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A fan art of nearly all some of the video game consoles in history having a characteristic look. This artwork took me MUCH longer than expected, all those referencing was so frustrating.. but you know what? It was worth it :D

You can probably tell from the artwork which consoles I like and which I pity and which I ain't too fond of. In the comment below, tell me which video game console is your favourite. Go!

PS: Big thanks to none other than Deviantart who has been twitting this, facebooking this and tumbling this artwork. I appreciate your effort and kindness. Keep up the good work on this site. <3

PS again: Thanks to Kotaku who decided to feature this too.

PS again again: Thanks DA for featuring this on their facebook. www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbi…

A new artwork featuring the PS4 and Xbone can be seen here for anyone interested
Make Love, Not Console Wars by Ry-Spirit

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😗😗 This drawing looks good, but I think you could’ve drawn the PS4 as well. The PS4’s not too hard to draw, you know. Just draw a parallelogram, and then draw on whatever details from your fave PS4 model (assuming you have one). 😗😗