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Another childhood favourite artwork, this time based on an anime called Super Pig. Its pretty much a female targeted anime but I used to enjoy it. Unfortunately I can't find a childhood drawing of it. Oh well.

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Super Epic! 😊❤
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Porquinha linda!!
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I can imagine some storylines I could come up with that would include this little Ham in it.
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I wanted to kill myself when I first saw it as a kid...
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Haha, I'm always surprised when I find someone else who knows about this! XD
I used to watch this show when I was in Hong Kong visiting family, they called it 'Boorin' over there. I still have a set of 11 VHS tapes of it, I was thinking of selling them but I don't know who would want to buy it on video and in Cantonese!
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Yessss. Im from HK!
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Awesome! My dad is originally from HK, I used to spend a lot of Christmas holidays over there!
If you know anyone who wants 11 Cantonese VHS tapes of Superpig, point them in my direction ;)
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I identified Spyro, Banjo Kazooie and Harambee but... who's the pig?
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An old anime that never got a remake or remembered haha. An old anime I used to watch as a kid called Super Pig
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Holy nuts, long time no seeing that anime, excellent job.
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Yay another person who knows it!
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I used to love this so much!!! I've been looking for places to watch it, and can't find any. :/
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I love this anime. Unfortunately, I can find only the first seven episodes in Japanese with English subtitles. I do not like the American version at all. They have done so much stupid changes.
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my favorite cartoon!! :3
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awwww! Pikachu want it I Love that show when I was a kid. 
this draw is really amazing my friend, this give me feels TwT
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OMG never forget <3
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You got my watch for this.
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My god! This drawing makes her looks so badass.
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