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The Mario Brothers

My first artwork contributed to the Retro Games Month, very appropriate I think, Mario being a vital importance to video games and I think really showed everyone what video games are meant to be.

They do look kinda creepy the more I look at them...
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this is wholesome
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Very nice 😊
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Are they gonna kill me!? why the heck do they have that supspsies face?
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They sorta look like the happy mask salesmen. :iconhappymaskplz:
without mario, who knows what videogaming would've been..

:3 neat
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Probably cause they're supposed to be italian and not have squinty eyes XP
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looks like mario and luigi played the Elegy of Emptiness...
They shouldn't have done that. o-o
cool drawing dude ^^
Asian Invasion!
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I think they're creepy looking too...thats because they look alot like the beatles music band.
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So 'japanesy' :3 lol.
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They had mustaches when they were children?
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not know about you but I find pikmin style
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Reminds me of a framed picture in a museum. It's probably hung up in the mushroom kingdom museum. (sorry for repeat)
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it has that "I see what you did there" face XD
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the beloved Italian duo!
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lol, they're really creepy. And they look Asian. But totally in a good way. They inspire happiness.
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Oh it feels so warm and happy! Thank you, I really adore this! XD
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kinda looks like one of those family portraits
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they look like they're stalking me......
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