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Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2018, 5:05 PM


 exclamation point exclamation point exclamation point angry cat by designer-brainexclamation point exclamation point exclamation point 


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Is Ralph too human to be in Disney Evolution?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 26, 2018, 6:02 PM

Wrecks my brain trying to figure this out by Ry-Spirit

First of all, thanks very much everybody for your support on my Disney Evolution series, its good to see you guys are enjoying it as much as I enjoy making them. With the Kanga and Roo one recently uploaded, I have done 60 characters now, thats like almost half way to 150, the Kanto Dex is almost half way there. I have a few ones I really wanna draw that I think you guys will love (Or hate me to bits).

So what do I want to talk about this time? Im not sure if you've noticed, but I tend to draw more 'animal like' characters rather than human ones. For several reasons, one being its more easy to expand my creativity with them rather than just having a human look younger and older, the more odd and crazy the character looks, the more fun I can have with the design. But the major reason for not drawing human is because it would be weird to have a human be treated like a pet/pokemon. The Disney Evolution idea is no doubt based on Pokemon, well I guess first we gotta talk about Pokemon and what they are, in the fictional world of Pokemon, Pokemon are monsters that can be domesticated and trained, for purpose of just having them as pets or have them battle other Pokemon for sports. Its a messed up concept if put into the real world (eg dog fighting or kangaroo boxing), but in the fictional world of Pokemon, the Pokemon enjoys it and wants to fight in order to improve themselves and fulfil their purpose, its almost like they are born to fight, not to kill to survive but just to better themselves in a little competition. These Pokemon are also kept in Pokeballs, which in the real world would also be messed up, its pretty much a portable tiny cage that you keep your pets in for a large amount of time, BUT again in the Pokemon world, its perfectly fine because no one knows what goes on inside the Pokeball, perhaps its a whole digital sanctuary inside that we dont know about.

So here lies the problem, if I add people into Disney Evolution, it would be like having human as pets (Someone call Dr Phil), although acceptable to some? Its a rather touchy topic to many. It brings the issue of what it means to be human, can human be treated as pets? Is it ethically ok to treat someone that way if they chooses it? Is it Stockholm syndrome? Should pets be treated as pets even? Or should they be treated more like friends that we dont keep for the purpose of serving us? Pokemon does a good job in showing that Pokemon are treated as friends more than how we treat animals in the real world (Eating them, riding them, using their body parts to make clothing, making them fight for our entertainment, pretty much if we see a creature living its life in the wild, we would find a way to abuse it for our benefits, oh dont get me started chimchar angry). 

Why am I bringing this up? Well I got in a conversation with a fellow Deviant That-Random-Banana about this topic, he asked if I was gonna draw Ralph and Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph. Usually I just say no to human characters because of my reasonings that I mentioned above, but then I thought about what Ralph and Vanellope actually are in their lore.. they are videogame characters, they are not human. In fact Ralph's original concept was supposed to look like a gorilla, kinda like Donkey Kong. And Vanellope is really cartoonish looking to the point of looking like a chibi doll, and she has candies in her hair that I could play around wit. BUT, they just look too human... And I am not sure if I want to cross that line. It would totally be awesome if Ralph looked like a gorilla, with that I can play around with, making him look like King Kong in his final form, and maybe like Diddy Kong in his first form or something.

So yeah.. Ralph and Vanellope is kinda tricky, I am leaning more towards a no. I mean I have so many other non human looking characters I want to draw so I can leave out Ralph and Vanellope for now. What do you guys think though? Am I thinking too much into this? Should I just go take a nap? What is the value of p if y = -3 in the formula p = 8 + 3y? Let me know in the comments about this topic. While we are at it, I will also throw in some other similar grey area characters and you guys can let me know what you think, Ariel, Ursula, Tinkerbell, Maleficent.


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Mr Spirit answers your questions (Part 2)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 13, 2018, 6:20 AM

Ok lets continue.

Zhespy115 asks: Not a deep question but I was that Red Skull cosplayer from Perth Supanova and you said that you talked with Hugo Weaving as to why he didn't reprise the role. Well. Would you mind enlightening me as to why didn't?

Pretty much, big corporate company cares more about the $$$ than how the actors are treated. Mr Weaving didn't like that. 

Zelphire asks: Would you sell yourself to shrek for $1?

I would do it for less. Anything for Shrek. I was only 9 years old.

Suvi-Iloa asks: How are you?


Pew-PewStudio asks: How do you feel about pineapples on pizza?

sure, Im always up for demonic rituals to summon the dark lord.

DummyForce asks: Do you think digital art will ever overtake traditional art?

Thats like saying television will overtake the radio, thats like saying movies will take over plays, thats like saying the keyboard will take over the pen! So yeah, digital art will probably take over traditional art. 

babbitgoezboom asks: Is the mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell?

Cell is an artificial life form created by Doctor Gero's computer from cells of different warriors, possessing the genetic information of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Freeza and King Cold, in an underground complex below Gero's secret research laboratory.

dasinvader asks: Can help me make a healthy habbit?

I read 'Can help me make a healthy rabbit?' and got me excited. 

SunbeamStone asks: Were you born with your hat?

Yes, my mother swallowed a hat by accident before my birth, and when she gave birth to me, she was surprised to find that I was wearing the hat.

CrookiNari asks: Do you need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty?

At least above 100.

Mikaslime asks: ok so quick question: how much is your real QI? mine is 128 ^^

I might take away 5 IQ points from you for spelling IQ wrong. But mine? probably around 20-40

koffing109 asks: Do you do something with the answers of the surveys you do daily?

Its part of my plan for world domination.

SWATKidd asks: Would you want to chat with me to know each other? I would enjoy talking with you.

Im talking to you now.

Im-Keyla-the-master asks: Say, my dear gentlemen... What is your current position about ZeLink?

Its a wonderful thing, but I would never google image it.

TimbersPineEN17 asks: Do you play Destiny? ( if not you are missing out! It’s legit!)

Destiny plays me.

Tcvancoops asks: What is your most cherished memory?

When I was so tired one time, that I reached into my suitcase for deodorant to spray on myself, only to realise afterwards that it was hairspray. 

RSableye asks: Oh my great philosopher, it is an honor to be your presence. Though I would thoroughly enjoy discussing the meanings of the universe with you I shalt keep this short;
Favorite food?

My favourite food is... I dont think there is meaning to the universe except for the ones we give it, the universe is just kinda there and we are just part of it, which is why it can be so amazing but also so anti-climatic, one thing is for sure and that there is life and death, I think it is important to make sure all living creatures live as long as possible, not just for human and for dogs and cats, but also for animals like chicken and cows and pigs that human take for granted and kill to eat. I used to kill bugs that are in my house in the past, but now with my current philosophy, I would guide the insects away from me but also make sure they are safe, even my worst fear in the world.. the spiders. 

Jam-uzu asks: *clears throat* Mr. Ry... Do you... know... the wae?

Do I know the what? What does this even mean?

SirWongIII asks: How many cockroaches does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just one, and it was actually me in a cockroach costume! 

Monoatrobascamine asks: how many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink


kouliousis asks: Thoughts on Pokemon Anime?

I will start watching again when Ash actually becomes the Pokemon master.

RAMWOC87 asks: Ry...What if the haters dab back?

Dab battle them to the death.

Kitxal asks: Mr. Spirit, what would you do if hats didn't exist?

Then I also wont be.

Niki772001 asks: What was the best moment of your life?

When I was sitting down with a milkshake held between my knees, then all of a sudden the milkshake started sliding off so I clenched my knees together really tightly and a line if milkshake shot out and almost hit the guy sitting across from me. It was the best moment of my life.

ColoredButterfly asks: What are your plans for the future?

I plan to eat an oreo and watch a movie before going to bed tonight.

Velvet-Rainbow asks: Are video games real?

What if I told you, we are just in someone's videogame right now?

martluca asks: dad when will you come home?

Its pronounced daddy.

catCrazie asks: How did you get into drawing?

I drew myself in there. Thats how I got into the drawing.

Tears-of-Xion asks: Did you ever play the game Blinx the Timesweeper?

It looked like a game I would've liked if I ever owned an Xbox. But I didn't own an Xbox. PS and Nintendo forever! (But I did own an XBOX 360)

Ereschk asks: Osaka or Hiroshima style?

Toyota arigato mr roboto tempura tamagotchi style

KBlackSheep asks: Have you tried to make your own video game?

Yeah, I made the Super Mario Brothers games. Its pretty popular.

RandomArtKid asks: Do you think that even if a person ruins someones life permanently, they deserve forgiveness?

If they mean it, then sure. Everyone makes mistakes. Like how I wish people would forgive me for drawing 12 artworks of Ugandan warriors recently.

NickTheNightOwl asks: What is your opinion on birds?

Im jealous that they can fly. Its always more beneficial to get on higher grounds.

AustralianFox asks: I know this is a common question but do you think dogs or cats are better and give me your reasons.

I love them both equally. (I dont want to offend either of them so going for the safe answer, I know some dogs and cats follow me on DA)

Insanepayne asks: If God came to you tomorrow and said "Yo my man it's time to go" and he plucked your soul from your body, would you feel satisfied/fulfilled with your life up to that point?

I would be like 'HEY! Not yet, I still gotta finish watching Vikings, Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, Game of Thrones, Meteor Garden.. Not to mention the games, I still gotta finish Spiderman, Wolfenstein, Yakuza, Spyro 3, Uncharted 4. ANDDD I still got more to do for my Disney Evolution set... actually you know what? This all sounds like a lot of work, just take me.'

level5pencil asks: Best place to eat?

In front of the TV.

Red-Paeken asks: What's a question you hate answering?

Probably... this one.

SFMunicornwolf asks: What's your favorite dog breed?

Rye Bread.

TheIntrovertedGhost asks: How does one socially interact?

Who knows, I have like 10 social media accounts, I don't want to talk to anyone on any of them.

Kaibutttsu asks: if you could have any number of pets (without worrying about space, time, money, etc) how many would you own /what types?

Without worry about space, time, money etc? With unlimited power? Then I would have ALL OF THEM. Every single creature in the world become my pet, by pet I mean be my friend. I will have a massive space for them to run around and enjoy their lives, away from danger but still able to be well fed to live their life to the fullest. Once in a while I would visit their home and see how they are going.

TheorignalLoreHunter asks: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

With my tongue, just one lick. *slurp slurp*

ThatLawler asks: What do you think of MauLer?

Is that a detergent brand?

Bolt-From-TheBlue asks: What show are you watching right now?

Meteor Garden and Vikings. Two very similar shows.

Francis-Cat asks: If you were in a jurassic park movie what dinosaur would you want to be eaten by.

Jeff Goldblum.

Francis-Cat asks: When is the last time you.... feared for your life?

When Jeff Goldblum tried to eat me.

LizChwan asks: What do you do when everything is bad/depressing and art-ing is hard as frick.

Watch Shrek. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.

pastel-taco asks: Do you think you’ll ever come to the US for any conventions?

I sometimes do. But kinda rare, Im like as rare as a Chinese tourist not haggling at the markets.

lopa-knight asks: How do you discipline yourself to get things done, especially when you REALLY don't want to do them?

I dont.

That-Random-Banana asks: Assuming that God is real, would you rather have eternal life on Earth, or live your standard lifespan?

Eternal life of course. Its going pretty well so far, lets continue to live it and not have it end.

ALuckySketch asked a lot of questions.

Yes to all of them.

PorcelainRose98 asks: This is probably a very frequent question, but what is your personal top ten favorite Digimon?

I don't think I can even name 10, But I like the smol flying orange one. Ask me Pokemon and I can give you 100.

PYRASMUS asks: What is the most important aspect of art?

The thingy

Phapha332 asks: Are you hungry? lol sorry I just thought of this because it's like 2 hours before lunchtime and our school's lunch is awful.

I am now, now I am thinking about school lunch. DAMMIT

xuuni asks: Your opinions on Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

I want one

Desert-Carnation006 asks: Do you think the guy on the right should kiss the girl on the left? (Showed a photo of a bearded guy and a girl)

Yes, but the guy should shave because those beards look kinda rough and may damage the girl's smooth delicate face. Its for occupational health and safety.

Dragonuva asks: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh why dost thou flood our notifications with thine question polls, good sir? owo"

Because I have a lot of questions. Like for example, why do you talk like you are from shakespearean times? But adds an emoji face at the end. You are like hipster Shakespear.

kkcfan101 asks: What do you do when things feel hopeless?

Ask polls and read through comments and hope people say something funny that cracks me up. Thats actually a legit thing I do. 

Gpapandreou98 asks: Would you be willing to be a guest artist on my upcoming comic strip series?

If I got time sure. as long as I dont need to strip.

Karmikosmic asks: What's your favorite meme?

My life.

DragonFire1054 asks: what is your favorite pokemon?

That yellow rat one

Alfabem asks: Do you have a bucket list and if yes what is on it that you definitely want to do?

I want to eat a bucket of oreos. Funny my bucket list involves a bucket.

HungryBro asks: What do you miss the most about your childhood?

Im still going through my childhood so nothing yet.

DeviantartLife asks: Would you rather be famous around the world but only live for 30 years, or, Not be known and live for 200 years.

If I pick the first one, I would be dead already. So I would pick the latter.

isaacjralderman asks: What is your interpretation of the meaning of life? (Please don't say 42 😂😂)

umm 43 then.

jcpeters726 asks: If you had to live with one other person in the same room for the next 30 years, and then HAD to kill them after the 30 years, would you pick to live with someone you liked or someone you disliked?

Maybe pick someone I know I like but will probably get sick and tired of after 30 years. It would be the perfect choice, Im thinking of maybe my best friend Dave.

dupperdiddy asks: how do you deal with being absolutely average in art among your peers

Who knows? I am way below average in art among my peers.

yeinART asks: How does one learn to wear a hat as sophisticated as you?

First you gotta have a head, then you put the hat on it.

PokeTitan asks: How is your love life??

*just off a building*

Lastamdfound asks: Why are you so pretty?

Its all because of my favourite natural face cleanser from Pro-active. I apply a little bit of it each morning, and boom! The results are clear. Pro-active, found in stores near you. 

Sonmenka asks: Hmm, what do you think of the following movies: 9 by Shane Acker, The Matrix, and Tron: Legacy?

Out of the three, Matrix is my favourite, Matrix was my childhood, I used to dress up like Neo. I used to rewatch the first Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded many times. Its a shame they never made a third movie. We do not speak of Matrix Revolutions

OK THAT IS ALL. End of questioning.


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Mr. Spirit answers your questions (Part 1)

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2018, 4:07 AM

Lots of questions were asked by you fine people. OK, I will answer them all. You asked, I answer. 

Azrielyn asks: Do you like dragons? :3 :3

Mostly ok. But some are not ok like Dragonball Evolution 2009.

Affyre asks: Pasta or Pizza?

Pasta on pizza. It is now my invention, I will copyryght it. Dont copy.

Mariana-Souza asks: Why among all kinds of art, you had chosen to be a digital artist?


KatelynCantDraw asks: Whats the point of life.

Like the Hong Kong soccer team in the major league. Not a single point.

Vader2222 asks: Are traps gay?

Depending on who set up a trap. 

TIMOTHY-ANDY-LARSON asks: How do you feel about the constant reboots?

Sometimes its good sometimes its bad, depends on the boots.

vt2000 asks: what is your honest opinion on Crunchyroll's High Guardian Spice trailer? (if you haven't, go and watch it. Then, come back and answer my question)

The new Little Witch Academia looks great.

wacichiu asks: How does Ry have an infinite loop of hats on his head?????

Quantum alternate extra dimensions mirrorverse black holes darkness kingdom hearts.

YuiHoshi asks: how are you doing today, Mr. Spirit?

How dare you ask me such a triggering question?

Muuluzi asks: Where’s my other sock???

I've confiscated it

Emma-bean asks: Is pineapple pizza good or not

It is good, if you want to summon the dark lord himself with this satanic ritual.

RandomAbsol7404 asks: What's your biggest inspiration to draw/create art?


Luna6294 asks: What is the meaning of life? Also, where do babies come from? Let me rephrase that. Where do babies come from, and once they’ve appeared, absorbed nutrients vital to sustaining life and growing larger, what is the reason for their continued existence if they’re just destined to go back to the earth? Is that where they came from? Did they sprout out of the ground from a seedling? I guess that would explain Cabbage Patch Kids. And speaking of which, are we just eating children when we eat cabbage? Is my cabbage soup made with real children? Are ALL vegetables sentient?? Is that where Carrot Top came from? If I sit on the couch too long will I turn into a potato, or will I turn BACK into a potato?? ARE WE ALL JUST DESTINED TO BECOME VEGETABLES????

I stopped reading after the word 'What'

kooldude5005 asks: What is the point of doing anything if we’re all gonna die in the end of it?

There is no scientific proof that we will die in the end. 

RoseSpectrum asks: How do I survive school?

Determination and positivity. If you live in America, a bulletproof vest as well.

ArinneArtistic asks: do you really need a high IQ to get the E?


sonicforever2014 asks: Advise for a freshman in college...

Keep staying fresh.

K9K1N6 asks: Will I ever find my dream girl?

Yeah, in your dream you will.

Pandoras-Socks asks: Should I throw him out of a window? (you don't need context)

Yeah alright, I can help.

Shadowisker asks: I need some spicy memes. Where do you reccoment I get them st?

something something .com something something internet machine

tokuina asks: do you play fortnite and if so will you give me your username

I play every nite not fortnite. My username is KungPowChicken123

sevenluck asks: why is the earth flat?

God only had paper to work with, 3D printers weren't invented till much later.

SG-Karuta asks: Will memes become the political foundation of society?

Some say, it already has.

PrincessAsparagus92 asks: Would you smooch a ghost?

With consent sure. 

Musicdove asks: How many rainbows does it take for a dog to fart on a bacon strip? (if you get the reference you are better than better)

I dont get the reference, does that make me better than better than better?

Blirtt asks: how do you beat lethargy after a hard day at work?

Quit your job and you won't have to worry about that ever again.

shaunC asks: You once said that you'd never could do any art with traditional methods. Will you ever go out of your comfort zone and try?

I tried using paint and painting over my monitor, it totally destroyed my monitor. Never stepping out of my comfort zone ever again.

robochar117 asks: Do you like Mecha shows?

Only if there are robots in it.

Aidan-TheMemeWeeb asks: Are you a fan of Jojo's?

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, But he knew it wouldn't last. Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona. For some California grass. Get back! Get Back! Get back to where you once belong. Get back! Get back! Get back to where you once belong, get back Jojo.

TheIdahoRailfan asks: How do you avoid artist’s block?

By not thinking.

Quills-Incorporated asks: How do you maintain a decent work ethic?

I dunno cos i dont have any.

imnotcrazyiminsane11 asks: [raises foot instead of hand] will i ever find love?

By the way you raise your foot, Im sure you get some kind of attention, and attention is a first step of getting people to notice you. So you are on the right track. Just keep on doing what you do.

Sifriyah asks: How are you today?

Why people always asks me such difficult questions?

thatawesomeguy14 asks: Why does cheese exist?

Because humans are cruel.

Kobuta-Nori asks: why is it that i dont detect any seriousness of humbleness in this post, hmm???

Because I tend to joke around a lot, so when I decide to be serious, no one takes me seriously. I get it.

HeavenBunny95 asks: What is the meaning of life?

The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Fario-P asks: Did you have to do it to 'em?

you know we had to

NETizpossible asks: Let's say some day I were to become popular but I need to set up a Patreon or other site like that because I would need to support myself. What do you feel like are some reasonable goals for your Patrons?

Furry prawn

Berryzem asks: How does a full time artist who specializes in private commissions maintain consistent work/cash flow when the scarcity factor decreases because their following knows how many times they've opened commissions from social media?

Make multiple accounts and pretend to be a few different artists. You can open up commission for one, then stop and open up commissions for your other account. then stop and repeat with your third account etc etc. I just thought of this and I think I am the most clever person ever. 

Kirbypuff326 asks: If you had to be listening to just one song for the rest of your life, which one would it be? :^

Probably one of those hour long medley that has a few different songs in one. Just so I dont go insane listening to the same tune every 3 minutes.

TheUnovaGuardian asks: How do I push through low confidence to start out as an artist?

By not caring so much. Or not caring at all. (This is probably the most important life lesson I have learnt, and it works like a charm)

Dayvihd64 asks: Do you have a healthy schedule? Good balance of eating, sleep, etc? I'm sure you're fine, but it's just my nature to worry.

When Im hungry I eat, when Im sleepy I sleep. Im alive. So I think I am doing fine. But Im sure someone out there will tell me Im doing it wrong.

Ada-recker asks: Hi, Mr. Spirit. I've adored the humor you add to quite a few of your works, especially the comics. Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with the jocular meaning to them?

Well, if I can't think of a good joke, I just wouldn't make a Life of Ry at all. You may have noticed there's been a lack of Life of Ry recently no..? 

Frogabond asks: how can I be as cool as you??

I have a 'how to be as cool as me' class that I run every weekend. You can come to my class if you like. No one has ever attended the class so you will be my first student.

OK we will have a little commercial break, we will be back with part 2 after this.


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Ask me anything and I will reply you seriously

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 2, 2018, 8:10 PM

Hello I am Mr Spirit. A teacher, philosopher, entrepreneur, professional artist, detective, life coach. I am accepting questions at the moment, in the comment below ask me anything you want and I will give you the most serious and detailed answer in the next journal. Why? Because I am a philanthropist as well, I am all about giving. I don't think my extremely high IQ should be wasted by having it locked up in my personal mind dungeon. It would be like Jackie Chan not doing Kung Fu movies, it would be like Celine Dion not singing, it would be like Cryptid-Creations not creating art, it would be like God not creating the heavens and the Earth. Now, despite all the professions and skills I have mentioned, my number one best trait, is actually still, my humble personality.

So, ask away my fellow deviants. Remember, I will be answering them SERIOUSLY. 
Please keep your questions short, because I don't like to read. And keep it to one question per person, do not be greedy.


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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 23, 2018, 7:44 AM

You know what we need? (Well I already wrote it in the title of this journal so that ruined it but..) AN UPVOTE SYSTEM FOR COMMENTS! Sometimes I see someone's comment and I want to just 'Like' it or give them a 'lol' emoji, without actually leaving a reply. I dont want to be that guy who goes and reply to everyone's comment... it kinda messes up with the fung shui of the page. Its nothing new, Facebook has been doing it, instagram you can give the comment a 'heart' emoji, Youtube has it. So if there's any Deviantart staff reading this who has the ability to add this feature, that would be so cool! Its just an easier way to give someone a thumbs up rather than think of something to say for every single comment. Mostly cos I dont want to use my brain

So yeah please upvote this journal so it gets more notice... oh wait thats right, YOU CANT DO THAT YET! XD

Facebook Thumbs Up Icon Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] Kyungsoo : Thumbs Up thumbsup Milo thumbs up (MML Emoticon) Tajima so cool Thumbs up parrot Thumbs up lady 


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Nothing matters or everything matters?

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 15, 2018, 11:50 PM

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.45.03 pm by Ry-Spirit

So recently I posted up a status saying that whenever I think of life, I cant decide whether everything matters or nothing matters at all. Now Im sorry if that sounded like an emo phase depression filled teenage poetry life reflection kingdom hearts, I really didnt mean for it to sound sad or negative. Some of you have reached out to me and asked if I was ok and told me not to be sad, I wasnt sad at all, it was just something that I think about sometimes, actually its funny because that status mentioned 'everything matters' too, so its not THAT negative is it? Let me explain what I meant by my status. And perhaps you can give your take on it.

So, in the beginning, there was a God who created the heaven and the Earth and me and you and memes and Sonic the hedgehog. So, in the observable beginning, there was the Big Bang, which paved ways for sentient and non sentient life to come. Particles were colliding with each other, chemicals were reacting to each other, rocks were bouncing off each other on the ripples of time and space, billions and billions of years has passed until planets started to form, including ours, Earth (It is perfectly fine if you want to read this in Carl Sagan's or Neil Degrasse Tyson's voice). So what happened on earth? It took many many years until we got an atmosphere, water, plants, little bacterias, evolving and killing and trying to survive. Fast forward another few billion years and here we are, still trying to survive (With a little less killing for survival thank goodness, but we still do sometimes.. unfortunately). Things have to live and die in order to continue this cycle, we try our best to live as long as we could, we SOMETIMES try to help other sentient beings live their to their fullest too like our furry friends dogs and cats (Why we dont do this for ALL animals too? Think about that. XD). But eventually things will die, even Earth! The Sun has used up its hydrogen fuel in the last 4.6 billion years since its birth, in another 5 billion years the Sun will run out of fuel, and when that happens, Earth would not be able to survive... that is if Earth dont destroy itself first. 

All that was just to get you a perspective on how fragile life is, life for the Universe, life for the solar system, life for earth, and our very own lives. 

SO, what to make of that? That is exactly what I wanted to ask. Does nothing matter? Or does everything matter?

On one hand, everything we know will eventually die, no matter what we leave behind, our children, our art, our ideology. Everything will just one day vanish and no one will be there to see it. So you could argue that in the long run, nothing really matters. Nothing really mattersssss to meeeee. Anyway the wind blows.. I mean you dont have to go all sad and negative about it though, nothing matters doesnt mean you gotta kill yourself or cause a wreck in public and ruin people's day, it can just mean you don't need to take anything too seriously or care about anything really. Just do what you wanna do and if you fail and embarrass yourself, who cares? No one will remember it forever. If you don't wanna do it, you don't have to do it either.

Knowing the fact that everything will die motivates you to care about everything! Since life is so fragile and rare, it would make every second count. You should put in the extra effort to make sure you leave a mark on Earth, you only get to live once and therefore you should do as much as you can and try to exceed in everything life has to offer for you! Don't let your dreams be dreams! Do as much as you can! (I should be a motivational speaker).

So there you have it. You see what Im saying? When you think about how life came to be and how life will end, you could view it in both a 'nothing matters' or a 'everything matters' way, both can be fine by the way (As long as you do good and not cause harm to anybody). For me personally, I pick and choose what I think matters to me. My basic rule is to make sure everyone arounds me have a good time, I also tend to care about more immediate things, especially lives of animals (including human) who are being treated inhumanely, I want every sentient beings to have the basic rights to live their lives to the fullest. I dont care as much for possible sentient beings that hasn't been bred into existence yet, in fact I think the less animals bred into existence the better to be honest, we already have an overpopulation of animals of many sorts including your very favourite dogs and cats, many of them has to be put down because no one is there to care for them. Cows and pigs and chickens are forcibly bred into existence so we could exploit their body for us to eat and wear, I dont like that :/ And even human beings! I think we have the right to have children, sure! But not everyone should choose that, just because we can doesn't mean we should.. Oooo controversial! We only got one planet to live on right now, and its not very big. I dont mean we gotta pull a Thanos and kill half the population, we can just have less children! Or adopt a child, you know how many children there are in orphanage right now? And so many abandoned children in less fortunate countries because families can't financially support them. What else do I care about? Memes! Jokes makes me happy and when Im happy I feel good, and if I share that with other people and make them laugh then that would be good. In a way, memes kinda falls into the 'Nothing matters' category, I mean its free and its pretty much a 'I dont care' kinda thing? Especially the really obscure ones that for some reason makes me laugh. Anyways.. So yes thats me in a nutshell.

Its really all about balance, first you gotta analyse which one you are, are you the 'Nothing matters' person? Or the 'Everything matters' person? And how is that making you feel? Do you feel happy or sad about it? Here's the most important advice I have to give. Listen closely! Ok here goes:

If the 'everything matters' kind of thinking is ruining your emotions in a negative way. Just switch over to the 'nothing matters' way of thinking. You may feel less pressure and like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

On the other hand, if your 'nothing matters' way of thinking is giving you an existential crisis and making you depressed, insert a bit of 'everything should matter' thoughts into your life. It will help you feel motivated and give you more of a personal meaning to your life, and perhaps that would make you feel happier.

Do good die great. Kiss 2 


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How seeing Nick Wilde gives me PTSD

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2018, 4:51 AM

Nick Wilde by Ry-Spirit

So this happened last year when I went to Disneyland California by myself. I love Disneyland and I try to go to them as many times as possible. (We dont have Disneyland here in Australia, thats why no one takes our country seriously). And two years before that I went to Disneyland and Disneysea in Tokyo, there I saw people having these autographs books that you can have the Disney characters sign (Not actual cartoon characters coming to life.. but people dressed up as the characters). At first I thought it was a silly idea and laughed at the idea..... but then I WANTED it. So when I got to Disneyland California, I bought an autograph book and made it my mission to get all the signatures from all the characters! I even left blank pages for important characters like Mickey and Donald at the front, and if I have a Woody signature, I would leave a blank page for Buzz Lightyear next to it, I was really organised. So there I was happily walking around the park looking for characters,  I got a couple of them like Goofy and Chip and Dale already, and while walking I noticed a line for Nick Wilde from Zootopia! I thought thats awesome, thats not a character you see often, so I lined up. And it was the biggest mistake in my life... Britney Spears - Fuchila 

Nick had a helper next to him that helps organise the lines and sometimes holds camera for you. The helper also does all the talking as the characters are not allowed to talk, I guess not everyone in the costume can put on the character's voice? (They need to hire me for Mickey and Goofy tho, I do a pretty impressive Mickey and Goofy impression), All the characters do signings though..  or so I thought. So when it was my turn, the helper happened to be away to organise the lines at the back, so I kindly asked Nick if he could sign my book. To which he looked at me silently, I just stood there waiting for a reply, silence.. I thought maybe the person inside the suit had a heat stroke and fainted or something. I asked again, to which he shook his head. I was confused, but thought maybe he was being Nick Wilde and maybe he wanted to be cheeky, just before I had Chip pretend to be not moving and when you go up to him he would move to scare you, I had Woody tapping on my shoulder so I would look at him and he would pretend it wasn't him. So I awkwardly laugh and asked him why not... which was a mistake because Nick cannot talk.. this went on for like a whole minute. At one point Nick even took my autograph book and put it behind his back, now THAT was Nick being playful... except Im not 5, so I just awkardly be like 'hey.. you got me! Give it back haha..' , and yes to make matters worse, this was seen by all the people waiting in line. Eventually after what felt like an hour, the helper person came back and said "Oh sorry Nick doesn't do autograph". I was thinking, why didnt you come back earlier to tell me that! NOOOO sobbing - crying And it seriously would've been fine if the person inside the suit broke out of character and just whisper to me like "Hey buddy sorry its not in my job description to sign autographs.", like I would've been ok with that, but I guess the Disney magic would've been broken, and he would've been thrown into the Disney castle dungeon. So I took back the signing book ready to leave.. and the helper asked if I wanted a photo with Nick, I seriously wanted to just say no and get the heck out of there, the people in line was already frustrated that I got into this one sided conversation with Nick for so long. The helper took the photo for me, and when I looked back at the photo, I looked like crap, cos I felt like crap. I have since deleted the photo as it just reminded me of how cringy the whole situation was.

So, every time I want an autograph from a character, I would ASK them first to see if they actually do signing, and from experience EVERY character I have asked said yes, except for Nick, so he was an unusual case, perhaps they don't use that character a lot so they didn't have time to train the actor to do his signature? Perhaps his costume had big claws and he couldn't hold a pen. Perhaps King Mickey hates me. Anyway, everytime I see Nick Wilde I just think about this incident and it makes me cringe, literally my heartbeat increases and I sweat thinking about Nick Wilde. Utter Disgust/Ultimate Cringe Face   It was a pretty wilde experience.


What Goes on in my Head Comp RESULT!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 19, 2018, 4:02 AM

The time has come. Time to give out rewards! And Holy Moly we have over 50 submissions for this contest, so it was really hard to just cut it down to 3 winners.. It took me a long time to choose.. But anyway here they are. STARTING FROM 3RD PLACE...

3rd place goes to....

Out of ideas by LonelyChimera
by LonelyChimera
I like how unique and funny it is, its like inception, inside your mind there is a long spiral of mind inside mind. I dunno it just made me laugh. Well done LonelyChimera!

2nd place goes to....

For RySpirit's Contest by Erkfir
by Erkfir
So I do this as well, I also come up with funny Benedick Cabbagebatch names. And good on Erkfir for coming up with so many names! I like the idea that all Erkfir think about is Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean its not a bad thing <3

1st Place goes to....
What goes on in my head by Haiyaku-art
by Haiyaku-art
I really like this one because at first when I clicked on it, all I saw was a happy face with nothing written, and I thought that was odd, then it animated to a sad face with all those thoughts and I was like 'ohh...', I guess I like the idea that theres two sides of things, which is like most of us isnt it? Often we put on a happy face but we hide our own insecurities and sadness inside. I also like the use of typography here, all the words fitted nicely within each frame, its very pleasing to look at. So yeah overall it ticks all the boxes, its a little sad but its very well draw as well. So well done Haiyaku-art! Well deserved win!

I just want to name some honorable mentions, these are the people who were very close to make it to top 3 but missed it by just a bit!
What Goes On In My Head Competition: RobinTheBard by RobinTheBard  what goes on in my head contest entry by kouriiko What Goes On in Elena's Head by Dik-LEN-vaY What Goes on in my Head - Contest by xXMsEleaMaXx

Like I said, it was a very hard choice... in fact everyone who participated did very well! Thanks for doing it, it was really nice seeing all your submissions. Give yourself a round of applause. *clap clap clap clap flap*
If you want to see everyone's entry, just look at the previous journal entry here:
What Goes on in my Head Competition! (CLOSED)Another competition whhhhat?! Hell yeah! So your task is to fill in the gaps on what goes on in your brain! Like the one I did in my Life of Ry - What goes on in my head

I have made a brain template, Click on it and check it out! 
You can either right click save that JPEG image, OR alternatively click on the download button, which gives you a 10MB PSD file, which has a base layer, base color layer, and a seperate layer just for the brain divider lines.
Some suggestions:
- Feel free to play around with the layers, for the character as long as the final image has a similar idea, I don't mind. You can add a hat on yourself if you like, you can add a beard if you have a beard, you can add long hair, you can even fursonafy yourself if you see yourself as not a human.
- For the words, you can either type it or write it, expand some thought areas, get rid of some


What Goes on in my Head Competition! (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 25, 2018, 9:37 PM

Another competition whhhhat?! Hell yeah! So your task is to fill in the gaps on what goes on in your brain! Like the one I did in my Life of Ry - What goes on in my head

I have made a brain template, Click on it and check it out! 

You can either right click save that JPEG image, OR alternatively click on the download button, which gives you a 10MB PSD file, which has a base layer, base color layer, and a seperate layer just for the brain divider lines.

Some suggestions:
- Feel free to play around with the layers, for the character as long as the final image has a similar idea, I don't mind. You can add a hat on yourself if you like, you can add a beard if you have a beard, you can add long hair, you can even fursonafy yourself if you see yourself as not a human.
- For the words, you can either type it or write it, expand some thought areas, get rid of some areas, just have one massive area with one thought even. You can even DRAW in the areas if you like, why not? Why limit yourself to just words? That might be fun. Ya just be creative :)
- You dont even HAVE to use the template, you can draw your own in your style. This template is just to make it easier for people to use :)
- Although this is what goes on in YOUR head. I would accept if people wanna do their OC as well.
- I will be judging the work based on creativity and how well its made and uniqueness bla bla bla etc etc
- I will be updating this journal occassionally to show off the submission so far. So come back and check from time to time to see what you are up against.

Due on the 17th of July 11:59 (Till every country on earth has had that day).

I will pick 3 winners:

1st prize- 4000 DA points (Enough to buy 1 year Core membership, or whatever you want on DA)
2nd prize- 1200 DA points (Enough to buy 3 Months of Core membership or whatever you want on DA)
3rd prize- 1 DA point and an alpaca badge (Enough to put a smile on your face)

Dog Dance (gif animation) Dog Dance (gif animation) Dog Dance (gif animation) 

Submission: Just upload it and link to to this journal page comment.

Thats it, any further questions, you can either come to me or the police.

Submissions so far:
What goes ooon in your heart? by werelightshine  What Goes on in my Head comp. entry by isaacjralderman  What Goes on in my mind by R3X-Ms-red  What Goes On In My Head by SunbeamStone  What Goes on my head competition - Contest 3# by kjmjperi What goes on in Pisces's head by Pisces-the-Fish  The Mind of a Memelord by Aidan-TheMemeWeeb  what goes on inside my head by C0NTR0VERSY  What Goes On In My Head by Jam-uzu <da:thumb id="751893288"/>  For RySpirit's Contest by Erkfir  What goes on in my head by DeviantartLife  Harmonic Thoughts {CE} by HarmonyRocketEeveon  Ry-Spirit Contest - What goes on in my Head by Absbor-K  What Goes on in my Head - Contest by xXMsEleaMaXx  Thoughts.. - for Ry's competition by ArinneArtistic  What Goes on in my head  by Zrayexx  What's in my Brain? by PsychoDemonFox  Mah Brain? by neokamatari  Whats in my mind by Quokka1  Brain by Ghostye  Entry! by Exxvus  What goes on in my head contest entry by yumi-skull  My Mind by PYRASMUS  What goes on in my head (in the clouds) by EtherealDreamCloud  Brainthing (2) by Kittenfluffyball  What goes on in my head- Violet by Sammymavas  What goes on in my head by koffing109  What Goes On in Elena's Head by Dik-LEN-vaY  Contest by TheSparkledash  My head by MonikaMii  What Goes On In My Head Competition: RobinTheBard by RobinTheBard  Haha by Frogabond  Your Brain on Ry (Contest Entry) by ChibiShay What Goes on in my Head by Lushies-Art What Goes in my Head - TottoArtsie's entry. by TottoArtsie  D93ddf56-1ee2-4421-8b59-668a319e000b by MinervaAthena123  What goes on in my brain by LeoHightower  Out of ideas by LonelyChimera             

CLOSED! Please wait for next journal for result!


Meeting Mr Hugo Weaving

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2018, 9:24 AM

Here's an interesting story that dont happen everyday. So last night I was invited to a fundraiser art auction event, Mr Hugo Weaving was an invited guest as well, I knew he was going so I mentally prepared myself before the event, with the Matrix being one of my top favorite movies and all.. When we finally met, I pretty much just lost my cool and spilled out my love for him as an amazing actor and told him how much I loved the Matrix, it was a little bit hard trying to tell him how much I like him without sounding like a crazy person. I felt like Peter Parker meeting Ironman, I think he eased up a bit after he realised I aint asking him for a spot in the next Matrix TV series or trying to challenge him to a Kung Fu battle. We talked about many things like why he wasn't in Infinity War, we talked about Cloud Altas cos I loved that movie a lot, we talked about Matrix of course, we even talked about my art career a bit too and I was almost embarrassed to let him know about my art (Ugandan knuckles im looking at you). But ya it was really enjoyable. It was a private event so I got to keep him for a whole 10 minutes before I felt I should let him go and enjoy the rest of his night. Just wanted to share this experience with you guys.

Meeting Agent Smith by Ry-Spirit

Heres a photo of Me me meeeee
Me too


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What would you do if you won $100,000,000? :)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 18, 2018, 6:29 PM

Just so you know, I am not handing out money.. but just out of curiosity, what would you do if you won $100,000,000? Im trying hard not to sound like a lottery ad.

So yeah name me three things you would do with your money!

Sparkle EmojiSparkle Emoji  Money n Coins Dog Dance (gif animation) Money n CoinsSparkle Emoji Sparkle Emoji 


New games E3, Pokemon Snap 2, Mario Kart VR etc

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2018, 12:09 AM

So great, news some announcements that got me super pumped for E3 this year! First we have

What-wii-want-from-pokmon-20110209002434684 by Ry-Spirit
Pokemon Snap 2 from Nintendo's conference, I only waited 20 years for the sequel to Pokemon Snap on N64 thats all. Finally its here. And it looks great! You go around your little vehicle and you take pictures of Pokemon! 

Jet-Set-Radio-Evo-Concept 12-17-17 by Ry-Spirit
Jet Set Radio Evolution, finally another Jet Set Radio game! That series (of two games..) hasnt seen a new game since the Xbox first came out. So thanks for bringing this series back, I used to play Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast a lot, it was so amazing with intense cel shaded graphics that blew my little mind.

Earthbound by Ry-Spirit
Earthbound remake, OH YES! Thanks Nintendo for remaking Earthbound, its a great RPG and I would love to play it again with amazing graphics! I cant believe they didn't do this sooner! Seriously, why not just take the character model from the Smash Brothers games and make an Earthbound game out of it!?

Chrono Trigger Resurrection Project By Xgoldenboyx by Ry-Spirit
One of my favourite game of all time, Chrono Trigger, Now in 3D remake. Man I can't believe we are getting more RPG games in 2018!

Twewy by Ry-Spirit
ONE MORE RPG! The World Ends with YOU, but in full 3D! Not just a rerelease of the DS game on Switch, but a brand new fully 3D rendered game! Well done SquareEnix for doing this! You won my heart. I loved The World Ends with You on the DS so much. Those of you who has followed my art since the beginning might remember I used to do my art in that style, very heavy line art stylised look.

Mario-Kart-Arcade-GP-VR-980x617 by Ry-Spirit
Mario Kart VR, so Nintendo is finally dipping their toes into the VR world. I mean we only had the PSVR for like over a year, about time Nintendo steps in! And Mario Kart on VR looks dope! I can finally immerse myself INTO the Mario world, this is the best thing ever :D

So there you go! All the games Im excited about from the E3 conference! ^^

...or was that all a dream? Umm


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Horoscope for the week (Real)

Journal Entry: Thu May 24, 2018, 6:22 PM

This week's horoscope.


You will win a $100,000 this week! If you buy at least $200,000 worth of lottery tickets.

♓️ PISCES ♓️

You will meet your soul mate, in fact they are right behind you. Take a look.

♈️ ARIES ♈️

Trust no one.

♉️ TAURUS ♉️

You need to eat only plant based food for this week. Its good for you. 

♊️ GEMINI ♊️

Go to your local zoo, if you see an animal that you feel connected with. You may need to rescue them because they might be your spirit animal.

♋️ CANCER ♋️

You will discover your superhero identity this week. You may even get your own movie if you are lucky.

♌️ LEO ♌️

You will discover your super villain identity this week. Didn't think you had it in you yeah?

♍️ VIRGO ♍️

Crazy times! You will have a fantastic time in a ball pit.

♎️ LIBRA ♎️

You must only walk backwards for this week. May wanna invest in a portable mirror.


Hug every cat you see.


You will dream of me. Don't panic,


You will win in every scissors paper rock contest. I recommend turning it into a money match.

That is all, Ry-Spirit cares.


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Sunnyboy the Sequel

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2018, 4:01 PM

So I mentioned previously how I missed Sunnyboy and will never have it again due to the company stop making them. 

We need to talk about Sunnyboy
Thats a picture of me enjoying some sugar when I was a child, today I want to talk about Sunnyboy, unless you lived in Australia, I doubt you will know what a Sunnyboy is. Let uncle Ry educate you on the Sunnyboy. I cant stop saying Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy is so fun to say.
To most people, it is just an iceblock, but to me, it was childhood. Little Ry used to get them all the time during primary school, it was so cheap too, it was like 50 cents for one, they had raspberry, orange and cola for the flavors, I didn't like raspberry much but the other two was the bomb.
What made it memorable compared with other iceblocks was probably the shape and the way you ate it, if you ask me to describe the shape of it, I would have a hard time trying to explain it. Ok.. so the shape is like... a pyramid in the 5th dimension (If the 4th dimension is time). Thats my best definition. If anyone knows the actual

Well... no good news about Sunnyboy coming back. But I did manage to find somone selling it on Ebay, it was on a more expensive side but I bought it anyway!

33141780 264494767455831 8870309739255300096 N by Ry-Spirit

Boom! I even got my favourite flavour of Coca Cola! I have a box of 6, I dont think I will actually eat any them... not only because its past the best before date, but also because I dont want to flush something so rare now days down the toilet. I have heard from a couple of people that there's something similar in other countries, so when I do visit other countries, I am gonna get them to get that nostalgic feelings back!



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Here's your Horoscope for this week

Journal Entry: Thu May 10, 2018, 6:55 PM

Hey guys, this gonna be a weekly thing now. I've been having connection with the spirits lately, so recently been psychically strong. OK here goes.


Aquarius people gotta pet doggos.

♓️ PISCES ♓️

You gotta spin around 3 times, jump up once, shout out the alphabet and wink 5 times. Just do it, its fun.

♈️ ARIES ♈️

You are gonna choke on a banana this weekend, avoid bananas at all costs.

♉️ TAURUS ♉️

If you meet a Gemini, make advances on them. <3

♊️ GEMINI ♊️

If you see a Taurus, run.

♋️ CANCER ♋️

It is your duty to search around the forest this weekend and flip any helpless turtles you see who are stuck on their backs. 

♌️ LEO ♌️

You are gonna die, unless you are alive. Then you are fine.

♍️ VIRGO ♍️

You will meet the love of your life, but they may not be human.

♎️ LIBRA ♎️

Your aunty will visit unexpectedly.


Just don't.


Avoid making jokes this week, you will bomb.


You will get extremely sick, unless you give talented artist man Ry-Spirit a llama badge on DA.

That is all, Ry-Spirit cares.


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Well that was embarrassing

Journal Entry: Sun May 6, 2018, 4:59 PM

I wanted to say "All good." or "Cool beans", but ended up saying "All beans"...


We need to talk about Sunnyboy

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 16, 2018, 6:46 AM

Sunnyyy by Ry-Spirit

Thats a picture of me enjoying some sugar when I was a child, today I want to talk about Sunnyboy, unless you lived in Australia, I doubt you will know what a Sunnyboy is. Let uncle Ry educate you on the Sunnyboy. I cant stop saying Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy is so fun to say.

To most people, it is just an iceblock, but to me, it was childhood. Little Ry used to get them all the time during primary school, it was so cheap too, it was like 50 cents for one, they had raspberry, orange and cola for the flavors, I didn't like raspberry much but the other two was the bomb.

What made it memorable compared with other iceblocks was probably the shape and the way you ate it, if you ask me to describe the shape of it, I would have a hard time trying to explain it. Ok.. so the shape is like... a pyramid in the 5th dimension (If the 4th dimension is time). Thats my best definition. If anyone knows the actual name of this shape, please let me know.

Sunnyy by Ry-Spirit  Sunny by Ry-Spirit
And how do you eat this extra dimension ancient Egypt tomb? Well, you cannot eat it without first cutting off the edge on one side, that Sunnyboy wrapping is made from some foil thats actually impossible to peel off, so you need a pair of scissors to cut it off, oh yesss, encouraging kids to use scissors everytime they want to eat a Sunnyboy. Nothing bad could happen right? At the school canteen they were kind enough to cut open this tightly sealed packaging so we wont accidentally chop our fingers off. So how do you actually eat it? You gotta squeeze the bottom so the iceblock pops out on top, BUT dont over squeeze it or the whole thing pops out and drop to the ground and you become sad boy. So you gotta be careful.

So why am I talking about Sunnyboy? Well, because they stopped making them!  NOOOO sobbing - crying They stopped back in 2016, I didn't even know that until I just thought about Sunnyboy and how I dont see them at the shops anymore, then I found out online that the company has stopped making them because of lack of demands. They even started a petition to keep Sunnyboy around, but there wasn't enough signatures. I dont know how we are gonna get Sunnyboy back, but its most likely a never. We need a Zombieland kinda push to bring it back, but we ain't got no Woody Harrelson to help us out unfortunately, so yeah sad but true, Sunnyboy is no more, just Deadboy now. 

I hope you enjoyed reading.
RIP Emoji RIP Sunnyboy 1980-2016 



Journal Entry: Sat Mar 31, 2018, 4:10 AM

Hey guys, sorry for lack of updates recently. A lot is going through my mind after I received news of something thats really exciting but a little bit scary, so back in 2013 I was one of the 78,000 people who signed up for the Mars Settler program, its a one way trip due to funding, they don't mention why it HAS to be a one way trip, but we all know its because its really expensive to travel to AND back from Mars, you also gotta wait for the right alignment of the flight, its a lot of work.. its not as easy as flying from Australia to NewZealand. Anyway, we had to make a one minute video explaining our motivation behind our decision to go to Mars. I told them it has been my dream to go into space, Mars has always been my favourite planet, more than Earth even, I told them I would contribute everything I could to make the planet a fantastic place to live in, I would help with farming and exploration and make everyone tea. 

So why am I saying all this? Its because.. I GOT ACCEPTED! Frog dance  I got this news a few days ago to my surprise, I never thought I would get in! You should've seen my face, it was as red as Mars itself. Why me when there are so many more qualified people? But I guess they want a mix of different people with different talents and backgrounds so I suppose anyone could've gotten in? Whatever happened at the selection.. Im just glad I got picked! SO YEA! I will be flying out to Mars in the year 2023! 

This is a one way trip of course, meaning I literally won't be coming back to Earth. I have thought long and hard about this before I applied, but I am ok with that. Would I miss Earth? Yes. I would miss the people I have met here, I would miss the place I grew up in, I would miss the ocean, but we've got a whole new planet to explore! Think of all the cool rocks (excuse the pun) we may find! We may even be able to expand the periodic table by twice the size! Think of all the possibilities. We could discover new medicine and develop amazing new technology with elements from Mars, this COULD be the answer to eternal life, cos we aint finding that on Earth thats for sure.

So what would it mean for my time on Deviantart? I mean, I would still be uploading art and stuff, I ain't gone in my online presence, just because Im gonna be a Matt Damon doesnt mean I wont have time to draw things. Hopefully the internet connection on Mars to Earth wont be too flaky, if it is I may need to hotspot some internet through the Curiosity Rover or something. So yeah thats the big announcement, if anyone wants to meet me before I fly out into Mars, we still got a few years. ^^
#4 Free Icon: Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) 

Is there life on Mars? There will be Life of Ry on Mars in 2023 thats for sure!


If I went Blind

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 18, 2018, 9:14 AM

So I just spent a whole afternoon watching videos of how blind people do things and what goes on in their daily lives. I guess I had more questions than I thought as the more I watched the more questions I had, and they were answered quite honestly by this guy called Tommy Edison, you might've heard of him before, if you havn't seen his stuff definitely check him out on youtube, his channel is called The Tommy Edison Experience. So what sort of questions? From questions like if blind people dream, if blind people can understand colors, if blind people know what transparency means, whether blind people understand what visual beauty is to what blind people think of non blind people kinda things. Questions that are just common sense to sighted people but its a whole different world for blind people. Its just so interesting to see things through Tommy Edison's perspective. I was gonna say through Tommy's eyes but stopped myself before I sounded like a fool.

Videos of people who can hear for the first time or see for the first time makes me tear up, if you havn't seen any of those I highly recommend it, it humbled me and made me appreciate what I have and how I just take many things for granted. Then it got me thinking... If I was blind, you probably won't be reading this journal right now, you probably won't even know who I am, because what I do kinda requires me to see things right? I need to see what Im drawing so I know whether its Deviantart Daily Deviation worthy or not. In another universe, I could be blind and became a musician like Stevie Wonder! Or a lawyer.. like Daredevil! (... umm...I want to just quickly touch on a subject of the multiverse theory, I don't think we exist in other universes even if the multiverse theory is true, hear me out on this, many people say that we exist in other universes too, maybe in another universe you are a doctor, maybe in another universe you are the president, maybe in another universe you are a frog, maybe in another universe you are the opposite gender. But the thing is.. that is not you? Even if that you is 100% identical to you now living in a universe that is 100% the same as this one, that you still wouldn't be you. You are not conscious in that body, that's just a clone of you. That's like having a twin who has 100% DNA identical to you, but that is not you. So whenever someone say that 'In another universe I might be doing this and that', I walk up to them and squish their cheeks and say 'NO! That is someone else who looks like you but is ultimately not you.' SORRY WENT ON A TANGENT HERE.)

Lets get back on topic here, I find it super interesting that the born blind cannot quite grasp the understanding of colors, we see all 7 colours of the rainbow (Its more like 6 if you ask me, Newton had a fascination with the number 7 so he added an extra color in there just so it sounded better (If you are wondering which color, its Indigo, Indigo has got to go.)) But to a blind person it doesn't make sense to them, Tommy Edison says he knows what color is in the sky and what color fruits are and stuff, but thats only because people told him and he remembers the color names associated with the thing. But to him he does not understand what the color looks like, you can say 'oh red is warm, it is very vibrant and strong.' but that won't help with triggering the red color to a blind person who has never seen red before you know what I mean? But we sighted people can because we have seen it. Okay with this idea in mind, I want you to think about what we CAN see, we think we can see a lot of things yeah? We are pretty good with what we can see? Which is a lot? We can see a lot sure, but it would be amazing if we could see a LOT more! Let me explain, think about all the things we know exists but we cannot see, like ultraviolet or infrared or sound waves for example, we know they exist but we cannot see them. Some animals like birds are magnetic right? You can pick up a bird and stick them to your fridge! ...Ok no thats not true XD I made that up, but we do have Magnetoreceptive birds (I wonder if Magneto have Magnetoreception.. he must have right?), they can sense where North South East and West is, thats how they migrate and travel together like a family on vacation, now we KNOW they can sense the Earth's magnetism field, but we don't know what that feels like! Imagine if we can! Ok what else we can't see? Carbon dioxide the colorless gas, imagine if we could see Carbon dioxide as a black gas! It would definitely change our ways of living and help with the global warming problem! We would be able to see the sky getting blacker and blacker. We probably would've moved on to more electric based transport by now. Lets take this idea to another level, literally another level of... dimension. I love thinking about the possibilities of extra dimensions, what if we could see outside of our 3D dimensions and not be trapped within prison of the 4th? It would definitely change our ways of viewing the world, we would just have access to our whole universe's timeline and pinpoint whichever bit to relive, it would change the way we live and treat each other (one could argue that it would be chaos, maybe even driven to the point that we could not exist.. but thats getting a bit too depressing). But think of all the possibilities.

So I want to end this journal on something more motivational and humbling if I can, what I think I want to really say for this journal is... Lets be more appreciative of what we have. Lets be appreciative of the 5 senses we are given as well as the technologies we have in our modern day time where we can communicate with each other so easily, there could be someone out there who's reading this journal right now who is deaf or cannot speak, you may even be blind and is hearing this journal from someone else's mouth or through a computer reading. So for those of you who has the ability to do things with your hands or speech or sight or a creative mind etc, you should use it, do not waste it. Use what you have to give something back to the world. 


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