So your task is to fill in the gaps on what goes on in your brain! Like the one I did in my Life of Ry - What goes on in my head

I have made a brain template, Click on it and check it out! 

You can either right click save that JPEG image, OR alternatively click on the download button, which gives you a 10MB PSD file, which has a base layer, base color layer, and a seperate layer just for the brain divider lines.

Some suggestions:
- Feel free to play around with the layers, for the character as long as the final image has a similar idea, I don't mind. You can add a hat on yourself if you like, you can add a beard if you have a beard, you can add long hair, you can even fursonafy yourself if you see yourself as not a human.
- For the words, you can either type it or write it, expand some thought areas, get rid of some areas, just have one massive area with one thought even. You can even DRAW in the areas if you like, why not? Why limit yourself to just words? That might be fun. Ya just be creative :)
- You dont even HAVE to use the template, you can draw your own in your style. This template is just to make it easier for people to use :)
- Although this is what goes on in YOUR head. I would accept if people wanna do their OC as well.
- I will be judging the work based on creativity and how well its made and uniqueness bla bla bla etc etc
- I will be updating this journal occassionally to show off the submission so far. So come back and check from time to time to see what you are up against.

Due on the 17th of July 11:59 (Till every country on earth has had that day).

I will pick 3 winners:

1st prize- 4000 DA points (Enough to buy 1 year Core membership, or whatever you want on DA)
2nd prize- 1200 DA points (Enough to buy 3 Months of Core membership or whatever you want on DA)
3rd prize- 1 DA point and an alpaca badge (Enough to put a smile on your face)

Dog Dance (gif animation) Dog Dance (gif animation) Dog Dance (gif animation) 

Submission: Just upload it and link to to this journal page comment.

Thats it, any further questions, you can either come to me or the police.

Submissions so far:
What goes ooon in your heart? by werelightshine  What Goes on in my Head comp. entry by isaacjralderman  What Goes on in my mind by R3X-Ms-red  What Goes On In My Head by SunbeamStone  What Goes on my head competition by kjmjperi What goes on in Pisces's head by Pisces-the-Fish  The Mind of a Memelord by Aidan-TheMemeWeeb  what goes on inside my head by C0NTR0VERSY  What Goes On In My Head by Jam-uzu  inside my head by Shuaj  For RySpirit's Contest by Erkfir  What goes on in my head by DeviantartLife  Harmonic Thoughts {CE} by HarmonyRocketEeveon  Ry-Spirit Contest - What goes on in my Head by Absbor-K  What Goes on in my Head - Contest by xXMsEleaMaXx  Thoughts.. - for Ry's competition by ArinneArtistic  What Goes on in my head  by Zrayexx  What's in my Brain? by PsychoDemonFox  Mah Brain? by neokamatari  Whats in my mind by Quokka1  Brain by Ghostye  Entry! by Exxvus  What goes on in my head contest entry by GummyBearsYUM  My Mind by PYRASMUS  What goes on in my head (in the clouds) by EtherealDreamCloud  Brainthing (2) by Kittenfluffyball  What goes on in my head- Violet by Sammymavas  What goes on in my head by koffing109  What Goes On in Elena's Head by Dik-LEN-vaY  Contest by TheSparkledash  My head by MonikasXD  What Goes On In My Head Competition: RobinTheBard by RobinTheBard  Haha by Frogabond  Your Brain on Ry (Contest Entry) by ChibiShay  What Goes in my Head - TottoArtsie's entry. by TottoArtsie  D93ddf56-1ee2-4421-8b59-668a319e000b by MinervaAthena123  What goes on in my brain by LeoHightower  Out of ideas by LonelyChimera  The Contest!! by galaxynyx  What goes on in my head? by Creative-Escape  Challenge by NekosaBlitz

Almost over! hurry up if you want to finish your piece!


Meeting Mr Hugo Weaving

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2018, 9:24 AM

Here's an interesting story that dont happen everyday. So last night I was invited to a fundraiser art auction event, Mr Hugo Weaving was an invited guest as well, I knew he was going so I mentally prepared myself before the event, with the Matrix being one of my top favorite movies and all.. When we finally met, I pretty much just lost my cool and spilled out my love for him as an amazing actor and told him how much I loved the Matrix, it was a little bit hard trying to tell him how much I like him without sounding like a crazy person. I felt like Peter Parker meeting Ironman, I think he eased up a bit after he realised I aint asking him for a spot in the next Matrix TV series or trying to challenge him to a Kung Fu battle. We talked about many things like why he wasn't in Infinity War, we talked about Cloud Altas cos I loved that movie a lot, we talked about Matrix of course, we even talked about my art career a bit too and I was almost embarrassed to let him know about my art (Ugandan knuckles im looking at you). But ya it was really enjoyable. It was a private event so I got to keep him for a whole 10 minutes before I felt I should let him go and enjoy the rest of his night. Just wanted to share this experience with you guys.

Meeting Agent Smith by Ry-Spirit

Heres a photo of Me me meeeee
Me too


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What would you do if you won $100,000,000? :)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 18, 2018, 6:29 PM

Just so you know, I am not handing out money.. but just out of curiosity, what would you do if you won $100,000,000? Im trying hard not to sound like a lottery ad.

So yeah name me three things you would do with your money!

Sparkle EmojiSparkle Emoji  Money n Coins Dog Dance (gif animation) Money n CoinsSparkle Emoji Sparkle Emoji 


New games E3, Pokemon Snap 2, Mario Kart VR etc

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2018, 12:09 AM

So great, news some announcements that got me super pumped for E3 this year! First we have

What-wii-want-from-pokmon-20110209002434684 by Ry-Spirit
Pokemon Snap 2 from Nintendo's conference, I only waited 20 years for the sequel to Pokemon Snap on N64 thats all. Finally its here. And it looks great! You go around your little vehicle and you take pictures of Pokemon! 

Jet-Set-Radio-Evo-Concept 12-17-17 by Ry-Spirit
Jet Set Radio Evolution, finally another Jet Set Radio game! That series (of two games..) hasnt seen a new game since the Xbox first came out. So thanks for bringing this series back, I used to play Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast a lot, it was so amazing with intense cel shaded graphics that blew my little mind.

Earthbound by Ry-Spirit
Earthbound remake, OH YES! Thanks Nintendo for remaking Earthbound, its a great RPG and I would love to play it again with amazing graphics! I cant believe they didn't do this sooner! Seriously, why not just take the character model from the Smash Brothers games and make an Earthbound game out of it!?

Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project By Xgoldenboyx by Ry-Spirit
One of my favourite game of all time, Chrono Trigger, Now in 3D remake. Man I can't believe we are getting more RPG games in 2018!

Twewy by Ry-Spirit
ONE MORE RPG! The World Ends with YOU, but in full 3D! Not just a rerelease of the DS game on Switch, but a brand new fully 3D rendered game! Well done SquareEnix for doing this! You won my heart. I loved The World Ends with You on the DS so much. Those of you who has followed my art since the beginning might remember I used to do my art in that style, very heavy line art stylised look.

Mario-Kart-Arcade-GP-VR-980x617 by Ry-Spirit
Mario Kart VR, so Nintendo is finally dipping their toes into the VR world. I mean we only had the PSVR for like over a year, about time Nintendo steps in! And Mario Kart on VR looks dope! I can finally immerse myself INTO the Mario world, this is the best thing ever :D

So there you go! All the games Im excited about from the E3 conference! ^^

...or was that all a dream? Umm


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Horoscope for the week (Real)

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2018, 6:22 PM

This week's horoscope.


You will win a $100,000 this week! If you buy at least $200,000 worth of lottery tickets.

♓️ PISCES ♓️

You will meet your soul mate, in fact they are right behind you. Take a look.

♈️ ARIES ♈️

Trust no one.

♉️ TAURUS ♉️

You need to eat only plant based food for this week. Its good for you. 

♊️ GEMINI ♊️

Go to your local zoo, if you see an animal that you feel connected with. You may need to rescue them because they might be your spirit animal.

♋️ CANCER ♋️

You will discover your superhero identity this week. You may even get your own movie if you are lucky.

♌️ LEO ♌️

You will discover your super villain identity this week. Didn't think you had it in you yeah?

♍️ VIRGO ♍️

Crazy times! You will have a fantastic time in a ball pit.

♎️ LIBRA ♎️

You must only walk backwards for this week. May wanna invest in a portable mirror.


Hug every cat you see.


You will dream of me. Don't panic,


You will win in every scissors paper rock contest. I recommend turning it into a money match.

That is all, Ry-Spirit cares.


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Sunnyboy the Sequel

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2018, 4:01 PM

So I mentioned previously how I missed Sunnyboy and will never have it again due to the company stop making them. 

We need to talk about Sunnyboy
Thats a picture of me enjoying some sugar when I was a child, today I want to talk about Sunnyboy, unless you lived in Australia, I doubt you will know what a Sunnyboy is. Let uncle Ry educate you on the Sunnyboy. I cant stop saying Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy is so fun to say.
To most people, it is just an iceblock, but to me, it was childhood. Little Ry used to get them all the time during primary school, it was so cheap too, it was like 50 cents for one, they had raspberry, orange and cola for the flavors, I didn't like raspberry much but the other two was the bomb.
What made it memorable compared with other iceblocks was probably the shape and the way you ate it, if you ask me to describe the shape of it, I would have a hard time trying to explain it. Ok.. so the shape is like... a pyramid in the 5th dimension (If the 4th dimension is time). Thats my best definition. If anyone knows the actual

Well... no good news about Sunnyboy coming back. But I did manage to find somone selling it on Ebay, it was on a more expensive side but I bought it anyway!

33141780 264494767455831 8870309739255300096 N by Ry-Spirit

Boom! I even got my favourite flavour of Coca Cola! I have a box of 6, I dont think I will actually eat any them... not only because its past the best before date, but also because I dont want to flush something so rare now days down the toilet. I have heard from a couple of people that there's something similar in other countries, so when I do visit other countries, I am gonna get them to get that nostalgic feelings back!



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Here's your Horoscope for this week

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2018, 6:55 PM

Hey guys, this gonna be a weekly thing now. I've been having connection with the spirits lately, so recently been psychically strong. OK here goes.


Aquarius people gotta pet doggos.

♓️ PISCES ♓️

You gotta spin around 3 times, jump up once, shout out the alphabet and wink 5 times. Just do it, its fun.

♈️ ARIES ♈️

You are gonna choke on a banana this weekend, avoid bananas at all costs.

♉️ TAURUS ♉️

If you meet a Gemini, make advances on them. <3

♊️ GEMINI ♊️

If you see a Taurus, run.

♋️ CANCER ♋️

It is your duty to search around the forest this weekend and flip any helpless turtles you see who are stuck on their backs. 

♌️ LEO ♌️

You are gonna die, unless you are alive. Then you are fine.

♍️ VIRGO ♍️

You will meet the love of your life, but they may not be human.

♎️ LIBRA ♎️

Your aunty will visit unexpectedly.


Just don't.


Avoid making jokes this week, you will bomb.


You will get extremely sick, unless you give talented artist man Ry-Spirit a llama badge on DA.

That is all, Ry-Spirit cares.


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Well that was embarrassing

Journal Entry: Sun May 6, 2018, 4:59 PM

I wanted to say "All good." or "Cool beans", but ended up saying "All beans"...


We need to talk about Sunnyboy

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2018, 6:46 AM

Sunnyyy by Ry-Spirit

Thats a picture of me enjoying some sugar when I was a child, today I want to talk about Sunnyboy, unless you lived in Australia, I doubt you will know what a Sunnyboy is. Let uncle Ry educate you on the Sunnyboy. I cant stop saying Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy is so fun to say.

To most people, it is just an iceblock, but to me, it was childhood. Little Ry used to get them all the time during primary school, it was so cheap too, it was like 50 cents for one, they had raspberry, orange and cola for the flavors, I didn't like raspberry much but the other two was the bomb.

What made it memorable compared with other iceblocks was probably the shape and the way you ate it, if you ask me to describe the shape of it, I would have a hard time trying to explain it. Ok.. so the shape is like... a pyramid in the 5th dimension (If the 4th dimension is time). Thats my best definition. If anyone knows the actual name of this shape, please let me know.

Sunnyy by Ry-Spirit  Sunny by Ry-Spirit
And how do you eat this extra dimension ancient Egypt tomb? Well, you cannot eat it without first cutting off the edge on one side, that Sunnyboy wrapping is made from some foil thats actually impossible to peel off, so you need a pair of scissors to cut it off, oh yesss, encouraging kids to use scissors everytime they want to eat a Sunnyboy. Nothing bad could happen right? At the school canteen they were kind enough to cut open this tightly sealed packaging so we wont accidentally chop our fingers off. So how do you actually eat it? You gotta squeeze the bottom so the iceblock pops out on top, BUT dont over squeeze it or the whole thing pops out and drop to the ground and you become sad boy. So you gotta be careful.

So why am I talking about Sunnyboy? Well, because they stopped making them!  NOOOO sobbing - crying They stopped back in 2016, I didn't even know that until I just thought about Sunnyboy and how I dont see them at the shops anymore, then I found out online that the company has stopped making them because of lack of demands. They even started a petition to keep Sunnyboy around, but there wasn't enough signatures. I dont know how we are gonna get Sunnyboy back, but its most likely a never. We need a Zombieland kinda push to bring it back, but we ain't got no Woody Harrelson to help us out unfortunately, so yeah sad but true, Sunnyboy is no more, just Deadboy now. 

I hope you enjoyed reading.
RIP Emoji RIP Sunnyboy 1980-2016 



Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2018, 4:10 AM

Hey guys, sorry for lack of updates recently. A lot is going through my mind after I received news of something thats really exciting but a little bit scary, so back in 2013 I was one of the 78,000 people who signed up for the Mars Settler program, its a one way trip due to funding, they don't mention why it HAS to be a one way trip, but we all know its because its really expensive to travel to AND back from Mars, you also gotta wait for the right alignment of the flight, its a lot of work.. its not as easy as flying from Australia to NewZealand. Anyway, we had to make a one minute video explaining our motivation behind our decision to go to Mars. I told them it has been my dream to go into space, Mars has always been my favourite planet, more than Earth even, I told them I would contribute everything I could to make the planet a fantastic place to live in, I would help with farming and exploration and make everyone tea. 

So why am I saying all this? Its because.. I GOT ACCEPTED! Frog dance  I got this news a few days ago to my surprise, I never thought I would get in! You should've seen my face, it was as red as Mars itself. Why me when there are so many more qualified people? But I guess they want a mix of different people with different talents and backgrounds so I suppose anyone could've gotten in? Whatever happened at the selection.. Im just glad I got picked! SO YEA! I will be flying out to Mars in the year 2023! 

This is a one way trip of course, meaning I literally won't be coming back to Earth. I have thought long and hard about this before I applied, but I am ok with that. Would I miss Earth? Yes. I would miss the people I have met here, I would miss the place I grew up in, I would miss the ocean, but we've got a whole new planet to explore! Think of all the cool rocks (excuse the pun) we may find! We may even be able to expand the periodic table by twice the size! Think of all the possibilities. We could discover new medicine and develop amazing new technology with elements from Mars, this COULD be the answer to eternal life, cos we aint finding that on Earth thats for sure.

So what would it mean for my time on Deviantart? I mean, I would still be uploading art and stuff, I ain't gone in my online presence, just because Im gonna be a Matt Damon doesnt mean I wont have time to draw things. Hopefully the internet connection on Mars to Earth wont be too flaky, if it is I may need to hotspot some internet through the Curiosity Rover or something. So yeah thats the big announcement, if anyone wants to meet me before I fly out into Mars, we still got a few years. ^^
#4 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) 

Is there life on Mars? There will be Life of Ry on Mars in 2023 thats for sure!


If I went Blind

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 18, 2018, 9:14 AM

So I just spent a whole afternoon watching videos of how blind people do things and what goes on in their daily lives. I guess I had more questions than I thought as the more I watched the more questions I had, and they were answered quite honestly by this guy called Tommy Edison, you might've heard of him before, if you havn't seen his stuff definitely check him out on youtube, his channel is called The Tommy Edison Experience. So what sort of questions? From questions like if blind people dream, if blind people can understand colors, if blind people know what transparency means, whether blind people understand what visual beauty is to what blind people think of non blind people kinda things. Questions that are just common sense to sighted people but its a whole different world for blind people. Its just so interesting to see things through Tommy Edison's perspective. I was gonna say through Tommy's eyes but stopped myself before I sounded like a fool.

Videos of people who can hear for the first time or see for the first time makes me tear up, if you havn't seen any of those I highly recommend it, it humbled me and made me appreciate what I have and how I just take many things for granted. Then it got me thinking... If I was blind, you probably won't be reading this journal right now, you probably won't even know who I am, because what I do kinda requires me to see things right? I need to see what Im drawing so I know whether its Deviantart Daily Deviation worthy or not. In another universe, I could be blind and became a musician like Stevie Wonder! Or a lawyer.. like Daredevil! (... umm...I want to just quickly touch on a subject of the multiverse theory, I don't think we exist in other universes even if the multiverse theory is true, hear me out on this, many people say that we exist in other universes too, maybe in another universe you are a doctor, maybe in another universe you are the president, maybe in another universe you are a frog, maybe in another universe you are the opposite gender. But the thing is.. that is not you? Even if that you is 100% identical to you now living in a universe that is 100% the same as this one, that you still wouldn't be you. You are not conscious in that body, that's just a clone of you. That's like having a twin who has 100% DNA identical to you, but that is not you. So whenever someone say that 'In another universe I might be doing this and that', I walk up to them and squish their cheeks and say 'NO! That is someone else who looks like you but is ultimately not you.' SORRY WENT ON A TANGENT HERE.)

Lets get back on topic here, I find it super interesting that the born blind cannot quite grasp the understanding of colors, we see all 7 colours of the rainbow (Its more like 6 if you ask me, Newton had a fascination with the number 7 so he added an extra color in there just so it sounded better (If you are wondering which color, its Indigo, Indigo has got to go.)) But to a blind person it doesn't make sense to them, Tommy Edison says he knows what color is in the sky and what color fruits are and stuff, but thats only because people told him and he remembers the color names associated with the thing. But to him he does not understand what the color looks like, you can say 'oh red is warm, it is very vibrant and strong.' but that won't help with triggering the red color to a blind person who has never seen red before you know what I mean? But we sighted people can because we have seen it. Okay with this idea in mind, I want you to think about what we CAN see, we think we can see a lot of things yeah? We are pretty good with what we can see? Which is a lot? We can see a lot sure, but it would be amazing if we could see a LOT more! Let me explain, think about all the things we know exists but we cannot see, like ultraviolet or infrared or sound waves for example, we know they exist but we cannot see them. Some animals like birds are magnetic right? You can pick up a bird and stick them to your fridge! ...Ok no thats not true XD I made that up, but we do have Magnetoreceptive birds (I wonder if Magneto have Magnetoreception.. he must have right?), they can sense where North South East and West is, thats how they migrate and travel together like a family on vacation, now we KNOW they can sense the Earth's magnetism field, but we don't know what that feels like! Imagine if we can! Ok what else we can't see? Carbon dioxide the colorless gas, imagine if we could see Carbon dioxide as a black gas! It would definitely change our ways of living and help with the global warming problem! We would be able to see the sky getting blacker and blacker. We probably would've moved on to more electric based transport by now. Lets take this idea to another level, literally another level of... dimension. I love thinking about the possibilities of extra dimensions, what if we could see outside of our 3D dimensions and not be trapped within prison of the 4th? It would definitely change our ways of viewing the world, we would just have access to our whole universe's timeline and pinpoint whichever bit to relive, it would change the way we live and treat each other (one could argue that it would be chaos, maybe even driven to the point that we could not exist.. but thats getting a bit too depressing). But think of all the possibilities.

So I want to end this journal on something more motivational and humbling if I can, what I think I want to really say for this journal is... Lets be more appreciative of what we have. Lets be appreciative of the 5 senses we are given as well as the technologies we have in our modern day time where we can communicate with each other so easily, there could be someone out there who's reading this journal right now who is deaf or cannot speak, you may even be blind and is hearing this journal from someone else's mouth or through a computer reading. So for those of you who has the ability to do things with your hands or speech or sight or a creative mind etc, you should use it, do not waste it. Use what you have to give something back to the world. 


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Characters I wanna see in Dragonball FighterZ DLC

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2018, 5:04 AM

Been loving the Dragon Ball FighterZ games a lot. Being a big Dragon Ball fan, I just wish there's more character to use, there's so many characters I love who ain't in this game. I know they are bringing out DLC and there are a few leaked characters too, but I for one want to see some characters that MIGHT not make the final game, but here's to hoping. Here's my list of characters I wanna see in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Once again, I will feature artworks of these characters from people on DA.

Chiaotzu - Dragon Ball Z by Wyn83
The adorable little chinese zombie/vampire looking character, he may not be powerful but I always thought he's cute and wish he got more attention in the franchise, especially in the later saga, I HEARD that he has a return in the Dragonball Super series, but Im not quite up to date to know about that. Also, they already got the character model for him, so why not have him as a playable character? He appears at Tien's intro cutscene.

Android 17 by KasuzameYuu
Android 17
First of all, awesome cosplay by KasuzameYuu. So yeah, 17 is also in the game as a backup character, it would be cool to have him as a playable character and his assist is 18. 

Mr Satan by ImmarArt
He is so funny it would be amazing to have him in the game. Since the game doesn't distingish the canon power levels, he could totally be in the game fighting all the other characters that are stronger than him.

MASTER ROSHI by Reffelia
Master Roshi
The person who trained young Goku to become who he is today. Please let muscular Roshi be a playable character, I would love to use him.

(+video) Videl by RamzyKamen
It was so difficult to find an artwork of Videl which wasn't sexualised or have her nipples showing. I like Videl because she trained herself to become stronger, she didn't even know how to fly when we first met her. I also like her with long hair like this. I heard rumors that she may appear in the game as her Saiyangirl look, thats fine with me.

Arale by NoriChama
SHE IS SO DAMN CUTE! And also so strange, she is like so powerful as well. And yes she is canon in the Dragon ball series eventhough she has her own show in Dr Slump. But whenever they have her in Dragon Ball its a blast, she even gives Vegeta problems. OH YEAH she was also in a previous Dragonball game as a playable character too, so it would be good if they could do that again, I would love to use her!

Whis with a Sundae by Holly-the-Laing
Probably the most powerful character out of everyone right? Since he is the master of Beerus afterall. It would be cool to be able to use him. 

Everyone's favourite non canon movie character Brolly, he actually has been confirmed as a DLC already, but yes I would love to have him as part of the roster since he is so cool looking. I have a figure of him and he is the biggest and heaviest out of all my Dragon Ball toys.

Kid Goku and Nimbus by eggmanrules
Kid Goku
This is the one I want to see the most actually, they probably won't do it but it would be so awesome if they have kid Goku in the game. Like give him the flying nimbus and power pole and everything! It would be so cute to see Goku as a kid again (No Im not talking about GT). And his level 3 super move can be him turning into the massive monkey! 


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Help (A better example)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 9, 2018, 10:10 PM

Heres a question that still bugs me and I hope there someone out there who can help me understand. Say I have my two fingers super close, 1cm apart, and then i get closer, 0.5cm, then closer till its 0.25cm, then closer so its 0.125 then even closer so its 0.0625, then its 0.03125.. and closer and closer till its 0.0000024382472892927320079702 cm apart. you get the idea. the digits will just keep on increasing to what seems to be infinite. So at what point does my two fingers actually touch? Wouldnt the numbers just keep increasing and my fingers never touch?

Now, you CAN put out an argument that my fingers never ever touches, because you can argue that due to atoms and micro thingys repelling each other, nothing ever touches. So what if we imagine say a metal ball dropped onto the surface of the water and then it sinks through the water so its underwater? Looking at it from a side view with a glass panel. At what point did the ball get from above water level to underwater level? 

Im sure someone out there is smart enough to help me understand, I tried looking for google answers but I dont really know how to word it right.

EDIT: Seems like a lot of people has answered the first question, which I already answered in my second question stating that nothing ever touches. But that is just to get you the idea of what I was trying to ask. But its the second question that stumps me. Going from the positive to the negative. Instead of using water and ball, I guess a BETTER scenario would be to imagine a wall, a line on the wall, a pencil and shadow of a pencil. OK im gonna draw it up too.

Help Me by Ry-Spirit

Ok so we have a torch, shining at a falling pencil casting a shadow on a wall that has a red line drawn on it. And lets just say speed is constant for the pencil dropping, imagine it in slow mo if you wanna get your head around this. So pretty much at what point did the SHADOW of the pencil touch the red line on the wall? As it was getting closer and closer, with 1cm from red line, then 0.5cm, then 0.25 cm etc etc etc.  and as an added bonus question, at what point did the pencil get to the negative? under the red line?

From some of your answers previously I think I am starting to get an idea that measurements and numbers is just something we use as a way of determining things, while many things in life are just is and isnt, like how its above or under. 

Many of you have answered the first question above but ignored the second, some has given me some philosophical questions about what is existence and what is our imagination. SO yes lets you this scenario with the casting of the shadow ..if that even makes a difference. We might still ponder on the idea of atoms repelling each other but we how we go. 


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Top 10 Fav Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 24, 2018, 9:47 PM

So after watching Black Panther, I feel inspired to make a list to voice my opinion (Not that anyone really cares XD) on which is my favourite Marvel movies out of the ones from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I wont be including any movies from X-men or Fantastic 4 or Daredevil. Its been kinda hard to come up with a top 10 list but I will try.. I guess I based the movies on how much I enjoyed it, whether I would watch it again, how much it impacted me bla bla bla etc etc.

And with this topic, its so easy to find fan art! 

10. Captain America First Avenger

Captain America by Lul-lulla 

Just because this is at number 10 doesnt mean its the worst. I mean theres 18 Marvel movies right now and even the worst ones has some good in it. So yes Captain America! I love Steve Rogers, he is so just pure and heroic. Whenever anyone asks if I like Captain America or Ironman better I always pick Capt. So overall a great movie, I wish they did more at the end when he was in present time, I like the fish out of water / man out of time kinda thing. What gets me everytime is at the very end when Steve is at present time and says he has a date, tears rolls down my cheeks.

9. Captain America Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier by Ry-Spirit

Fan art drawn by some guy in a hat. So continuing on to number 9, Winter Soldier! Now Winter Soldier Bucky as a character to me is not that interesting, he is just a guy who got brainwashed in my opinion? Is he cool looking with that 1980s long hairstyle? I do not get why everyone likes him so much.. But thats just me. The plot of this movie however is quite interesting, it feels like a spy movie. Also has a nice twist at the final act.

8. Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok by pencilHead7

Very entertaining movie, you could tell that the director had fun making this movie. It felt more light hearted than the previous Thor movie. I just watched this recently so its still fresh in my mind. Pure entertainment.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Guardians by Cheripi-Art

Now we are getting to the good stuff, Marvel movies that really gets me excited and emotional talking about. Guardians vol 2 did just that, Guardians 1 I didnt like it as much as other people did, I didn't care much about the characters, while vol 2 made me care about most of the characters, especially and even Yondu, I actually felt teary seeing the relationship between Starlord and Yondu, the scene when Yondu was gliding down and Starlord laughed saying Yondu looks like Mary Poppins, Yondu asked if Mary Poppins is cool and Starlord looks at Yondu with admiration and respect in his eyes and says 'hell yeah he's cool'. I also really like Drax in this movie, with his brutally honest opinions to him talking about how sad he is about his family's death while keeping calm, when Mantis read his mind she just burst into devastation while Drax just sat there taking in the pain silently. I also like main plot about Starlord's father and his origins and goal, that and also cause I love Kurt Russell. 

6. Ironman 3

ironman threeeeee by MachoMachi

I really need to rewatch Ironman 3, as I don't remember too much about it but I do remember liking it a lot. I didnt like the first two Ironman very much, I thought they were just ok? I guess I was just not a big fan of Tony Stark in general, but in Ironman 3 he was more likable, he seems more serious and when he lost his suit he had to figure out ways to infiltrate using limited tech. I like how it was like he had to prove himself without his trusty suit. 

5. Captain America Civil War

Spider-Man - Captain America Civil War (drawing) by Quelchii

Or Avengers 3 as I like to call it, is pretty much an Avengers movie. You may have noticed I dont have any of the Avengers movie on my list, I guess I just felt the Avengers movie tried to cramp in too many characters. For me it felt a bit messy, Captain America Civil War had a bit of that, but the other superheroes were just there for that giant epic fight scene, storywise its really just focussed on Captain America and Ironman. And I could understand their reasoning to fight for what they believe on both side. So overall I liked it, I kinda wish they didnt have Black Panther in it though, it felt kinda forced having to introduce Black Panther into already a well structured plot. Black Panther should've been introduced in his own proper movie.. OH and lets not forget Spiderman, this is the movie that did it, took back Spiderman to his proper home! That iconic scene of Spiderman stealing and holding Captain America's shield was not only funny. It was the money shot, its the image telling the whole world that Spiderman is in the MCU.

4. Dr Strange

COMMISSION : Dr Strange by Mstrmagnolia

I usually dont have much background history or knowledge with the Marvel superheroes until the movie about them comes out, however it was different for Dr Strange, I knew about him from an old wonderful game called Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Ultimate Alliance 2 was also fantastic, if you have four friends together, play for the ultimate experience (Excuse the pun). I loved using him because he has this move that can turn an enemy into a box, I kid you not, it was a very powerful move actually, he was just so weird and looks cool and he was a sorcerer with relations to the asian mystic arts, that all fascinated me. ANYWAY so yes Dr Strange, I then went on to read the comics and watch the Dr Strange cartoon and led me onto a downward spiral. Now comes 2016 when the movie came out with Benedict Cucumber playing Dr Strange, I was spellbound. And sure enough, the movie didn't disappoint, I especially love the ending when Dr Strange defeated Dormammu not by strength but by wit and annoying the heck out of Dormammu, that was different and fresh. If I have to point out just one tiny little thing I may not have liked, it would be they tried to make Dr Strange funny.. he's not supposed to be. The jokes felt a little out of place? I felt like it would've been better if Dr Strange were serious but attempt to make humour to lighten up the mood but failing at it because he is not that kind of person. Kinda like Sherlock attempting humour but doesn't really know how. 

3. Ant-man

Ant-Man by ToddNauck

Not a big fan of Paul Rudd but I liked Ant-man a lot. It had a nice superhero plot and it was very creative with their use of shrinking things. Very entertaining overall, and I still feel sad whenever I think of Anthony.

2. Spiderman Homecoming

Homecoming by peyoberry

A lot of pressure on this Spiderman movie, its Spiderman's first proper movie based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, could they do better than what Sony did with their movies? WELLL IT DID FINE! Fantastic even, this is my favourite version of Spiderman to date, he is spunky and energetic and just wants to be a hero like all the other heroes out there, and he proved that not by saving the world from a giant villain like most superheroes, he did that by stopping some criminals who wants to steal some tech. Its a simple story but its a pleasant one. I cannot praise it anymore than I already have. Also, did anyone get triggered by writing Spiderman like Spiderman? And not like the proper way of Spider-man? Sorry not sorry.

1. Black Panther

Black Panther by artofcarmen

And number one goes to BLACK PANTHER! I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. This movie made me want to move to Wakanda, there were scenes in this movie that got me genuinely excited, its the one shot casino fight scene and the car chase scene after if you are wondering, I was as excited as Shuri getting in that virtual car, and can we just talk about Shuri? She is so funny and great! She and the villain Kilmonger were my two favourite characters. Of course, the movie has just came out, so please do not read on if you havn't seen the movie as I am about to drop some spoiler worthy bombs, Ok spoilers alert.. I was legit sad when Kilmonger had to die, I felt sorry for him man, he has his problems but how he became who he is is kinda sad but understandable, I kinda wish he turned good at the end. So what else do I like about this movie? This movie also broke records, it made lots of money on its opening weekend, it had a mostly all black cast, busting the myth and stereotype that if you want a movie to make money you gotta have a white male lead. It also featured a lot of strong women, I could imagine little girls who wants to be like Shuri when they grow up. It brings hope for the young African American community, I like the scene at the end when they were trying to say just that, with the Wakanda jet landing at the basketball court of Oakland. This movie did great things other than just being a great superhero movie. WAKANDA FOREVER.

Ok thats my list done, if anyone thinks different, well you are wrong. Nah im joking, please voice your opinion on your favourite movies from the MCU. I also look forward to the next Avengers movie thats coming out soon, who knows, maybe THAT would be my favourite Marvel movie. We will see.


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Thought provoking question

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 5, 2018, 6:42 AM

If today was the last day of your life, what would you want to do?


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Who I want to see to play Batman characters

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 26, 2018, 5:02 PM

This is one of those who I want to see in a comicbook hero role kinda journal. It started off as conversation I once had about Floki from Vikings, not sure if you guys has seen Vikings but Im a big fan of it, I especially like the character Floki, he's a skinny tall man who looks kinda creepy and acts kinda weird, I have never seen him in anything else so I looked him up, apparently he's played by a Swedish actor called Gustaf Skarsgård, as I saw him more and more I started to think that he would make a great Joker. He's got the look and the acting talents to pull it off for sure. I then started thinking about more actors that I think would be perfect for certain role. Yes this is what I do in my spare time.. I just think about random stuff like this.. Lets take a looksee.


Gustaf Skarsgård as the Joker
So I mentioned I want Floki as the Joker with my reasons already, so perhaps I will talk about other Jokers in the past, from the very first Batman movie I have watched in the cinema, Tim Burton's Batman with the Joker played by Jack Nicholson, I thought Jack was scary, in fact he was so scary that I got scared and asked my aunty who took me to take me out of the cinema, and I remember feeling very guilty about that, that was when I was like 3, so Im surprised I actually felt guilt and embarrassment for my action when I was 3. Anyway looking back now, that Joker was kinda silly and comedic, it was fitting for Tim Burton's crazy wacky Batman world though. Then we got Christopher Nolan's Batman series, The Dark Knight was the one with our very own Heath Ledger playing the Joker, I loved his performance, I thought the look of Joker could be a little more Joker like though? But thats just my bias opinion about how the Joker should look like, I thought the make up was very rough and smudged, which arguably played very well into Christopher Nolan's more realisitic take on the Batman Universe, a little too realistic in my opinion, it always felt like other than Batman and a few characters, Nolan didn't want the characters to become too much like their comicbook characters, and that bothered me. Catwoman was just a thief who had headgear which resembled a cat, Robin you didn't even know was Robin until the very end when he was like 'oh my nickname is Robin', I felt it was more like a crime movie series with Batman character DLC skin put on them, but fitting to THAT universe none the less and I really loved the series. And yes I loved Heath Ledger's performance very much as the Joker, just a little something on Heath, if you havn't seen the Australian movie Two Hands, give that a watch, probably my favourite crime drama comedy Australian movie thats way too underated (Cos its Australian). Then we got Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad... which I disliked, but people has argued its because of the messy editing.

Jon Ham as Batman
I have seen Jon Hamm in Mad Men and he sounds and looks like Bruce Wayne, I heard Kevin Smith suggested that before in a podcast and I was like 'Oh my god you are right', he is totally Batman! A little bit older to be the early career Batman, but thats totally fine.


John Waters as Alfred
I was thinking long and hard about who would play a good Alfred, I want someone to look like the Batman Animated series Alfred... and who better than John Waters, put aside the creepiness vibe he gives out, he looks pretty much like Uncle Alfred. Its probably the pencil moustache that made me think John would be perfect, but John's acting is not too bad either, he can put away his campy flamboyant charisma and put on a serious persona. Plus if Jon Hamm is an older Batman, Alfred would have to be even older.

Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy
I was just googling red headed actress to see who would be great as Poison Ivy, and found Christina Hendricks. She was great in Firefly (If you guys havn't seen Firefly, thats another great show thats underated and cancelled too soon), she played a very sexy and very cunning character, without spoiling too much. She was also in Mad Men, so maybe John Hamm could pull some strings and get her to play Poison Ivy, I think she just looks like Poison Ivy so she should be Poison Ivy. And yes I have a thing for red heads.


Jaeden Lieberher as Robin (Damian Wayne)
If we are going for an older Batman then its probably best to have Damian Wayne Robin rather than Dick Greyson, plus I like Damian more as a character, so who is this Jaeden Lieberher? I gota be honest, I didn't think too hard on this one, I just wanted to find some kid who kinda looks like Damian so I could complete this journal with more to say other than Gustaf and Jon who I passionately want to see cast as Joker and the Batman. So yes this kid Jaeden Lieberher was in IT, the movie about the scary clown that came out last year, I was just looking at recent movies with kid actors, I also considered Finn Wolfhard who played Mike in Stranger Things who was also in IT, but the thing about Finn is that he can act... sometimes, but whenever he has to act angry, I just don't feel it? He just always seems to have the same expression when he is sad or angry or caring... So I thought Jaeden Lieberher would be better, he is good looking and I have seen him in IT. He was great, I think he can pull of an angry teenager who wants to impress daddy but also be cool. So yes I want him to play Damian Wayne.


Cole Sprouse as Nightwing (Dick Grayson)
I was about to upload this journal without a Dick Grayson... until randomly I saw a photo of Cole Sprouse, Jughead from Riverdale... and thought he would be a great Dick Grayson, he is an adult who looks like a kid pretty much, he look like when he was young he was Robin, and now that he has matured, he continues to fight crime as Nightwing.

Thats about it. I can't think of any other actors I would like to see in other Batman roles.


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How I almost killed my Doctor

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 16, 2018, 4:04 PM

Thats a photo of me a few years ago when I almost killed my Doctor. Nah Im joking of course, I never used a gun, it was with a car. So this story happened around 10 years ago, there was a Chinese doctor that I went to whenever I was sick, I have been seeing him since 8 years old youngling Ry moved to Australia, his name was Dr Diu. Funny story that, Diu sounds like the Chinese equivalent for the word "F*ck" in english, so its kinda hard to call his name without swearing at the same time. As years gone by, I felt like he just got more and more disappointed in me, I first went to see him as this happy young innocent sick child, then he started to see me go through my emo gothic phase, I was dying my hair a lot (He was old fashion Christian Chinese man so he didn't like that), then saw me date another long time patient of his, one time I was coughing a lot and he asked me if I smoked, I was caught off guard by that random question so I answered honestly with a no but because I was caught off guard it sounded like I was lying. I did end up lying to him one time though, I faked an illness to get a doctor's certificate to get out of a school exam (I know I know.. I wasn't an angel but hey sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do), and my fake illness acting skill was as good as Tommy Wiseau so he saw right through me and smiled like he knew I was lying, I also eventually left the church that we both attended too. So in his mind, I was a teenager heading towards the path of darkness.  

So what happened was, 10 years ago I was just casually making my way down town in my trusty Toyota Corolla. I was on my way into the town's car park and had to wait for cars on the opposite lane to past before I can quickly make a turn into the car park, my eyes were fully focussed on the cars and that was the problem, as soon as there was a gap I accelerated quickly into the car park until I saw a man walking by the car park entrance, I immediately slammed on the brakes and the car stopped like a meter from the man. I almost hit him... and that man happened to be my doctor, Doctor Diu... I saw him and just wanted to hide. But I couldnt.. I was stuck in the drivers seat with nowhere to run, he had a horrific expression on his face, I mean its fair enough, his life almost ended right there. He then tried to look at who this crazy Mad Max driver was... I was in shock and embarrassment so I just looked down like I dropped something, after a while I took a peek up and saw him continuing his way. I wondered if he saw me, because there might've been a glare on the car window, he was old too so maybe he couldn't really see who I was, plus Im Asian so all Asians look alike right? In my head I just tried to think of every possibility of him not knowing its me.

So a few weeks later, luck has it that I got sick, so I had to see a doctor.. I didn't know any other doctors so I went to see Dr Diu. Everything was fine, he took my temperature, asked me the usual questions of how school is and what I have been up to that kinda thing. At the end of the session as I was leaving, he said. "I know it was you who tried to kill me you sick murderer bastard!"....... Nah he didn't say that. What he actually said was "Drive safely". WHICH WAS WORSE, I wasn't sure if I should apologise or what, was it also too late to apologise? Did he just say that randomly or was he hinting at that fact that he knew? Anyway, that was the last time I went to see him. After that I just refused to get sick, whenever I felt like I was about to get sick I would drink plenty of water, take some medicine if needs be and sleep a lot. To be fair, you don't REALLY need to see a doctor everytime you are sick, only go if you get some unusual sickness I think.

So that was that. I am glad I got that off my chest. For those who drive, drive safely.


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Let's talk about Zelda Breath of the Wild

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 3:26 PM

So when the Switch came out around March 2017 last year (Still weird to say its last year now). I was excited, not because of this game called Zelda Breath of the Wild, but because of a next Mario game. I have been a big fan of Zelda for a very long time, not as long as some people but long enough, my first Zelda was Zelda Ocarina of Time on the N64, my first reaction looking at the gamebox art is that it looks boring, I knew nothing about Zelda and based it on the fact that it looks like a boring game, but I was more into Mario 64 back then and wanted something more vibrant and happy and fun, while Zelda had a logo on the box art, the pictures looked lifeless and dull..

Mario looks so colorful and happy and just look at Mario flying in the air!

Zelda looks like a funeral brochure.

However, I did ask my dad to buy me Zelda Ocarina of Time because I didn't have anymore games to play on the 64. The first thing I remember doing was trying to find the jump button, how do you jump in this bloody game? You could not, you just run off the edge of the cliff and Link jumps automatically, What is this? You can't even jump in this game? Are you kidding me? I was frustrated by this but eventually got used to it. The game warmed up to me and I played more and more and reached the Temple of Time, I thought it was the end of the game until...... FREAKIN TIME TRAVEL Marty McFly , I got to be adult Link and explore Hyrule as an adult and I was only half way into the game, it blew baby Ry's mind. Since then I have played almost every Zelda game that came out. ALMOST!  Dont even get me started on Tri Force Heroes

Now why did I tell you this story? In a weird way it draws similarity to how I felt about the Switch and Zelda and Mario last year. The Zelda game before that was on the Wii one called Zelda Skyward Sword... I did not like that game very much.. I hated the motion control, I hated how Fi had to explain everything and guide you through the game, I hated the cel shaded graphics Happy Muffin Emoticon <-- eww (I loved the more detailed graphics for Twilight Princess so when they simplify the graphics style I just felt so ticked off). So when I saw the trailer for Zelda Breath of the Wild it just turned me off, the world felt empty, the colors looked blend, the freakin cel shaded graphics are back, and most of all, Link didn't look like Link, where is his hat? I love hats and he had no hats! All the hats went to Mario in Odyssey. So when the Switch came out, I did not buy it, I was ready to skip this Zelda, And a new Mario game would be coming out so hell yeah I will wait for that instead!

And I did! I waited till Mario Odyssey came out and bought a Switch just for that bad boy, it was FUN AS HECK! MARIO BROS RISA  I never thought I would see a dinosaur with a moustache wearing a Mario hat, I was making Mario voices through out the whole game, the worlds were colorful and fun and happy, unlike that dull looking Zelda Breath of the Wild game. yuck After I've finished Mario Odyssey, my Switch was just sitting there, I talked to my Mama, not my actual mama, but a close friend I call Mama, her DA is MrsMagalink , and as you can tell from her username, she's a big fan of Zelda. She kept telling me how amazing this Zelda Breath of the Wild is and I was like 'yeah Im sure its an alright game, I've seen the reviews, but I think I will just skip this one and wait for the next Twilight Princess looking Zelda game.' To which she just decided to buy me the game so I had to play it! Talk about a good mama! Repsulsed Matthias  So my game arrived, I opened the game box and was once again shocked by how tiny the game is, I got this last time as well with Mario Odyssey, I opened the game box and thought my game was missing, I was expecting a big CD but it was just a little cartridge. Anyway I popped the tiny game in and off I went, the first thing I noticed was that Link could jump, and I was put off by that, I didn't want Link to jump! You are supposed to run off the edge of the cliff and he jumps automatically! compare that to how I felt about jumping when I played Ocarina of Time, And Im able to climb things? You can cook things? What is this? I can use weapons... but it breaks? It almost felt like a completely different game, and it still does, Breath of the Wild feels like a survival open world RPG with a Zelda skin slapped on it.. And its fantastic. I did not expect to love the game so much, but the more I played the more I loved it, excited happy  theres so much to do, I got side tracked and did the side quests rather than doing the main quests, Im sure thats like everyone who played BoTW, its just so hard to focus on the main quest and ignore everything else, I was just looking through my binoculus and looking for the orange towers and shrines so I could turn them blue. The reviews were right, it really is a fun game and I cant wait to play some more later.

Its funny to draw parallel between my experience with the N64 and the Switch, its almost identical, I wanted Mario cos it looked fun but gave Zelda a try and loved it to bits. I honestly didnt think I would love this Zelda as much as I did, I knew from the start I would love Mario cos its Mario and I love Mario games but Zelda had a few hits and misses, but Im glad this Zelda understood how to get people to love the franchise again! Also a huge huge shoutout to :iconmrsmagalink: MrsMagalink for buying me the game.

And since this is Deviantart, I just want to showcase some amazing Zelda artworks thats not drawn by me, they exists! I know right?

Princess Zelda :TP: by MrsMagalink BOTW Link by MrsMagalink Life of Ry- Clever Boy (Botw ver) by kuroakikitsune BotW Zelda by bellhenge He Is Ready by causticAntilogy Linkachu by Qinni A Minish Cap by ieafy Link and Marin by grumble-bee Toon Link on a Mission by Orangetavi The Sky Watcher by Promsien Cucco Fury by tsurime minish cap by KIRU75 deviantID by pchaness   The Legend of ZELDA by captainosaka Skyward Sword by muse-kr OT link by muse-kr Link - Cheat Shield by DrewGreen


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Lets get to know you~

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 13, 2017, 6:05 PM

So its almost the end of 2017, and its been a while since I done one of these, I know a lot of people has left DA and moved on to other social medias like Facebook and Tumblr and Instragram and MySpace. So lets have another roll call and see who is still here! Lets get to know you~

In the comment below, state your name, country of residence, current favourite fandom (Can be maximum of 5), and what was the last meal you had.


I might as well write mine too!
Name: Ry Spirit
Country of Residence: Sydney Australia
Current Fav Fandom: Zelda BoTW, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Boruto, Star Wars.
Last Meal I had: Spegetti and Bolognese. 


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