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And of course Ash is strong enough to lift up that Ampharos, he goes to Gyms!

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I like your anime style
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*in a postal dude's voice* You gotta be fucking kidding
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Guys this is so sad
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Ash: Officer Jenny, you've got to help my Ampharos! The Pokémon Center's closed and I need to revive my Ampharos right now!

Officer Jenny: I'm sorry, Ash. I can't help you right now. I am on duty.

Ash: But my 
Ampharos is in trouble! Please, Officer Jenny, you need to help me save my Ampharos or else I'll be the laughing stock of Pallet Town!
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Pokemon center always there for you?   F you 
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Is this an mlm thing?
Oof Ash is so pissed
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So cute but so sad! (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
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Awww... So sad l love pokemon
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I love it but it's sad af.
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aww... :(

and Thumbs Up  for the Gym joke :D
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