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Oh Snap!

By Ry-Spirit
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In celebration of the sequel to the original Pokemon Snap on the N64 thirteen years ago. I have decided to do a fan art of Pokemon Snap U, featuring Pokemon from all the generations and even Gen VI's Pokemon. With up to date graphics and more Pokemon to get photos of, I can't wait to play Pokemon Snap U on the Wii U!


OK that was a load of bull. There's no Pokemon Snap U coming out ;__;" I have been waiting for a new Pokemon Snap to come out for such a long time. The original was so fun and creative, aiya.. Anyway this is what I hope to see in the future, Todd Snap back on his ZERO-ONE (Or ZERO-TWO in this artwork) taking photos of Pokemon. Whatever happened to Todd Snap anyway...?

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Have you already heard about the New Pokemon Snap that'll be coming out on Nintendo Switch? XD Excitedly looking forward to it! :3

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i did! lol now this artwork feels outdated XD

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It's been a really long time XD

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I really love your style and interpretation!
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I'm really surprised they never done a Pokémon Snap for Wii U yet as the Wii U is in dying need for more Pokémon games. And I think the Wii U Game Pad would fit perfectly for the camera function. Not sure why they'd miss the opportunity, but eh, hope it does happen in the future sometime.

But other then that, beautiful masterpiece! <3 ;o;
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Oh really? Did he mention me or something???
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This is so cute!!! I love the style you used!! This gives me so many happy feels, especially because you put Torchic in there. >w<
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-reads description-
-.- you are an evil evil person
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Too freaking cute!!!
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They should make a remake of this and Hey You Pikachu. =w=
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I would love to see a remake! 
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Game Freak. Pokemon Snap 3D. Standard New 3DS. Bundle. This Christmas. 
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Awww, how darling!
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lik dis if u cri everiyim :'c
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Pokemon Snap was my childhood. I hope that Nintendo makes a remake of this.
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I remember that game... ;.; and I always will remember it

(You destroyed my hopes, you know?!?! D: I really believed that Pokemon Snap U was coming out...! Then I read the second part and you... you... DDDDDD: )
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pokemon snap: who wants to take pictures of pokemon?

no one but a good game

pokemon card game the video game: who wants to play a pokemon card gamr video game?

no one but a good

hey you Pikachu: who wants to hang out with a pikachu?

EVERY KID EVER... bad game
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You had my freaking hopes up and then you smashed them. Y U DO 'DIS, RY?
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i do that a lot! :'D
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