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The Dream Traveler

A fan art of Klonoa for the Childhood Favourites themed month.
I don't think many people know of this game especially when not all the versions made it out of Japanese release.

Facebook fanpage: [link]
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But know really, GREAT WORK!
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i still struggle with Klonoa on my Wii console
I know at one point I just didnt get any further and I had so many ragequits because of that : D
but still one of my favorite "little childhood" games on the Wii. 
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Have u made a Parappa the rapper one?
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Not yet. I do like it so maybe one day ^^
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Spyro, Klonoa, Gex, Rayman, Croc, Tomba!, Parappa, Ape Escape... best moments...
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loved this game
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Have you read the comic yet?
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I do remember playing the demo version of first Klonoa game, and when I discovered the full version of this game through PSN, I was tempted to play the game again to see if it was worth it.

Besides, this painting really has an slick feeling while Klonoa goes through the forest. Makes me want to play the game again, but it's just too short that I would as well play second Klonoa game...
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This is the first game I ever played as a child, and it has been my favorite game ever since! Made me bawl my eyes out though...
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:iconyuicraiplz: OH. MY. FREAKING. GOD. KLONA~ <3
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I played the one for the GBA, and it was really fun :3
Though I got stuck somewhere and the final levels with the big castle and stuff...
Though it was fun, a lot of variation in bosses and minigames and the overall look was something I haven't really seen beofre I think.
I loved that game, even when my brothers didn't.
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I absolutely LOVE Klonoa, it was one of my favourite games when I was younger, I hate that barely anyone knows about it, in my opinion it had the potential to be one of the most popular games around!
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I don't see why he never gained the popularity he so rightly deserved. I remember renting Klonoa 2 from blockbuster when I was 5 and recently obtained a copy via ebay. the game was short, but it was sweet. Its had a solid game play mechanic, surprisingly well developed characters and great and imaginative level design. some people think Klonoa was just Capcom's answer to Sonic the hedgehog, but I disagree. Sonic has nothing on Klonoa.
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klooooooonooooooaaaaa! oh i loves klonoa
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Love Klonoa! he so cute.:iconblushplz: It's too bad I haven't played any of the games though.:icononionwoeplz:
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omgomgomg i remember playing this game,
and there was them venus trap things that popped out them holes and it use to really scare me sob sob
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i ave played this game for psp it was good but unfortunately it had no music! was the music good ry?
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it was an iso and a bad one at that :(
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beautiful painting ^-^!!!! I love how lush and whimsical it is. It really takes me back to why I fell in love with klonoa in the first place.
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