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The Little Dragon

Been playing a bit of Spyro lately so decided to do a fan art of it. Of Spyro seconds before his death..

EDIT: Changed the name to 'The Little Dragon' instead of 'Spyro the Dragon'. It seems more fitting as it looks a lil like Little Mermaid ya!

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so much of your art i havent seen yet omg <3 i love it
SuperSkyFandomsLum's avatar
This looks so awesome! :D
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Best Childhood Game Ever!
Fire-Link's avatar
Great work. How's things going?
Corelle-Vairel's avatar
Spyro is the best <3
tulipteardrops's avatar
love Spyro   great job on this
Tatmione's avatar
which spyro are you playing? I wanted to play the classic PS1 ones but I have no idea how to emulate on my pc lol
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Ya playin the first game that was for the ps1. I could buy it in the ps3 digital store so i just play it on my ps3
Tatmione's avatar
hm I wonder if it's available for ps4 as well.. P:
Ry-Spirit's avatar
mmm not that i know of? Theres not a lot of classic games out on the ps4 store :/
Tatmione's avatar
yeah, I figured. :/ I'll try to emulate on my pc then xD
Tatmione's avatar
Squee! AAAAAH *squeaky little girl's voice*
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I love the colors here. I'm a big PS1 Spyro fan, so I'm very happy with this one.
Thabks a lot for this wonderful drawing.
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Wow, the colours in this are so vibrant, and Spyro actually fits with the background! Love it! :D
I have never played any of the Spyro games though, so I never really cared or knew about how Spyro died. Time to go watch some AVGN again xD
Ry-Spirit's avatar
LOL. Well he didnt die. But the franchise's popularity died. Kinda..
Jasmineteax's avatar
Oh wut. I'm pretty sure it was because the games were getting ridiculously boring or something so that's why it died in the first place
makaihana975's avatar
I remember playing this for the PS1 and for the GBA and all I can remember was chasing/charging at some strange/hooded thing around the map at high pursuit. The jewel collection was fun xD
manaakitia's avatar
ahhh year of the dragon, god how i miss that game :')
theres my boy
adorrrrraaaable Ry
LOVE how you colour
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