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Pokemon Halloween Special

Halloween of 2008 is just around the corner! The Pokemon guys seems to be quite excited about it as well, so much that they even dressed up as their favourite scary characters. Please comment on who you think they are dressing up as!

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(may include spoilers for who the characters are dressing up as!):
Oh yeah.. I left out Dawn. As you can probably tell, I usually draw the characters I love most first (Probably even biggest!). So I was drawing and drawing until I realised that I have no more space for Dawn... She is not as important to me probably because I haven't been very updated with the Pokemon anime since Dawn appeared in Pearl and Diamond episodes.. Oh well tough luck. Haha after I finished drawing/rendering this picture I realised that this picture has a lot of ME in it. You won't believe how much of myself is in this picture... 3 of my favourite movie/series is in there! Misty dressing up as Lulu from FFX (Drools... Lulu was my idol back in high school). The little touches on Ash's look is quite me as well lol. T3T" hehe a little easter egg: The two badges on Ash's cape is actually Gym badges, Hearthome Gym and Blackthorn Gym. One Gym uses Dragon type Pokemon and the other uses Ghost Pokemon, just thought those two badges are evil enough to make it into the scene. Enjoy!

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me:it's sumpah pemuda day not halloween

ash:huh who are you?

me:Acrobatic Sonic 
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That's so totally superb pretty good-looking and totally superb pretty sweet-looking too as well keep up the good work okay my dear.:D (Big Grin) 
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Nice earrings Ash! He he he!
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Looks like we got a fight in our hands.... a SPOOOOOKY fight.
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This is a great picture!  I used it as the cover art for one of my songs.  With attribution of course!
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Okay that makes sense now!Jake Gasp  I was wondering what the badges on Ash's necklace were. When I was looking at this, I thought to myself, what if Ash were to become Dark Ash?! GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:scream: :nuu:  That would be SO COOL! BUT SO FREAKY!!Running and Screaming Emote In my humblest opinion, I think they should a Halloween special in the X&Y Series, where Ash is haunted by either the king of Pokelantis or his dark self. That would be AWESOME!:omgomg: :tribblela: 
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I would love to see a dark ash :D
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Realmente genial. :) (Smile) 
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Because it's Thrillaaaa, Thriller night!
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AHHH the alein thing from scream!!! scary but ....AMAZING
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Pikachu makes an awesome mummy
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omg dat meowth frickin scary

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Happy Halloween!

-2013 <3

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Ash, the vampire master
Brock the burcher
mummy chu.
oj that's all i can think of.
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Ash looks pretty badass as a demon
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Meanwhile, in lavender town...
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ash looks sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo cool as a vampire
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i love misty and meowth <3 ^^
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