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A fan art of nearly all some of the video game consoles in history having a characteristic look. This artwork took me MUCH longer than expected, all those referencing was so frustrating.. but you know what? It was worth it :D

You can probably tell from the artwork which consoles I like and which I pity and which I ain't too fond of. In the comment below, tell me which video game console is your favourite. Go!

PS: Big thanks to none other than Deviantart who has been twitting this, facebooking this and tumbling this artwork. I appreciate your effort and kindness. Keep up the good work on this site. <3

PS again: Thanks to Kotaku who decided to feature this too.

PS again again: Thanks DA for featuring this on their facebook.…

A new artwork featuring the PS4 and Xbone can be seen here for anyone interested
Make Love, Not Console Wars by Ry-Spirit

If you are interested in buying this as a print, please click here for more info…
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I have the NES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Original DS, DS lite, 2DS, PSP, Game Gear, and Xbox One X.
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As a person who still loves to play video games, I recognize a lot of classics like the "Game Boy Advance", "Game Cube", "Play'Station", "Xbox360". Man those were the good old days.

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Oh my god I remember these oldies

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As a gamer I added this to my favorites :)
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I'm a PlayStation guy, I have the 2, the 3 and the 4. I'll be rebuying the 1 soon as well
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Nice wish you could feature the Nintendo Playstation too
Hello, I really like your work and I would like to include it as part of the illustrations of my research project, obviously you placed yourself in the creation credits and within the information of each of the illustrations. 
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You even have the XBOX Controller A
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If you relised Dreamcast is crying because it was discontinued
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You famous console artifacts are our idols of our childhood
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My gosh, this picture is the best! I'm a real nerd for evolution of electronics, and I just died when I saw this!

My two favorites from this is the PS2, and Gameboy Color :)
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So I'm doing a presentation in school about video games and if they are an art or not.
And I've been searching for an image for the first page for an hour now so tired 
And this one here is perfect! It's so cute and it also shows an old computer in the back! Most video game pictures only have consoles on them
So I wanted to ask if I can use it for my presentation? Of course, I will put you in as a source!

OUYE is a really rip off on ps4 and Xbox one so it got Banned! due to that mock up
There's also Xbox 360 S and E
Nice Dude!  i want you to Include XBOX One, Ps4 And Switch! And Dont Forget To Do The Dab!  mmmm books... I'm on fire! 
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I like how you included the Kinect, the PlayStation Portable, and the Dreamcast VMU.  You got all the popular consoles along with some lesser-known components as well.  Nice work.
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I'm a gamer and I approve of this picture.
Hey Dreamcast, are you OK? You look like you've been crying. In fact, you look like you're currently crying. What happened to Sega was not your fault; it was those jerks at Microsoft.
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Cool! Nintendo Switch will join them.
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Ya i will update this ^^
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