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Pizza Time

By Ry-Spirit
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Cubone enjoying a nice pizza meal with Typhlosion while Peekachu watches.

This is the prize to :iconthetroon:. Congrats again on winning :iconm-kins:'s competition. A well deserved win!
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J-1992Hobbyist Writer

Ash's Pikachu: "Can I be in your club?"

Typhlosion: "Sorry, not you Pikachu" (Points to sign saying No Pikachus)

Ash's Pikachu "But you let in Sparky!"

Ritchie's Pikachu: "Pika!"

Typhlosion: "It says no Pikachuss, we're allowed to have one!"

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convonHobbyist Traditional Artist

i forgot how much i loved your stuff!

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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
thank u!
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Cubone: This pizza is all ours! Pikachu can't have any because he's on the Keto diet

Typhlosion: HA HA What's a diet?

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WindDeityVaatiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cubone is adorable, he loves his Pepperoni Pizza slices.
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Connan-Bell Traditional Artist
Come on in, Pikachu! There's enough for everyone! 
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Some Dank 90s shit.
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Pheenixorphan General Artist
That Peekachu is mad he wasn't invited 
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PaultrolStudent General Artist
Pizza is probably the most popular food on Earth. I don't know of any other food more popular than pizza.
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NellaraHobbyist General Artist
I think that is enough pizza Typhlosion!! >.<
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Sorry Pika, but after all the shit this little guy had to go through in his life, I think Cubone deserves the pizza more than you do.
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Cassie-is-catgirlStudent Artist
that is adorable
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Typhlosion is one of my all-time favorites! This is so cute.
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can i hev piza tu?
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So adorable!!
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Cilcil-TheArtistXDHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor pikachu :<
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Lucky02-OvermasterHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the way you draw, that's so cute. owo
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Mr5urfwaveStudent Traditional Artist
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Ry-SpiritProfessional Digital Artist
thank u
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Poor pikachu!🙇
He couldn't bite a part of this pizza.😫
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Oh no my heart uuu
It's so cool to return to dA and see all this incredible art of you. 8-)
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