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Yugi Walk

Im a recent fan of Yu-Gi-oh! Yes you heard that right. I have never watched it or played it in my life and just recently got into it when my friend ashe-the-hedgehog REALLY REALLY wanted me to watch it. Hence here I am! I do really enjoy what I have seen though, its cheesy but funny and interesting.

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Hello! I love a lot the "Walks" can do one for my by commission???? please?

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This is so cute I love it! :3

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Poke, Digi, Yokai, Yugi

How about more obscure ones like "monster rancher"?

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Hello! Could I please use this picture for a social media post? I'll include a direct link to the source as credits, of course ;)

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I'm somewhat new to the fandom but holy heck to I love Yu-Gi-Oh! and holy heck do I love THIS!!!!!!
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:iconfluffysnuffy: :iconcharactertamersteph:, this picture is very adorable and clever!
Cool drawings. Well done.  
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AHHHHHH! This is so freaking cute!!!! I wanna hug Dark Magician so badly! He looks soooooooo adorable! (Dark Magician is my favorite Duel monster XD)
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Hello! Could I please use this picture for a video on my YouTube channel? I will give you full credits, of course :)

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this look so awesome. I love it x33
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Aww, that's cute.
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The Beatles style!
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This is just so freakin cute! :love:
Yugi and his kids! Dark Magician is my favorite in this, he looks round and less serious and baby chick-like :heart:
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Aww that is so cute! I can't believe you made more of these. This is a really cute project. :D 
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If you're wondering - my three ideas are these:

1. Favorite this pic 8+ times √
2. Make idea for a pic of own
And -
3. Make a story with a pixal - anime theme!
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thanks for the comment :D you are a funny one
Kaitlynoo's avatar
Thanks, and I love to be funny. I may be turning 17 in a few months, but that doesn`t mean I`m gonna act like a serious grown up. I want to be the " Fun and not embarrassing parent/ grownup. " I can act a little serious if I have no choice, but that`s all! 
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Ya this whole when u r adult age u gota do adult things and throw away everything that is enjoyed by children is a silly concept. Just enjoy what you enjoy. Thats the key to happiness anyway xD do what makes you happy.
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You get me! Being grown up is no fun at all!
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Okay.... Only got it on 8 because I didn't want to overload the thing! But it's good enough for me!!
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I was gonna ask if that was Yugi or Atemu until I saw the title. Awww! Everything about this pic is ADORABLE!!!!! Love Yugi!!!! I love to call him 'Pharaoh' as a nickname. Ha! Ha! Dark Magician is sort of smiling - Cute!!!!! If I could I would like this 26 times! Oh! Idea!!! 3 of them actually!
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i am right up there with you! I am glad you are enjoying the show!
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