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Poke Walk Johto

Its a whole new world we live in! DO-DO-DO-DO-DO-DOOO ~


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I managed to catch all of the three starters in Pokemon Go. XD
XmarkZX's avatar
He did Gold and Silver glitch
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Very beautiful work! I like the color scheme! You are a very talented artist and you have a very interesting style! Keep it up! :TheClap: 
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*screams internally*
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this is my fave gen tbh, just love lots of the designs of the pokemon 
ThePickyPixelArtist's avatar
So cute! I love this feature so much(it's going to be in the Pokemon Solar Light Lunar dark fan game)!!!
JuniperDarling's avatar
Its so adorable  ^0^ great job! I like your style! :D
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My favorite gen. :)
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Is too cute! ♥ Il love it ♥
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The best generation '^'
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I think the Johto anime theme music is catcher, honestly.
(Awesome job!)
SuperSkyFandomsLum's avatar
Awwwwwww! This is so cute. ^^
manukord's avatar
My favorite gen by far. I loved my Cindy when I was a child.
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I think that's my favorite gen. Even though I played Pokemon Diamond.. idk I'm stuck between those two...
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Oh noes, Cyndaquil will burn the leaves!
Ry-Spirit's avatar
Thats true! I didnt think about this xD Cyndaquil is a walking hazard. Gota get the OH&S people to look into this
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